View Full Version : US chaplain faces fresh charges

25 Nov 03,, 23:11
US chaplain faces fresh charges

A Muslim chaplain who served at the United States prison camp for terror suspects in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba has been charged with sex offences.
Army Captain James Yee, also known as Yousef Yee, has already been charged with improperly handling classified information.

He was arrested in September after documents were found in his baggage.

The new charges include adultery, making a false statement, and storing pornography on a government computer.

Adultery is a crime under US military justice.

A US military spokesman said the additional counts emerged during the ongoing investigation into the original charges.


Captain Yee - who had complained about his detention conditions - was released on Tuesday from a military brig in Charleston, South Carolina.

He had been arrested on 10 September as he arrived at a naval air station in Florida.

Customs officials became suspicious of documents found in his baggage, officials said at the time.

In October, he was charged on two counts of failing to obey orders - specifically, for taking classified material to his home.

A Chinese-American, Captain Yee converted to Islam while serving in Saudi Arabia following the 1991 Gulf war.

He then left the military and lived in Syria, where he learned Arabic and Islamic practice, before rejoining the army and being appointed to work with the Guantanamo prisoners.

Around 660 al-Qaeda suspects and alleged members of Afghanistan's former Taleban regime are detained at Camp Delta.