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08 Aug 03,, 04:17
I was wandering what type of music all of you like to listen too, here's mine(a lot).

50 Cent
Black Eyed Peas(HELL YEAH!)
Britney Spears(just kidding)

Damnit..I can't think of anymore errr...

08 Aug 03,, 13:28
Too many to enumarate, but definetely the heavy guitar/rap thing with some Eminem thrown in. Finger Eleven, Goo Goo Dolls, RATM, Outkast, Lifehouse, Dario G, Billy Joel for the classic songs, and a couple others which I can't think of cuz it's 8:30 AM

09 Aug 03,, 04:35
I listen to Outkast too...err I also like some punk rock(All American Rejects), some rock (Staind).

Oh and AC/DC rules too!

Oh and I can't forget all sorts of 80s music! Like 'Video Killed the Radio Star', and 'Japanese Boy'...damn those were the days...

09 Aug 03,, 18:36
Rock, metal, classical, oldies.

Really anything but rap or country.

09 Aug 03,, 19:29
Indian! :p :D O:)

09 Aug 03,, 21:44

Bay City Rollers


Contemporary Christian

Beach Boys

Juice Newton

Rosanne Cash

09 Aug 03,, 23:19
If I hear a song I like, I download it. Once I have enough I burn a CD. I don't listen to a particular genre, just whatever catches my ear.

I like:
Tom Petty
Pink Floyd

A song here and there from 80's rock bands, alot of Ozzy songs, a few rap songs (early 90's old school)

03 Sep 03,, 09:21
Top 40' songs (yeah that's right, from Britney to Bjork).

The Cranberries

Some hip hop (50 cent, Outkast)

and some local Malay songs (like 5 of 'em).

Also, I love listening to foreign language songs (wait a sec, English IS a foreign language to me. Umm, I mean language other than Malay and English).

I just couldn't stand the evil heavy rock music.

03 Sep 03,, 13:07
Have you ever heard Israeli music?

03 Sep 03,, 23:35
Originally posted by HorriBelle
I just couldn't stand the evil heavy rock music.

Take it back or Sufi and I will kick your ass. :D

04 Sep 03,, 06:46
Nothing wrong with heavy rock. Stuff like "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" by Drowning Pool, or "Die Mother FuŠker Die" by Dope. The Outkast/Rage Against the Machine remix of Bombs Over Baghdad is also pretty wicked. Finger Eleven has some pretty cool songs also, "Good Times", "Other Light", etc...

04 Sep 03,, 08:41
I'm a guitar fan. Silverchair, CCR, Bread, Sevendust, Creed, Nickelback, some Lagwagon and NOFX.

Mainly I listen to homegrown Aussie stuff. If you feel like downloading anything, check out George, Silverchair, The Living End, Pacifier (Actually a Kiwi band), Two Up (good Aussie hip-hop), Powderfinger, Grinspoon...

Favourite song at the moment would have to be "Leader of Men" by Nickelback.

I dislike deathmetal and most rap. Swearing and too much intensity do not make good music.

04 Sep 03,, 09:04
NOFX does punk covers, right? If you like that sort of stuff, check out Pennywise, A New Found Glory, Code Seven Germ Attack and Dropkick Murphy have a few. Less Than Jake did a couple also. Me First and the Gimme Gimmies, MxpX, Rancid, Real Big Fish, Rupio, Social Distortionm, Vandals, Weezer, Wizo all have some.

04 Sep 03,, 09:53
My younger brother is into punk in a big way, he has albums by most of the bands you mentioned. I kinda like it, but most of it is a bit frantic for me, and a lot of them sound the same.

04 Sep 03,, 10:16
All they do is take songs and make covers. Lots of heavy guitar, bass and drums.

04 Sep 03,, 17:54
I like:

Gabber, Hardcore, Techno, Trance, UK garage, Bhangra, Oriental, Reggae, Hip-hop and some R&B.

05 Sep 03,, 22:59
Rock N roll with never die! :D
I love all rock from 50's to today.
I'm also into movie soundtracks...actually, the movie score. Try watching Star Wars without the music. It would be not be a pleasant experience, I assure you of that.

28 Sep 03,, 08:27
I like Rock, any kind, Metal, Ska, Punk.

My favorite band is Metallica, another favorite is soilwork, and Thursday, and lots others. :)

28 Sep 03,, 08:31
Paul Burnley.