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07 Mar 06,, 14:22

North Korea plans to develop the country’s Bidan Island into a special economic zone, the Tokyo Shimbun reported Tuesday citing diplomatic sources.
The communist regime intends to evict the island’s residents to build a financial center and other facilities that will be open to the outside world, the Japanese daily said. The island is the largest in Sindo County in the Yalu River estuary near the border with China.

The daily said North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is apparently experimenting with a domestic version of what he saw during a visit to China’s special economic zone in January. At the time, Kim declared himself “very impressed.”

North Korea initially planned to establish a heavy industry complex when it designated the border region of Sinuiju a special economic zone in September 2002, but the plan fell through because the president of China’s Euro Asia Group, Yang Bin, who was to be the first minister of the Sinuiju economic zone, was arrested for corruption.

China agreed with the new plan as a way of reviving North Korea’s economy when Kim visited the country, the paper added.

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07 Mar 06,, 14:51
They might as well cut to the chase and call it a 'capitalist pig' zone.

China’s special economic zone

What, the entire country? :tongue: