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15 Nov 03,, 15:47
I started on a mod called HUMAN RESISTANCE that will be for Half Life 2. Here is the preview of the site, I got all the HTML and such done I just need a host (Gio;) ;) ;) ;) ).


15 Nov 03,, 15:49

15 Nov 03,, 20:28
What is it about?
Is it like Navy Seals going around saying "cmon, guys hurry up we have to liberate that poor and opressed oil well!" :)

Anyway what is it about?
Is it going to be a multiplayer or a single player mod?
I can make some scenarios for single player!

15 Nov 03,, 20:46
For now it will be just multiplayer. I am working on a storyline but this is pretty much how it goes...

In the year 2007 Aliens begin a massive military build up on the surface of the moon. A few months later they invade and quickly take Earth. What is left of the Humans orginize a rebellion and destroy most of their forces on Earth. The rest of the Alien military on the moon prepare for a second invasion one that will surely destroy the rest of Humanity. So the rebel humans use the landing ships and begin an assault against the moon before they can launch.

So most of the maps will be on Earth and a few on the moon.

I will have more info on the site once Gio uploads it:D

15 Nov 03,, 21:41
guns guns guns guns???
it would be cool if you could jump up really high on the moon and have like jeeps adapted to the moon.
and AK 47's is a must http://www.globalrelations.net/forum-moved/images/smiles/jumping_green.gif

no lasers/beam cannons etc pweez/

15 Nov 03,, 22:08
What would you suggest the Aliens have if they don't have furturistic weapons?

Human Weapons:
M249 SAW
M40A3 Sniper
Colt 1911A1
M67 Fragmentation Grenade
Claymore Mine

15 Nov 03,, 22:16
like biological guns... or something like that.
and they dont possess high technology but fly on... ships that are alive or something... we can think of something more original than the "aliens with lasers" thing.
i think we should.

15 Nov 03,, 22:22