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07 Aug 03,, 23:51
How many people are in a single US Army Division?

07 Aug 03,, 23:58

Can be as low as 12,000 and as high as 23,000.

08 Aug 03,, 03:49
Damn thats a lot. They are also separated into Brigades, and then Battalions right?

Damnit...now I kinda want to join the Army or Marine Crops. That's how I wanna die...serving my country...I would be a proud man.

Officer of Engineers
08 Aug 03,, 04:00
As an officer,

I'll say I want you out!!!! PERIOD!!!!!


That's how you want to die? You know what dying means? It means that you're too fucking lazy to do your fucking job and leaving it to someone else to do your job and his - which means that his chances of not coming home just jumped!


08 Aug 03,, 04:23
Take it easy!

Why not die for my country? Is there something wrong with that? I would rather die fighting for my country to protect it, to serve it then die for a stupid reason like hate crimes, or drug abuse. Atleast I can say I died for something I believed in, instead of dying from an over dose, or some other reason.

I love my country, and if I had a choice of death it would definitely be me fighting and giving it all I've got till I am shot dead.

Officer of Engineers
08 Aug 03,, 04:30
You did not read me!

"Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." - General George S. Patton, Jr. (1885-1945)

08 Aug 03,, 19:10
No BUFF, what you want to do is KILL for your country bud!

LOL, that's what the Colonel is trying to tell you, lol.

I tend to agree with the sentiment.

To quote Animal Muther from FMJ "If i'm gonna die for a word, let that word be POONTANG!"


08 Aug 03,, 19:47
I think I understand BUFFs warped thinking (I can recognize it and call it warped because its much like mine) He isn't saying he wants to die, just that if its his time then it be due to something worthwhile, and not because he got ran over by a bus. That having been said when I die I want to take an entourage with me :D

09 Aug 03,, 04:09
Yes Stinger you have my prespective.

Of course I was gonna kill for my country! Oh hell yeah...and kill as many till I am shot dead...

Nice to meet you Colonel, never knew we had a Colonel in here, but pleased to meet you.

Officer of Engineers
09 Aug 03,, 05:14
Too many Rambo movies.

I suggest that you go to a military funeral first before spouting off about dying with glory. There is no such thing. More than that, I suggest you both look at a real corspe. If you can hold your stomaches, then I want you to tell me what kind of glory a piece of meat got.

Now, get this Lima Charley,

Dying means that you're lazy. You've got a job to do. Being dead means that you're no longer being able to do your job, meaning someone else has to take over, meaning that he's got more to do and his chances of joining you just jumped.

You cannot avoid the bullet with your name on it but goddamn if I want some idiot to write his name on any bullet that comes his way.

I've lost people and I'm damned proud of them because of their service and I do feel that their sacrifices were not in vain when you see little girls playing in at one time a minefield. But I wanted them to come home more than I want to explain to a little girl why her daddy ain't coming home.

Yes, there are times when we require you to fight the Alamo but that's my job to decide, not yours. If I do it right, you won't have to. If I need you to fight the Alamo, I will tell you and I will ask you.

So, get it out of your heads that there is any glory in dying. There isn't. Never was. Never will be.

09 Aug 03,, 18:15
BUFF, there are a lot of professional soldiers that get irked with talk of blood and glory.

Usually they're the soldiers that have seen friends loaded into body bags.

Believe us when we tell you, there is no glory in combat, only pain and death.

09 Aug 03,, 19:06
Both of you are still not getting my point!!! "IF" there was no escape then I WOULD go down dying proudly for my country.

I didn't mean I was gonna run around a country waiting to be shot...

09 Aug 03,, 22:15
I understand that.

I believe it was your cavalier attitude(AKA youthful exuberance) that had the Colonel irked.

Me personally, eh, not too bothered.

If you ever find yourself face to face with the white elephant you'll get education enough on the subject.

I wager you will take a far more serious tone on the subject at that time.

09 Aug 03,, 22:24
If you ever find yourself face to face with the white elephant you'll get education enough on the subject.
Are you talking about one of my ex-girlfriends!~~~

:D J/K

Seriously though, she didn't turn into an elephant until way after we broke up.... seriously.

10 Aug 03,, 18:55

11 Aug 03,, 13:37
I suggest that you go to a military funeral first before spouting off about dying with glory. There is no such thing. More than that, I suggest you both look at a real corspe.

I said nothing about dying for glory and all that jazz, I said I'd rather get shot than hit by a bus. And I have seen a real corpse or atleast what was left of him.

What I intended my statement to mean was that I can see his side of the fence (though I did say WARPED thinking, which means that I didn't agree with the simplicity in which he stated a complex issue), and that you cannot. I think I can see your side as well, having responsibilty over a group of people leads one to become very protective of them (somewhat remniscent of a father or mother, and IMO a sign of a very good officer) as such when someone speaks of emulating one of your "kids", except with the cavit of wanting to die as one, I can see why you would want to show them that they are wrong.

For me I believe when its your time to go its your time to go, and no amount of running is going to keep you alive, however that doesn't mean I had any plans to stand on a boulder in the middle of a firefight one handing an M-60.... no need to let He above think I'm ready to go.

Edit: I'm going to put this in also, I'm not going to get into a big discussion over the merits or demerits of what BUFF stated because I don't feel my writing and word skills are up to the task of properly expressing what my feelings and thoughts are.

11 Aug 03,, 19:55
What I believe BUFF to be trying to express is this:

IF there was no inevitability about it, his preferred means of exit from this world would be having raised arms against the enemy, protecting either his comrades' lives and safety or that of his country's, or both.

He's NOT saying that he wishes he could go out into a hostile area and have some jackass pig-stick him with a bayonet just to ensure that his parents get sent a Purple Heart and a nice letter.

Especially for those of you here that are either currently active or have been in the past, and even MORE especially for those of the aforementioned group that saw action, you have my condolences and sympathy. I know not what you've seen, done, or had to live through, or what memories must plague your dreams and lives.

However, the emotions I've seen expressed in just THIS thread are a bit strong, and I don't think they were understood by BUFF (for age and experience reasons), yet on the flipside I don't think his message was entirely expressed with clarity.

Not that many people "want" to die, that's absurd. He was simply saying that he admires the glory and honor that is bestowed upon the fallen heroes that our country has had countless numbers of. NOT that he sees glory IN death, but that he'd rather have that than simply a small, forgotten funeral after dying from "natural causes" or the like.

I could be off, but that's my interpretation.

Hope it helps clarify for some of you. :confused:

12 Aug 03,, 04:11
Yes frogger, and stinger you have it both down.