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  1. Mars on the horizon
  2. Freakin' "laser" beams
  3. Anti-rocket laser cannon gets funding
  4. The Dawn of the E-Bomb
  5. Pakistan Hatf-III missile
  6. Northrop Grumman delivers a high-power solid-state laser....
  7. Keppel Wins $73 Million Missile Radar Station For Pacific Ocean
  8. Europe And Russia To Sign Launch Deal This Week
  9. Fighters droping nukes
  10. Army, Marines Rushing Body Armor to Troops in Combat Zones
  11. Craft reaches, perhaps passes, solar system edge
  12. Remedia suspected in 10 babies' encephalopathy
  13. Photonic Crystal Paves Way For Laser-On-A-Chip
  14. Northrop Grumman Wins Billion Dollar Missile Defense Program
  15. SM-3 intercepts missile
  16. No Mars signal from Beagle probe
  17. NASA attempts a return to Mars tonight
  18. Bhramhos Supersonic Cruise Missile
  19. Topol' M.
  20. Russia to launch a pilot spaceship to Mars in 2018
  21. Europe's stunning Red Planet view
  22. Counting US satellites
  23. Europe Attacks U.S. Space System
  24. Diamond star thrills astronomers
  25. Mysterious SKIF
  26. U.S. Missile Shield Won't Work
  27. Best TAC VEST?
  28. This is what exactly happened on 9/11
  29. The First Private manned space flight
  30. What's type of the missle, any1 knows?
  31. Number of China's ICBMs - Capability
  32. India, US team up for cyclone forecast
  33. Chinese DF31/DF-31A ICBMs are confirmed
  34. new camo
  35. indian sam sa-16 gimlet(igla-1)
  36. Chances of aliens finding Earth disappearing
  37. US Deployment Worldwide
  38. Most Influential/Johnny on the spot weapon ever invented.
  39. Air Battleship
  40. Electric and hybrid vehicles
  41. India's EDUSAT launched successfully
  42. Fast track to ?
  43. Weather watching:
  44. Back to Starwars, err Spacewar
  45. Satellite crashes into apartment
  46. Universities or Military Academies
  47. Nuclear Rocket Engine.. From P&W
  48. Hieronymus Bosch: Garden of Earthly Delights evolutionsim or creationism?
  49. California weighs its future as stem cell epicenter
  50. `Fast breeder reactor programme on right track'
  51. US Airborne Laser Advances to First Light
  52. sink or swim?
  53. Bunker-buster Wiped Out
  54. Report: Moscow Tests New Missile System
  55. Prophet
  56. Armed Drones Rolling To Iraq
  57. Skif
  58. ID Biomedical Gets U.S. Flu Drug Deal
  59. Rat brain taught to fly jet fighter
  60. Virtual Combat Convoy Trainer
  61. Problems in Space
  62. Cure for HIV found by Rutgers University?
  63. Hydrogen Car Prototype
  64. 'Deep Impact' Probe to Try to Puncture a Comet
  65. Airbus unveils giant A380 plane
  66. 'Living' robots powered by muscle
  67. Weapons, Tactics, Strategies in a Space War
  68. new modeling for global warming
  69. Elicitation / Stealing Military Technology
  70. Stealing the Concorde
  71. The demise of the US IT sector
  72. Anti Satellite Warfare
  73. robots In US Military.
  74. Interceptor Missile hits test target
  75. Seducing Scientists: California and Massachusetts do battle over stem cells
  76. Romulans off the starboard bow
  77. Hiawatha Light Rail Transit Line
  78. Hybrid Lineup
  79. US lab in NY creates black hole
  80. US Lab creates black hole?
  81. Life on Mars?
  82. Would diesel cars be the best thing to happen to America?
  83. GM rolls out world's first fuel-cell truck
  84. Cancer Treatment: Helpful or Harmful?
  85. The 29th Annual ACM-ICPC World Finals
  86. Ray burst is extinction suspect
  87. Scientific conference falls for gibberish prank..
  88. LED evolution could replace light bulbs
  89. UFO Revealed 911 to Me in September 1973
  90. 3G : China's 3G standard marks handset milestone
  91. Aussie scientists create unbreakable diamond code
  92. Will this be possible to travel in time in near future.
  93. Is it possible to travel through time ?
  94. AntiMatter Weaponry
  95. China's GPS and phone for NorthStar 1 (Beidou 1) system
  96. China builds compact 16.7 TetraWatt tabletop OPCPA laser system
  97. China develops new bird flu vaccines
  98. M theory: The theory of everything.
  99. Sailing to the Stars
  100. hubble telescope
  101. Now this is COOL!
  102. Day of the comet
  103. Scientists Discover New Element
  104. New NASA mission defies impossible
  105. Larry Niven Take a Bow!
  106. Human landing without a parachute?
  107. Planet with three suns challenges astronomers
  108. Soctty was beamed up
  109. Shuttle returns to space
  110. Stem cell Research
  111. Ice lake found on Mars
  112. Newest planet in solar system dubbed 'Xena'
  113. The Earth is flat!!!!
  114. Redesign Is Seen for Next Craft, NASA Aides Say
  115. Spacecraft takes off for Mars
  116. Crazy Periodic Table!
  117. Crocodile blood may yield powerful new antibiotics
  118. Chinese isolate anti-cancer drug from Human PEE
  119. New Butter Cookie recipe key to cancer research.
  120. Earth's Core Rotates Faster Than Its Crust
  121. Spirit's Mountaintop View
  122. Israeli 'baseball' camera spies out terrorists
  123. NASA to Re-Invent The Wheel
  124. world's smallest flying machine
  125. I love when I'm right RE: "Global Warming"
  126. Stupid Gobal Warming Alarmists
  127. Trek-Like 'Cold Plasmas' Shield, Cloak
  128. Voyager Finds Three Surprises Near Our Solar System's Edge
  129. Arctic ice cap 'could go within 60 years'
  130. Opinions: "US rejects changes to net control"
  131. The Stuff of Life
  132. Send In The Clowns
  133. Dr Feelgood
  134. This isn’t very comforting
  135. Artificial Intelligence, Biomechanics, the Future!
  136. Philosophy
  137. Listen up all "Pseudo Aryans"....
  138. Airborne Laser
  139. Air Pollution
  140. The Hydrogen Revolution
  141. Mars pics
  142. A New Path for Asteroids
  143. Firefox
  144. Next 911 Turbo to feature Variable Turbine Geometry
  145. Woman has first face transplant
  146. Small earthquakes could mean big trouble
  147. Scientists figure out our place in Milky Way
  148. The Triangle
  149. Where is all the carbon?
  150. Temperatures Climb As Warming Talks Stall
  151. S Korea cloning research was fake
  152. NORAD tracking Santa
  153. Religion in the way of science?
  154. Evolution: Violates law of thermodynamics
  155. Problem with "scientific facts"
  156. Is Hell Exothermic Or Endothermic ?
  157. US Gov't working on warp drive?
  158. Intelligent falling????
  159. Researcher: Early Man Was Hunted by Birds
  160. The Cosmic Landscape
  161. Capsule Carrying Comet Dust Lands in Utah
  162. NASA to send spececraft to Pluto
  163. Phantom of the Misty
  164. Queen Mary of the Air
  165. pix of first few milliseconds of atomic blast
  166. Neutrino Mass
  167. Faster than a speeding photon
  168. Couples set to exchange kidneys
  169. Stuart Slade on suitcase nukes.
  170. Loremo: The Ultra Efficient Car - 157MPG!
  171. walk on water?
  172. A machine that gets water from the air
  173. Two-Stage-to-Orbit 'Blackstar' System Shelved at Groom Lake?
  174. Mighty mice for sale -- mighty expensive at least
  175. Microsoft Corp.'s Project Origami
  176. Mental Typewriter and Game Controller Becomes a Reality
  177. Mass coral bleaching off Aus coast?
  178. Saved by 'sand' poured into the wounds
  179. Is the Earth Hollow and do people live inside?
  180. Ban dihydrogen monoxide?
  181. Geologists Hope To Disprove Asteroid ELEs
  182. NASA Restarts Canceled Asteroid Mission
  183. Air Car..
  184. Antarctic air is warming faster than rest of world
  185. FBI has its head up its fourth point of contact!
  186. Spirituality Improves Health?
  187. Missile Shield Microwave/ Lasers
  188. Hopes of 'ancient life' under cap dashed
  189. Boeing to take on Airbus with (1000 seat) giant 797
  190. 'Cloaking device' idea proposed by British scientists.
  191. Lasers...
  192. Global warming versus Volcanoes
  193. BMW Night Vision (video)
  194. Explosive sting of jellyfish captured on film Movie Camera
  195. I wallpapered my whole dam' house in India and Pakistani hatred
  196. NZ firm makes bio-diesel from sewage in world first
  197. EU's Mars rover is tested in Tenerife.
  198. University of Bath unveils CLEVER car.
  199. The world economy to 2020
  200. Liquid Armour
  201. Indian scientists develop bird flu vaccine
  202. Is Perpetual Motion Possible?
  203. The first PC IBM-5150 was born 25 years ago
  204. Head of HGP converts to Xtianity
  205. The search for alien life intensifies
  206. Testing string/M theories predictions
  207. Plus it makes a great hot beverage!
  208. A scientists who refused from recognition
  209. Pluto is no longer a planet
  210. Nano-Armor
  211. "Waste separation" in china
  212. Oxford University
  213. Opportunity: just amazing
  214. Worlds Longest Approach
  215. firefox 2.0 out
  216. Satellite Debris Recovery?
  217. ballanced uneverse
  218. why electric car is killed?
  219. Need help with computer
  220. Global Warming, A Good Thing?
  221. Searching for 'our alien origins'
  222. Dig it...
  223. What is this ?
  224. What's a Planet?
  225. 2,000-year-old analogue computer, its mechanism revealed...
  226. Mobiles 'cleared' of cancer risk
  227. N.Y. first city to ban trans fats at restaurants
  228. NASA Official Questions Agency’s Focus on the Shuttle
  229. Circumcision 'cuts' HIV infection
  230. A Molecular Condom Against AIDS
  231. Should we start buying beach front property in Barstow, CA?
  232. Want alternative energy? Try pond scum
  233. U.S. Orders Two “Progress” Spaceships from Russia
  234. Future weapons now?
  235. African HIV vaccine trial launch
  236. How dose web2.0 change the internet?
  237. Vodcasting?
  238. Camcorder Recommendations?
  239. How to detect IEDs
  240. Nuclear Fission Plants
  241. Military Uses for Space
  242. Scientists study Earth's missing crust
  243. Germany Plans Solo Moon Mission
  244. Israeli discovery converts dangerous radioactive waste into clean energy
  245. The Top Secret Boeing 797
  246. A Global Hawk returns home from a mission.
  247. The Great Global Warming Swindle
  248. Satellite-Mounted Space to Surface weapon
  249. Probably old news - testing robotic uav's
  250. Minuteman III ICBM replacement.