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  1. Brain to Brain interface allows control of other animals with thought.
  2. Filmmaker explains why it would of been impossible to fake the moon landings.
  3. Apperently fitting a jet engine to your car makes it a hybrid.
  4. Thermo geek needed
  5. Elvis has left the building
  6. Miniature particle accelerators
  7. Is particle physics in a "deep crisis"?
  8. Breakthrough in Infrared 'stealth' Materials
  9. Solar eclipse today
  10. Unusual comet/asteroid
  11. A virtual tour of the galaxy .
  12. The rapid emergence of pan-antibiotic-resistant bacteria - a global crisis
  13. Super Computing 2013
  14. Prime Air - Drones delivery by Amazon
  15. NSA spying hurts business of large U.S. hardware makers
  16. Google robot army oh my!
  17. fast neutron reactors? can anyone shed more light....
  18. Cities and sustainability
  19. Porject OrionRrevistied - a proposal for a fusion powered orbital lift vehicle
  20. Cicada 3301 2014?
  21. Computer Programs
  22. Victorian researchers work with US Air Force to bend light for camouflage in war zone
  23. Too cool
  24. Active Interplanetary Missions
  25. 'Neanderthals gave us disease genes'
  26. Here You Are
  27. Snowden Used Cheap Web Crawler
  28. Ancient footprints discovered
  29. American Teen Stress Levels May Rival Adults - APA
  30. The 2014 Google tracker
  31. The scale of the universe
  32. Evolution, genes and political orientation: insights from the natural sciences
  33. The internet is actually controlled by 14 people who hold 7 secret keys
  34. The imminent collapse of our civilization
  35. Is it possible for NASA to create a replacement for the RD-180?
  36. Hubble pictures
  37. water water everywhere
  38. How human cells fight off viruses - the cartoon
  39. Jupiter's Great Red Spot shrinking to smallest size ever
  40. SF Bay Area is likely to suffer a "cluster" of large earthquakes instead of just one
  41. What the inside of a synapse looks like with all the proteins
  42. Nuke map
  43. Turing test beaten for first time by virtual 13-year-old boy
  44. HRSC Pictures
  45. Elon Musk & Tesla Omnibus Thread
  46. Whooping Cough Is Now a Full-Blown Epidemic in California
  47. Rosetta and 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
  48. Thinking Ahead
  49. Russia Spy Agencies May Be Going Back to Typewriters?
  50. Private Russian Hackers Amass Over a Billion Passwords
  51. On a Shoestring, India Sends Orbiter to Mars on Its First Try
  52. India among five nations to build world's largest telescope
  53. Send Your Name on NASA's Journey to Mars, Starting with Orion's First Flight
  54. Lockheed Martin Skunk Works reveals compact fusion reactor details
  55. Hayabusa 2 and 1999 JU3
  56. Liberal or conservative?
  57. lights in the sky
  58. Million Dollar Baby
  59. Orion Launches!
  60. Preliminary NASA Test Results: MACH/EM (reactionless) drives generate thrust.
  61. Digital 'Dark Ages' Looms
  62. Goodbye Spock
  63. Dark Web’s Top Drug Market, Evolution, Just Vanished
  64. Synthetic biology: opening Pandora's Box
  65. Liquid water on Mars
  66. Pluto's surprises
  67. Carbon nanotubes or the 21st century asbestos?
  68. Blue Origin Rocket Successful Launch and Landing
  69. the greatest practical physics course you can ever do
  70. LIGO and gravitational waves
  71. glaciers have genders
  72. Kepler discovers more planets
  73. Admiral Byrd
  74. Balloon flights to space
  75. Quinoa genome could see 'super-food' prices tumble
  76. Seems they've had their chips...
  77. New Technology for Fast-Charging, Noncombustible Batteries
  78. Relativistic Kill Vehicles and the Fermi Paradox
  79. 7 deadly sins of AI prediction
  80. Outbreak of Pneumonic Plague in Madagascar
  81. America’s Cup 2021
  82. Future AI Arms Race
  83. Stephen Hawking dies at 76
  84. Theranos founder charged with fraud
  85. NIH panel finds cellphone radiation can cause cancer in rats
  86. Tiangong-1 plummets back to Earth
  87. Mystery Stingray devices in DC
  88. Google employees revolt, say company should shut down military drone project
  89. Dyson Spheres - Thoughts and Questions
  90. Old Tech vs New Tech
  91. Buzz Aldrin sues his kids
  92. Boeing Hypersonic Airliner
  93. Things Invented by Sci-Fi Writers
  94. Great Wired article on the June 27th, 2017 cyberattack
  95. 3 Indians will reach space within 16 minutes of launch: Isro chairman
  96. Mercator Misconceptions