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  1. This is gonna sound really odd, but...
  2. Iran is a beautiful place
  3. Hero Rats
  4. The Israelis Killed Mickey!...sort of
  5. New 7 Wonders
  6. Ahhhh, a Fine Cigar
  7. Message Boards?
  8. Nepal - Can we let PRC and Maoists make another Tibet?
  9. Royal Questions
  10. Crazy dude
  11. No more discretion for men caught visiting prostitutes
  12. concrete vs aspahlt pavements take your vote
  13. So I have decided to go back to school, over joining the CF.
  14. Happy Birthday America!
  15. I'll be away for a few days..
  16. conspiracy theories
  17. Happy Birthday , Ironduke !
  18. Better alphabet?
  19. WARNING: Guard those Wedding Gifts
  20. Whose Dog Is It?
  21. Google Earth pics
  22. cars
  23. What really happened on TWA 800 crash
  24. mobile ICBM launcher and missile model! wtf!
  25. Hot news... The pope is catholic
  26. Flight Attendant Boots Gwinnett Mom, Baby From Plane
  27. Engineers!
  28. Goodbye Friends
  29. "Too sexy for my bus"
  30. Advice for enjoying my self-graduation gift from law school
  31. Will it Blend?
  32. After a 2yr hiatus
  33. Hey it's Confeds Birthday
  34. Quick Hello!
  35. Why not a stick shift?
  36. No One Speaks His Language?
  37. Not Your Average Drug Bust
  38. Taliban Leader Once Held by U.S. Dies in Pakistan Raid
  39. Gilligan's Island, Tanker Style!
  40. Death Cat
  41. I was wondering...
  42. Hey it's RustyBattleship's birthday !!!
  43. where would you like to go for vacation?
  44. The COMMIES do the opposite in their own land than they encourage in the lands....
  45. How to download videos from youtube?
  46. remains of 4 pre-term infants found
  47. Bulgarian Jews Saved from Hitler
  48. When to let the dying go
  49. Evangelical Zionism and its effects on US foreign Affairs...
  50. Can You Spot The Falsies? A Visual Quiz.
  51. Charley The Cat: A Video
  52. Best looking military uniform
  53. Womb Envy?!
  54. Big Brother
  55. My latest itinerary for Europe trip!!
  56. A sincere call for a personal favor
  57. FAO OOe
  58. Freight Dogs
  59. Budweiser story....this is not a joke
  60. Should kids be conceived after a parent dies?
  61. There Goes My Trip To Beijing
  62. Dave Lukins
  63. Redneck Games
  64. Hello Kitty armband to punish Thai cops
  65. Stoned!
  66. Game you might like.
  67. Naked in the storm
  68. German Provokes Chinese With T-Shirt to Fight Plagiarism
  69. I am back
  70. Yes, Roundabout(s)
  71. Putin's young 'brownshirts'
  72. Indian Weddings in UK
  73. Nigerian outrage over nude video
  74. The Differences between American and British societies.
  75. Scam victim lucky to be alive
  76. Life stories of average Chinese and Indian
  77. Beer at 18?!
  78. Spontaneous Playground Combustion?
  79. Happy Birthday FibrillatorD
  80. Mothers-in-law
  81. What are some of the biggest "people" problems facing managers today?
  82. Chap holiday - just to p*ss you all off!
  83. man accused of high-tech eavesdropping
  84. Fan vigil marks Elvis anniversary
  85. Happy Birthday Lahori paa jee!
  86. Entropy needs assistance
  87. Children on the leash
  88. Is this true?
  89. The sword is mightier than the pen.
  90. The meaning of life?
  91. "English police" in Beijing
  92. Estonian driver?
  93. Woman sets fire to ex-husband's penis
  94. Has anyone seen my keys?......
  95. Happy Birthday to our regulars
  96. A sad time for one of us. MORE than one of us.
  97. Rude awakening
  98. Drunk politician just a 'normal bloke'
  99. Pint
  100. Advice needed
  101. Terrorist gets statue ...
  102. Ipods=overated and simply fashion statements
  103. Happy Onam
  104. Obituary: Common Sense
  105. Sucks NOT having a car in Florida
  106. Deng is Elvis
  107. The lousy lout Chap wanted me to spread the word
  108. Avatar of the week.
  109. Political & humour articles
  110. Im still here guys
  111. A quiz Q
  112. Spartanism
  113. Public profanity in my living room
  114. Ironduke vs. bin Laden
  115. Taking it personally....The life and misery of the unread poster.
  116. childish
  117. The Tequila Express
  118. If you were a sniper, who would be your target?
  119. Are you yankee or dixie?
  120. Cookie hierarchy
  121. Report back Iraq
  122. “Import Indian bridegrooms for Russian brides”
  123. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  124. Rosh Hashanah
  125. Please help me expand my WW2 glossary
  126. North American Union (Canada Mexico and US are one)
  127. Just talked to the MSGt Bluesman
  128. Ramadan
  129. Digos City gears up for IDP2007
  130. Alternatives to military service?
  131. "Dead" man wakes up under autopsy knife
  132. Canada: What does it mean to you?
  133. Police Dogs takes a bite out of Hippe in Netherlands
  134. Last Night at the Proms
  135. New Zealand burglar returns loot, apologizes to victim
  136. Why is Dalem censoring my replies to his nasty comments.
  137. Apology
  138. Last King of Scotland
  139. Captain Obvious Strikes again!!
  140. Damn, I got caught!!!!!!
  141. PsyOps and Electronic Warfare (or entropy lives in Ghent)
  142. Food Fight Announcement
  143. 26 hour workday in Japan
  144. Happy Birthday, dalem!
  145. Preschool’s rabbit stolen in anti-circus protest
  146. 20 years and counting,Thank you Mrs.Shamus
  147. Gen. Butt Naked and the Butt Naked Battalion
  148. The Blackhawk on the playground
  149. A good pint
  150. Rare Scotch whisky tops world record auction price
  151. CCP bans push-up bra ads
  152. Odometer Rollback
  153. The essential survival kit.
  154. Child rearing (by popular demand)
  155. Steve Irwin Aussie Croc Legend
  156. Caption Challenge: Ahmadinejad
  157. Alternative descriptions
  158. Are power companies mental?
  159. Sex-offender parents pose dilemma for schools
  160. THL Christmas 2007
  161. Leadership
  162. Weeeee Awesome Music Vid
  163. Apparently, the appendix isn't useless
  164. Kid Kills Brother Over Dessert
  165. Should Pregnant Women Eat More Seafood?
  166. Lord of the Rings Pub-n-Grub
  167. Happy birthday TopHatter, ya old geezer
  168. Caption challenge: Bush
  169. Drinking Before 21
  170. Motorized Cars for Tots
  171. Would you take food or valuables?
  172. Caption Challenge: Hugo Chavez and Castro
  173. The wife: buy or lease?
  174. Feet found in suburban intersection
  175. What Its Like To Die!
  176. Happy Birthday Astralis
  177. Is Man a Social Animal?
  178. stephen colbert invades the NYT
  179. Empty your bladder before viewing this; I don't want to pay your cleaning bill
  180. Beer & Spirits thread
  181. What new things would you try?
  182. Caption Challenge: The Dalai Lama
  183. PDA: Good or Bad?
  184. What is your addiction?
  185. Caption Challenge: Hillary Clinton
  186. Victims Make Burglar Clean Up
  187. Any Nervous Habits?
  188. Got Buttermilk?
  189. Caption Challenge: Vladimir Putin
  190. Car destroyed by suicide squirrel attack
  191. We've just come back from the Holy Land.
  192. Not A Morning Person?
  193. If you've ever seen Ken Burns' Civil War, THIS is comedy GOLD.
  194. The Smell Of New Tires...mmmmm
  195. Why , since Korea, our military ? But we could win if we remember
  196. Names for the other half (Husband, Wife, Other)
  197. Sex Offender Self Castration
  198. Agony Aunts
  199. How children see the world...
  200. Enchanted swing opposes laws of physics
  201. do you smoke?
  202. Another car theft attempt
  203. If you couls build an army what equpment would you have.
  204. Undiagnosed brain injury - the hidden legacy of Iraq
  205. For sale: one pebble with image of the Virgin Mary
  206. Talking birds
  207. Caption Challenge: What did the Queen say to the President?
  208. When You're Drunk
  209. The Free Taco Scam (Thanks anyways Jacobi!)
  210. $53,000 Strip Club Bill
  211. Better Do Drugs
  212. Do you recycle?
  213. Your Halloween Candy Personality
  214. Of Governments and Cows: A Spoof on Government
  215. So, Halloween costumes.
  216. Anyone guessed the blackmailed royal's name yet?
  217. Through anything to the person above you
  218. facebook
  219. Alarming
  220. Major Life Changing Announcements Continue
  221. World's Best Cheddar Cheese?
  222. Food fight announcement
  223. Obesity and Pre-Modern Diet
  224. Happy Birthday Julie!!!
  225. Clinton versus Giuliani for the Whitehouse
  226. Happy Diwali!!!
  227. Boobies for Baghdad, the real reason behind the success of surge
  228. Major Shek hits 34 today!
  229. Curvy women are cleverer too: Study
  230. You can have nothing but sympathy for this guy.
  231. Norman Mailer
  232. No refugee status for U.S. Deserters(Canadian Supreme Court)
  233. Through a Rapist's Eyes (No Joke)
  234. Did We Really Go to the Moon?
  235. Favorite Thanksgiving Food
  236. The Ultimate HALO
  237. Flying Dream...
  238. What do Conservatives spend time thinking about?
  239. What would you put on your Tombstone?
  240. Formal Good Bye...And parting words...
  241. Cornwall's New Eden
  242. Funniest job interview ever
  243. another quiz question
  244. Riddles
  245. Black KKK?
  246. Kid's Bracelet Found In Chicken 25 Years Later
  247. Attrition problem in BSF(Indian Para Military Forces)
  248. We’ve been robbed of our Englishness :Jeremy Clarkson
  249. Are you prepared for a Zombie Invasion?
  250. Geography game