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  1. Murree Breweries Pakistan - Quality Alchoholic Drinks Since 1861
  2. Arkansas woman killed in mistaken rapture
  3. Four charged in killing over X-Box
  4. John Walker: The Musical
  5. CBS' Mike Wallace arrested for disorderly conduct
  6. Write your own epitaph
  7. Hurricane Charlie
  8. Why do we still have to believe in International Cooperation?
  9. Ugliest uniform ever
  10. Born to die
  11. Bullets, Not Boobs!
  12. When slayers attack
  13. Bear guzzles 36 beers, passes out at campground
  14. Hey dudes!
  15. Back again!
  16. Godwin's Law
  17. What country are you from?
  18. small shirts or big shirts?
  19. Hurricane Frances
  20. School tommorow - 11th grade
  21. Men to be things of past: Study
  22. It's Me Again!
  23. Languages poll
  24. Pre-paid legal
  25. I'm off to Italy
  26. Day after party
  27. Hurricane Jeanne
  28. Headed to Mexico-Biodiesel
  29. gays.. good or bad?
  30. Which philosophers most closely mirror your ethics?
  31. legal immigration.. yes or no?
  32. You want Islam on WAB? I can spread it with my sword! : Maulana Azhar
  33. 5 great things about the United States of America
  34. realy weird
  35. Crest Night Effects
  36. The world of denial is created and directed by the media…
  37. Plain or Peanut?
  38. The Real Bill O'Reilly? Sexual Harassment suit.
  39. Want to marry an accountant?
  40. its a girl
  41. Dussehra di lakh lakh vaidiyaa...
  42. Jury debates over Scott Peterson’s fate…
  43. "Everything you wanted to know about my religion (but were afraid to ask)"
  44. The Riddle of The Sphinx
  45. Watch Out--global Discussion Forum Shuts Down!!!!
  46. untitled story *about halo cause im bored*
  47. On vacation
  48. Man shoots self at ground zero, reportedly distraught over Bush's election
  49. So my university got evacuated today!
  50. Music and cultural survival
  51. Eid Muburak!
  52. China prepares its new revolootion
  53. Reason for your screen name?
  54. Happy Birthday Chris
  55. Curious: Do you smoke?
  56. Happy thanksgiving, to US members.
  57. Alexander
  58. What's your occupation?
  59. favorite car?
  60. Predictions for year 2050?
  61. How did you find WAB?
  62. The Terrorists Have a New Weapon: Cow Crap
  63. A Not So Happy Marriage
  64. “French Security”
  65. A little entertainment.
  66. Please tell me this is just b.s.
  67. 13 arrested at riot in NY high school .. insane
  68. Tazers: Good or bad?
  69. Assault With a Dangerous Weapon: A Pork Chop
  70. Go Luda, Go luda, its my birthday! Welcome to India song
  71. Ever heard of the stammtisch?
  72. My brother is getting a '05 Audi A4 1.8T with auto quattro.
  73. Man: 1, Bank: 0
  74. What's Your Gender?
  75. Personality type?
  76. I want to wish all members Happy Holidays
  77. Oh the things you do when you're drunk...
  78. Santa!!!
  79. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  80. Magnitude 9.0
  81. I'm back briefly
  82. Ceciliantus - Biggest. Loser. EVER. PWNED!
  83. Letter to Newsday about ACLU
  84. Rochen Tsunami Disaster Appeal
  85. Greeting and felicitations
  86. Most stupid thing you've ever done ...
  87. People, I noticed WAB recorded the Brigadier's Birthday today
  88. Model-makers, can y'all come in here for a minute?
  89. Michael Moore wins best picture at the People's Choice Awards.
  90. Posting...and you!
  91. To Those Who Survived...
  92. Nonplussed and disgruntled
  93. Remarkable Coincidence: Earthquakes and 26
  94. Would you like to buy some "FCUK?"
  95. Items and Equipments used by the army "Come and answer"!
  96. I need help dealing with a coach
  97. Midnight Flight to Malibu
  98. Lulldapull
  99. Id Mubarak
  100. Anybody here interested in playing a game of Diplomacy online?
  101. I'm Right, Your Right
  102. The latest from JIB-JAB
  103. Humans Disaster VS Natural Disaster
  104. Volkswagen bomb ad
  105. Dangers of taming the bull
  106. Sperm Race
  107. Damn I almost fainted too! Thank God she's alright
  108. Deal Made to Produce Male Birth Control Pill
  109. What is up with these european's?
  111. I'm not a guy!
  112. Vote For Religious Sub Forum
  113. Final hunt held as ban looms
  114. Shoe hits Neo-thug king in the face!
  115. Without Indians, whatw Americans could be?
  116. Court: Man can sue over surprise Pregnancy
  117. Simulator time
  118. You Live?
  119. Something does not smell right about this marriage
  120. Sending Old Men To War
  121. For the Yanks
  122. Julie,VVV Happy women's Day!!!!!!!!!!
  123. Qualified 'Expert' today...
  124. Do you won a paint ball gun???????
  125. Sexy Mil. ads.
  126. Take it to the dogs!!!!!
  127. Hip-Hop is taking over college
  128. The healing power of maggots......
  129. Good joke........
  130. Woman kills herself so that sons might see.
  131. Vt boy earn top prize in smelliest sneaker competition..
  132. Peeping Tom forced to give up mirror
  133. Why are Americans obsessed with Europe?
  134. Sex??No thanks,we're from Manchester...
  135. Women are really something.........
  136. Justice,Chinese style.......
  137. monty python: the worlds greatest living comedians?
  138. Advice on suicide attempt by nephew
  139. Give us today our daily oil.....Amen...
  140. I will be going on vacation
  141. I apologize Julie, for implying u r a bad mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  142. Love in sufi thought
  143. How did you find WAB?
  144. Back to college....
  145. New bug species named after Bush,Cheney and Rummy...
  146. Nevada Brothels ask to be taxed....
  147. Good news for Hungarian Prostitutes
  148. Strange laws...
  149. Got a stack of old maxims?
  150. Join The Unitarian Jihad
  151. I don't friggin believe this
  152. Suspect kills detective inside police HQ
  153. Death Penalty please, and soon.
  154. Cocaine turns to sugar in police custody..
  155. Man catches fire during surgery...
  156. Cars
  157. Philosophy
  158. HIV is 'out of control' in India
  159. Hey, ever'buddy...
  160. Wow GO NRA wooooooooo
  161. Today in history, lest we forget.
  162. Highsea's fish tacos
  163. Mumbai no bar, Morality bar bar
  164. A boy
  165. ACLU - opinions
  166. biology anyone any good?
  167. Does the Future Belong to China?
  168. Norwegian Court convicts woman for rape...
  169. Jennifer Lopez wants to be first female US president Bwahahahaha!!!
  170. Burkha Vs Bikini
  171. The Jacks are going up!!!!
  172. What do you think about Islam
  173. What threats does the United States face?
  174. Attention Maggots!
  175. What's your favorite quote?
  176. Need gift for sister's birthday
  177. US wants India, Pak, Israel to be non-nuclear weapon states
  178. international students need licenses to use equipement in US
  179. Return of a bad penny
  180. amazing photo
  181. New Rule by Maher...
  182. Scorned Lover Gets Revenge by Posting Nude Pix on Net
  183. Newest Threat to Islam: The Teapot!
  184. Online forums
  185. Hey guys
  186. Cookies and Coffee for our troops
  187. When are people going to learn, you can have a pit bull or a kid not both
  188. Which one’s story is more absurd?
  189. Stuff like this didn’t used to happen, did it?
  190. walts and other sad buggers
  191. Western lies blackened Beijing's image
  192. The Big Brother beauty contest
  193. This is just unacceptable: Microsoft caves to China
  194. What is...
  195. Jacko Found Not Guilty on All Counts
  196. US Trip Is Eye-opening For Muslims
  197. Is There A God?
  198. Sermon #1 - From the speeches of Federico Garcia
  199. Sermon #2 -From the speeches of Federico Garcia
  200. Armed Robber Gets His A$$ Kicked by Pack of Women
  201. OMG...the Irony...LOL
  202. I don't think I’d choose this way to die
  203. Can you do this?
  204. NY Airshows
  205. BS story...
  206. Lions get a bad rap
  207. Italy Convicts 10 Ex-Nazis for Massacre
  208. Crap, I banged my car and spoilt my squeeky clean record of safe driving.
  209. Somebody shoot me - I'm in love with a liberal
  210. Who is the biggest poser you've met?
  211. 4th of July Best Wishes
  212. ProtestWarrior Hacker Caught
  213. Heads Up People!!!
  214. On The Inefficiency Of Beauty Contests
  215. Bush bruised in bicycle crash
  216. Check out this blog
  217. The best place to take her on a date
  218. thanks for your support
  219. Happy Birthday Giovanni
  220. Foremost Requirement
  221. Important / Immediate
  222. Hey, long time members...
  223. Is The Non-Muslim World Proving It Is Against Muslims
  224. Here we go again.
  225. Kin gets bit by a gator!
  226. Happy Birthday Confed
  227. China to send pig sperm to space
  228. Time for some humor!
  229. So Stupid It Hurts
  230. I've decided to retire.
  231. Question: What countries are harboring Muslim terrorists (US also)?
  232. 10 Most Stupid questions (courtsey PDF)
  233. What Do You Suppose He Thought Would Happen?
  234. Flying Lawn Mower
  235. Does anyone here think 9/11 was planned!
  236. A 'Peaceful Rise'?
  237. China's bullying at security meeting shows its intent
  238. 50 Years of Brutality in Tibet
  239. China a Terrorist Threat to U.S.
  240. Bloviating Inanities
  241. Lemonade Stand
  242. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - MI 70K : India’s Ballooning might
  243. Galloway links bombings to Iraq invasion
  244. Korean Dies After Two Days of Computer Games
  245. Tattooing Age In Illinois
  246. How sure are you that your kid is really your kid?
  247. Last Meals
  248. TN Teacher Sex Trial
  249. Happy Independence Day - Pakistan & India!
  250. Go Pill