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  1. Polar Vortex
  2. Laughter is good for the soul
  3. Thomas Morgenstern meet Vinko Bogataj
  4. Another heatwave in Australia
  5. Happy birthday pari !
  6. Happy birthday triple c
  7. Sometimes....things are really out there when you want them!
  8. Amazon Reviews
  9. Swiss cheese pervert arrested
  10. Mystery houses across the US - Very cool
  11. Fine tuning of one's wine cellar
  12. Parenting and School woes
  13. Translation please...
  14. The good die young
  15. Anderson Cooper & Frats
  16. The temperature of water
  17. The 2013 Darwin Awards are out
  18. Sundance: A Filmmaker’s Mom Reviews ‘Nymphomaniac’
  19. It's a Grape day on WAB!
  20. A Sexual-Decision Flowchart That Makes Everything Simpler for Medieval Men
  21. Pure Genius?
  22. Pope on the cover of Rolling Stone
  23. What compels a person to get "4 wheel drive"?
  24. Kung Hei Fat Choy
  25. For the Colonel
  26. George Zimmerman Participating In Celebrity Boxing...
  27. If you were the master villian.......
  28. The shit hits the IV
  29. Wow.......maybe I ought to get out more
  30. Young Whiz Kid Stuff!
  31. Watch out for the other guy
  32. The 80's Are Alive and Well in Texas!
  33. A scam
  34. 'Surplus' giraffe put down at Copenhagen Zoo
  35. "And you, Kregian! Very Disciplined, Very Proud"
  36. Who wants to buy me a beer?
  37. Cooking like a Coronor
  38. Only in Scandinavia files
  39. If they made a movie about Marvel's Femme Force.......
  40. Chewing Deltacamelately is no longer a pleasure
  41. Politician in the making
  42. Vikings Of The World, Unite In Battle: The Apocalypse Is Upon Us
  43. This woman should be released...
  44. This has to be a joke ??
  45. Attn any career ff, call or volunteer ff, police out there in WAB-land
  46. You know those dreams where you are back in class and can't remember......
  47. What should a person be watching these days?
  48. The Tenerife 747 Collision--what if?
  49. Late Night TV infatuation
  50. fact or fiction
  51. Well, that would have been embarrassing! (cowgirl stuff)
  52. Need some advice on a gift for a CPO guys
  53. Musclecars choices?
  54. Ahhh, Sundays........(in Texas)
  55. I need KITS!
  56. Some days, I just URK people............
  57. Somethings in life JUST DON'T GO TOGETHER!
  58. It is written.............................
  59. "If you can go ten minutes without touching your phone........
  60. When will I learn..not to engage a conspiracy boss in talk, especially at day's end?
  61. Rip
  62. I thought the Navy guys might like this.
  63. Would a station's advertising compel you to kiss it good bye?
  64. Books and Kindles
  65. Trivia
  66. Ok It is official. I have just been financially castrated!!!
  67. World now 80% polio free
  68. Active Shooter At Fort Hood
  69. Im thrilled beyond words and scaared to bits at the same time
  70. I am hereby presenting you, MIRA, one cute new WABBER :)
  71. Before they pass away
  72. Is stress something that we will never get away from?
  73. Too high for crime
  74. Heartbleed virus
  75. Food, Glorious Food!
  76. Inspirational
  77. The CD music in the car: who is is it?
  78. Muslim seminary names its library in honor of Osama bin Laden
  79. Passover and Easter
  80. ANZAC Day
  81. Movie Romance Moment
  82. Now that the semester is winding down.................
  83. Happy Star Wars Day!
  84. Please keep CPO Charles Spence in your thoughts and prayers
  85. Which starter cellphone for a teen?
  86. Is your life like they show it in the pictures?
  87. Finally caught some of the SOB's
  88. Happy Birthday Deltacamelately
  89. 10 life lessons from Adm. McRaven
  90. Riding and Trekking (Hiking) in Australia
  91. Our children of today
  92. A new WABBIT
  93. SMILE! You're on Candance's Camera!
  94. Interesting Goings On
  95. Which bike?
  96. Because I don't want to be a Zombie
  97. Celine Dion and the Lonely Airport Guy
  98. The most important phone call I ever recieved
  99. Americans view just 17 channels
  100. Kim Jong Un denounces 'The Interview'
  101. Just a rant
  102. Rolf Harris guilty
  103. Happy Canada Day!!!!
  104. French police 'lose' explosives at Marseille airport
  105. Last Week Tonight' Will it last?
  106. Happy Birthday Americans!!!!!
  107. Scarred girl asked to leave KFC was a hoax...
  108. 'Murica - F*YEAH!
  109. Cockroach democracy
  110. Saved by company bureaucracy
  111. mans best friend
  112. I want to apologize to Peter
  113. Doc of Note: CIA Cafeteria Complaints
  114. 45 years ago
  115. Are we being programmed not to have books?
  116. My Students Don't Know How to Have a Conversation
  117. Need info on Chicago's iconic foodie & blues joints
  118. Lego, rubber ducks and ocean currents
  119. Happy B/Day rusty
  120. Jesse Ventura Wins Defamation Case
  121. Whatever happened to vinyl doll................and other interesting inquiries
  122. Robin Williams dead.
  123. Lauren Bacall dies 89
  124. Happy Independence Day to all Indians
  125. Funny, stupid, or just unconscionable?
  126. Brits as seen by the Yanks
  127. RIP Dave Lukins :(
  128. War in the Pacific - Admiral's Edition
  129. The worlds 25 strangest drinking customs.
  130. Happy 239th USN
  131. Happy B/Day Astralis
  132. Australian Book on WW2 'Death Railway' wins Man Booker Prize
  133. Which thermostat to use? Nest? Honeywell Lyric or Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat - RTH9580
  134. Australian Spiders invade Japan.
  135. Cops do boy's homework after burglar call out
  136. Happy Diwali
  137. Legendary Army Ranger, Sergeant Major Bob Gallagher Passes Away
  138. What do you do when...
  139. Monogamy Kills!!!
  140. Coexist or perish, new wildfire analysis
  141. Happy Birthday Devil Dogs!
  142. Happy b/day Albany
  143. Jihad John hit in US airstrike.
  144. Free fall 11 stories...
  145. F1 Champion 2014
  146. Australian Cricketer Phillip Hughes killed playing cricket
  147. H/Birthday T/J
  148. Happy b/day , Lemontree
  149. Northern white rhino dies at San Diego
  150. Ayn Rand Reviews Children's Movies
  151. Will religion ever disappear?
  152. Merry Christmas Everybody
  153. Cyclone Tracy destroyed Darwin 40 years ago today
  154. Happy New Year!
  155. Prince Andrew named in sex case in USA
  156. rothschild
  157. Easy way to get to the Intrepid museum?
  158. Moral Panic.02 :The era of progressive censorship
  159. Question for you Navy guys
  160. Fractured Space
  161. For Zad Fnark...
  162. Tweeters Beware
  163. FHA 203k Loans?
  164. 70 years ago
  165. Anges bleu Airbus style
  166. Passing of Starfleet's Greatest Science Officer
  167. This was too cool to not share...
  168. CIties: Skylines - Anyone playing it here?
  169. One pilot locked out of Germanwings cockpit during fatal descent
  170. Absent member returning
  171. At Last the Truth is Out: Your Favorite Beer
  172. Yeoman Warder at Tower of London
  173. Afraid to ask
  174. In Memoriam: Brigadier S K Raychaudhuri
  175. H/Bday
  176. Cilla Black dead
  177. flood is bad...
  178. Religious offshoot argument from American Elections
  179. The daily hate: Corbyn, trump and the new politics of spite by maajid nawaz
  180. H/Birthday Dreadnought
  181. Happy Birthday TopHatter!
  182. It's Astralis' B'day today!
  183. Mihais!
  184. Home Bar Pictures
  185. Now is the time we Juxtapose *
  186. Now the Antipodeans have taken it too far
  187. Happy Veteran's Day!
  188. H/Bday texasjohn
  189. Putting an actual value on life
  190. Transgender man thought he was out of shape, but discovered he was pregnant
  191. Prejudice in the U.K.
  192. The Queens message
  193. Happy new year munchkins
  194. Asking for advice!
  195. Good cop news story from USA
  196. Assessing the calorie
  197. Scion is no more!
  198. Year of the Monkey
  199. Earthquake in NZ
  200. Forensic odorology scientifically validated
  201. Future of nuclear weapons
  202. Rothschild ,
  203. WW2 quiz
  204. 2016
  205. Cheetos are killing the environment
  206. SUV runs into F-18 Hornet
  207. Germany's prostitution laws
  208. Happy Aliens Day
  209. Happy Balls Day!
  210. Private EMS
  211. It's Top Gun Day!!!!
  212. Happy b/day yella
  213. ‘Stoned’ sheep go on ‘psychotic rampage’ after eating Marijuana dumped in Welsh villa
  214. RIP The greatest
  215. July 4th
  216. tiger attack
  217. Happy Birthday Rusty Battleship!
  218. You have to see these hackers
  219. H/Bday bigross
  220. Lionel Shriver’s Address on Cultural Appropriation Roils a Writers Festival
  221. Arnold Palmer
  222. Happy B,Day Asty
  223. A Bittersweet Milestone, and a dream fulfilled
  224. Introducing:
  225. Ooe AWOL
  226. Jury finds reporter, Rolling Stone responsible for defaming U-Va. dean with gang rape
  227. Facebook on trial in Germany
  228. Happy b/day Shek
  229. R I P . L Cohen
  230. Napoleon Solo...
  231. H/Bday T/J
  232. The Jukebox
  233. H/Bday lemontree
  234. John Glenn passes from this earth
  235. Nobel Peace Prize: Santos calls for 'rethink' of war on drugs
  236. Ho ... Ho ... Ho
  237. Blade Runner 2049
  238. Tankie's Visit(?) To Russia
  239. 2016 ??
  240. 2017
  241. How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime
  242. H/B/day versus
  243. H/Bday Pari
  244. San Diego - my old Kodachromes
  245. Happy B/Day G/G
  246. Happy Year of the rooster!!!
  247. S.F. Fleet Week 1999
  248. Milk is racist
  249. Three burglars entered an Oklahoma home. The owner’s son opened fire with an AR-15, d
  250. Earth Hour