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  1. The Vatican and NASA
  2. The finest of tributes.
  3. Inside Air Force 1.
  4. Boy throwing rocks from overpass shot by crossbow
  5. Alert! a **** owned 'Indian' defense forum, please read
  6. After 22 Years of Marriage...
  7. I think it would be kinda odd to go to a naked persons house.
  8. Hacker gets 6-year sentence for 'sextortion' case
  9. Oh my goodness!
  10. This is just horrible. Just horrible. :(
  11. Those Crazy Europeans
  12. Help with converting.....
  13. Canadian again at last! (For now anyway)
  14. NH convict in shamed girl's rape gets 15-30 years
  15. Drunk Swedish elk found in apple tree near Gothenburg
  16. Whiskey Question
  17. Intruder discovered at _________'s home running a bath
  18. Answer to NUS as regards the World Trade Centre destruction
  19. The end of Summer is close......
  20. Colorado men busted after driving with dead friend's corpse and using his ATM card
  21. Freaky thoughts from the land of the Bizarre
  22. Canada comes in at 25th.
  23. A great site for the interested.
  24. PETA Launching Peta.xxx Pornography Site
  25. Who's up for some early morning drinking?
  26. Happy Broom day!
  27. Dogania
  28. How many letters are there in the modern English alphabet?
  29. Happy Jew Year!
  30. SAT Cheating Business Busted
  31. from the WHQ Forum site
  32. H00ters Lawsuit Claims Rival Restaurant Stole ‘Trade Secrets'
  33. Watchdog group critiques Montgomery County judges who issue restraining orders
  34. Amanda Knox cleared of murdering British roommate
  35. Yellowbelly ain't so Yellow anymore
  36. Rant worth listening to
  37. Dusseldorf / Cologne / Frankfurt
  38. Happy Birthday Dreadnought
  39. Calif. quarry shooting suspect killed by deputies
  40. Yom Kippur
  41. Happy Birthday Furkensturker!
  42. Do we still celebrate TopHatter's Birthday or is his name mud around here?
  43. Skype
  44. White supremacist said pair wanted to "kill more Jews"
  45. What aircraft have you owned/flown?
  46. 8 killed in Southern California salon shooting
  47. The Next Joplin
  48. Greenpeace launches state-of-art campaign ship
  49. Police: Cashier beats unruly customers during argument
  50. VEGAS, baby! Who's up for a WAB-a-palooza meet-up?
  51. The 'cannibal' Face of guide suspected of eating tourist Stefan Ramin
  52. Arrest marks growing pains for superhero movement
  53. Basement case could be US hate crime
  54. I think I might have just snapped a pic of a UFO!!!!!!!!!!!
  55. Escaped Exotic Animals Shot by Police in Ohio
  56. Tennant advice. His snake stink like mad.
  57. Oooops we did it again.....
  58. Why is Jack Hanna Receiving Death Threats?
  59. What did I miss?
  60. PETA lawsuit seeks to expand animal rights
  61. Man forces daughter to fight with swords in medieval garb
  62. So are we to watch the olympics sober?
  63. Cruel and unusual punishment
  64. Totally Useless Facts
  65. Donating Blood
  66. Pizza Wars Escalate as Domino's Employees Allegedly Torch Papa John's
  67. What does 1 trillion $ look like
  68. Interesting new titles coming out! Which one do you play!?
  69. Russian 'genius' lived with 26 female bodies
  70. Girl, 3, eats leftovers for 2 days after mom dies
  71. Bankrupt church wants donations for pastor’s sick wife ferried in limo
  72. Pastor’s corporal punishment advice scrutinized after child deaths
  73. Virginia Republicans thank Soviet communists instead of U.S. Vets
  74. * Got Some Funny Videos? Post Em HERE! *
  75. Big K & Alkimake tie the knot :)
  76. The Shek....
  77. Shopaholics! Here is a thread for Black Friday this biggest shopping season!
  78. Veteran's day
  79. Penn State's Cowardly Lions
  80. Facebook tries to make Salman Rushdie change his name to Ahmed
  81. Happy Birthday Albany!
  82. American stranded in Ukraine in online dating scam
  83. Vatican takes legal action over pope-imam kissing ad
  84. the "a humble request thread"
  85. Man Arrested for Boosting Butts With Cement, Fix-A-Flat
  86. Your Favorite Cigar?
  87. The World’s Most Expensive Tea: Made From Panda Poo!?
  88. All of you are banned!!!!!
  89. HSIOT everyone!!!
  90. Aruba orders release of US man suspected in death
  91. NZ Chopper whoopsie
  92. Safeway Security Guard Fired After Interrogating Girl
  93. Yoga is the work of the devil, says Vatican's chief exorcist
  94. Single malts?
  95. A Thanksgiving Story
  96. Respect
  97. Who are the people who inspire you and whom you admire?
  98. Hamburgalar Outsmarts Eric Lee Mar San Fran's Supervisor
  99. Woman “imprisoned” on Scientology cruise ship for 12 years
  100. Kentucky church votes to ban interracial couples
  101. Israelis Don't marry American Jews
  102. Grand jury declines to indict McDonald's worker in beating
  103. stereotypes.... basis in fact...
  104. Jay-Z provides the blueprint for college course
  105. Code Breaking test
  106. Delhi: Christmas Problem
  107. Daniel the 26 toed cat
  108. Texas Macy’s Employee Fired for Not Letting Tranny use Ladies Dressing Room
  109. End of Year Poster Awards for 2011
  110. 100 years ago
  111. BMW 528i
  112. Christopher Hitchens Dies
  113. Actress Confronts Sean Penn Over His Support for Chavez: ‘You Are a Communist A**Hole
  114. Suspect in NYC woman's burning appears in court
  115. Navy kiss ushers in new dawn
  116. All I want for Christmas is....
  117. Happy Holidays 2011
  118. Merry Christmas and a special present for the Colonel
  119. Pope Urges Faithful to Look Beyond Christmas 'Superficial Glitter' in Midnight Mass
  120. A bit belated
  121. I think.....
  122. 2012 Predictions?
  123. Brewed force -- How a small, unremarkable country came to dominate the world of beer
  124. Scene of 9-year-old girl's killing a haven for sex offenders
  125. Cheetah, real star of the Tarzan movies, is dead at 80.
  126. Rescue group in crisis mode after cat euthanized
  127. Cops: Man tried to use $1M bill at NC Walmart
  128. Happy New Year!
  129. A Fork in the Road
  130. Fishing under ice: weird Finns doing weird stuff:)
  131. Paulbots unite!
  132. Thief drops stolen coin collection into Coinstar machine
  133. $736,000 sushi
  134. How bout a six pack of Scotch Whisky? In tins!
  135. Eric Cantona announces bid for French presidency
  136. only in the uk
  137. Soviet spying legend Gevork Vartanian dies at 87
  138. Cool websites Needed!!!!!!!
  139. Happy year of the dragon.
  140. Couple Finally Reveals Child's Gender, Five Years After Birth
  141. USAR Team Yankee 1
  142. Would You Drink Alcohol at Starbucks?: Poll
  143. Iranian Rial to US Dollar exchange rate
  144. For Our Favorite Colonel
  145. Hot potato with live explosive
  146. Shooting star crash!
  147. Stun gun used on woman who blocked NC drive-thru
  148. 12th Annual Joelanta GIJoe and Toy Show
  149. UK: Police officer 'chased himself'
  150. Judge Orders Florida Man To Take His Wife on a Date
  151. Man Shoots Daughter's Laptop
  152. Whitney Houston is dead...
  153. With love, letters from Histories Tyrants......Happy Valentines Day!
  154. Man rescued after months in snow-covered car
  155. Happy Birthday Zraver!
  156. Apologies to the WAB Family
  157. Do you live in one of these states?
  158. The Colonel Will Be Crushed
  159. The first breath of a person
  160. Brooklyn thoughts lately
  161. Happy Pi Day!!!
  162. 'Hot Dogs Cause Butt Cancer'
  163. Why I am leaving the Empire, by Darth Vader
  164. This is a travesty of justice! Man guilty of webspying
  165. Happy Belated St. Pat's Day
  166. Zombie Apocalypse - You May Only Choose One Kit
  167. I am addicted to WAB
  168. what da hack is Marmite?
  169. Five Reasons Mister Rogers Was A Rock Star
  170. I laughed my (bleep) ass off. Story of man vs. racoon. OOE will like this very much.
  171. A father and a 12 year old who now understands that stealing is a big deal.
  172. Who is the Route 29 Batman? This guy.
  173. Happy belate birthday bd1
  174. The email scammers are really loosing it! They get craizer as each day goes by!
  175. Interesting bumper sticker...
  176. Rhetological Fallacies
  177. Interesting satellite maps shot.
  178. Happy Holidays
  179. Tulsa shootings: Police arrest two men, fear it was a hate crime
  180. German civil servant says he 'did nothing for 14 years'
  181. New Marine
  182. Bollywood actress kidnapped, beheaded by costars
  183. 6-year-old girl handcuffed by police over ‘tantrum’
  184. IBM PC you've lost my heart
  185. The Colonel Applies Again
  186. Job seeking tips
  187. Here's a laugh
  188. Never trust an Ex Girlfriend
  189. N.J. tanning mom makes court appearance in Newark to answer child endangerment charge
  190. White supremacist JT Ready murders four people and kills himself
  191. Teen held in parents' killings signs autographs
  192. Brave recovery of mutilated Bangladesh woman
  193. If you ever need to know the time this is just awesome
  194. Test your humanity
  195. Coming to Boston and then to Providence
  196. Nicholas Katzenbach
  197. Fido the photobomber
  198. This new movie Battleship...?
  199. Father of 30 kids by 11 women can't pay child support
  200. Clever enough to steal. Dumb enough to expose it to the world.
  201. Happy Birthday Yellow !!!
  202. Honor student placed in jail for tardiness and truancy at school
  203. Parents Of Student Denied Inhaler Get Attorney
  204. Dripping crucifix sparks Indian blasphemy row
  205. Man fights for his life in Florida after having faced chewed by naked attacker
  206. 20 years on the web
  207. Threw Intestines At Officers After Stabbing Himself
  208. Helping a friend out
  209. Who's Violating Whose Rights?
  210. First grader pens dismissal note in highlighter
  211. This Is What Crazy Looks Like
  212. Amelia Earhart found?
  213. H/Birthday
  214. Best Ice Cream Brand
  215. Three for Three!
  216. Woken up by 'Death'...
  217. Genital mutilation of children: German court rules male circumcision illegal.
  218. National Drunk Day in the Great White North
  219. To All Fellow Patriots
  220. Milford man pays off mortgage in pennies
  221. Octomom's dad says she's moving to Australia
  222. Question: How much does sliced, roast Turkey cost you where you live?
  223. Adelaide SWAT (STAR Group)
  224. Sally Ride
  225. Penn State sanctions: $60M, bowl ban
  226. World Of Tanks
  227. If you like Cable Cars
  228. This Man Died Way Too Easily
  229. Anyone knows how to go to aberdeen proving ground from NY?
  230. 50 people I wish I knew in real life
  231. Shooting in Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.
  232. The Great Chemtrails Troll
  233. Melbourne - The World's most Liveable City
  234. Tiki Tiki TIKIIII!!!
  235. Man bites snake to death in revenge attack
  236. Restoration
  237. The law in the uk is a JOKE
  238. Clint Eastwood GOP speech
  239. Parents of Autistic Kids
  240. Help needed
  241. Man fakes own death to pop the question.
  242. Happy B/Day Benny
  243. With my last post, I may going to take my leave for a while
  244. Happy Jew Year!
  245. Spectator Throws Grenade On Soccer Field In Iran
  246. Dude that produced that Innocence of Muslems movie is banged up.
  247. Posting Drunk
  248. Time to reopen this discussion...
  249. Meanwhile in New Zealand
  250. A present for Gun Grape and Yeller