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  1. India's Water Crisis
  2. Drunken Judge
  3. So...the Iranian President commits massive voter fraud...
  4. German Election
  5. Obama foreign policy debate
  6. U.S. to build base in Georgia for Guant/prison relocation.
  7. Ajads UN speech
  8. How to Tackle Myanmar
  9. UN - Smell of Sulfer replaced by Hope
  10. Success At Last: Brown had Private Meeting with Obama
  11. India launches seven satellites
  12. Africa-South America Summit
  13. CDU wins German elections
  14. Kashmir girl overpowers militants
  15. china national day parade
  16. Vote on UN report on Gaza deferred
  17. Rules of engagement in Afghanistan
  18. Billions in US aid never reached Pakistan army
  19. Who should be the First President of Europe?
  20. Turkish - Armenian Protocols
  21. UK gets Supreme Court
  22. Unrest continues in East Jerusalem
  23. Italy's Berlusconi loses immunity from corruption cases
  24. Obama wins Nobel peace prize
  25. Discomforting Day for Tony Blair
  26. Armenia-Turkey agreement delayed
  27. Grave concern over Pakistan nukes after attack
  28. Obama a gay icon
  29. currency South America
  30. BNP to allow non-white members
  31. UK members: Conservatives vs. Labour
  32. Obama to not attend Berlin Wall Anniversary
  33. India, China agree to cooperate on climate change
  34. The UK fails again.
  35. Israel wants Germany to pay for new Navy ships
  36. A question for the Brits...
  37. Asia looks to 'lead the world' with EU-style bloc
  38. The Politics of Global Warming
  39. American Cannot Abandon Afghanistan
  40. Labour open-door immigration policy
  41. Botswana - Why Africa needs Democracy
  42. French court convicts Church of Scientology of fraud
  43. Is Indian 'soft power' in Afghanistan working?
  44. ECFR Study: "Time for a post-American Europe"
  45. Karzai's rival withdraws from Afghan runoff
  46. Army top brass expresses dismay over US aid bill
  47. G/Clown on A/G
  48. Big APEC CEO Summit in Singapore
  49. Turkey and Middle East
  50. France: "Autistic Tories have castrated Britain in Europe"
  51. Eu ratifies Lisbon Treaty
  52. Charles Taylor 'duped' by Nigeria
  53. The coming immigration problem in East Asia
  54. China gifted 50kg uranium for two bombs to Pakistan
  55. Obama's Tokyo speech
  56. The Amazon rain forest
  57. Labour man calls Queen 'vermin'
  58. UN: Fight Climate Change with Free Condoms
  59. Needless meddling by US
  60. New Zealand tops Denmark as world's least corrupt nation
  61. Herman Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton land top EU jobs
  62. Man strangles wife walks free
  63. population of India -a boon or bane!
  64. Floods in UK
  65. Conservatives want to close BAOR
  66. Brazil's Ambition
  67. Big population, good or bad
  68. Death sentence in Saudi for witchcraft
  69. Brazil: 'Gringos' must pay to stop Amazon razing AP
  70. Comrade Duch asks for Clemency
  71. Bomb caused Russian train crash
  72. The Fall of Mexico
  73. India-US reprocessing pact in a week
  74. Swiss voters back ban on minarets.....
  75. Catholic Church supporting 15 priests accused of child sexual abuse
  76. Australia to train sheep not to Burp?
  77. Thanks for the respect Obama
  78. Aussie camel cull plan offends Brits
  79. A new way forward : The school are Jewish its students Muslim
  80. Ireland report into abuse by Catholic priests finds police coverup
  81. Berlusconi linked to the Mafia
  82. "La Familia" North of the Border
  83. Irish PM takes pay cut
  84. Uganda to apply death penalty towards homosexuality
  85. Canadian Shop Keeper Shot Robber and Wants more Gun Rights.
  86. Obama defends 'just war' at Nobel award
  87. Is the UK heading for a hung parliament?
  88. Body of Tassos Papadopoulos, former Cypriot President, stolen by grave robbers
  89. Irish TD tell opposition member to 'F*** off'....twice!
  90. How to tame the Kashmiris?
  91. Israel condemns UK attempt to arrest Tsipi Livni
  92. Bolivian president forecasts U.S. failure on "aggression" against L America
  93. Airport Security Puts Three Bullets Through Mac
  94. Hugo Chavez can't buy love
  95. What does the USA get from it's relationship with Israel?
  96. Worse. Than. Carter.
  97. Venezuela's Chavez threatens to oust Toyota
  98. Galloway in Gaza
  99. Muslim parade through Wooton Bassett
  100. India Australia Relations
  101. North Korean Tours
  102. Whaling Ship & Whale Wars Boat Collide
  103. Unnecessary money – myth of reality?
  104. Is the result of Presidential election in Ukraine important for Europe?
  105. Presidential election in Ukraine. The reverse of the medal.
  106. US Israel Relations
  107. Christians & Muslims Attacks
  108. 7.0 earthquake hits Haiti
  109. France's burqa ban
  110. Turkey Recalls its Ambassador from Israel?
  111. Chavez suspends rolling blackouts in Caracas
  112. Extraordinary election in Ukraine
  113. Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan to jointly address regional security
  114. Israeli Soldier Dismissed over Protest
  115. UN Potential for Haiti
  116. A new low:Pakistan goes bonkers over 'Cricket"
  117. Happy Republic Day !
  118. National holocaust day
  119. Revaluation of DPRK Won
  120. Dubai 'identifies suspects in Hamas commander killing'
  121. The Chilcot Enquiry Findings
  122. The world has opened its arms to the children of Haiti, but...
  123. Lifting the arms sale ban on China
  124. South Korean Custodial Rights
  125. Another catch, another hit.
  126. Black Saturday - One year On
  127. Arunachal Students Demand Chinese Goods Ban
  128. Top cop jailed for 4 years
  129. Christian teacher forced out U/K
  130. Radical Islam casts shadow over Central Asia
  131. France to issue citizen's handbook to every child
  132. Terror strikes Pune; 8 killed, 32 injured
  133. BNP votes
  134. Singapore's first casino opens on Chinese New Year
  135. Pauline Hanson to Leave Australia
  136. Military Coup in Niger
  137. Saudi prince on trial
  138. China to avoid investing in PoK for success of Indo-Pak talks
  139. Pak-based terror groups to be focus of talks: India
  140. Assassinations and technology
  141. South America wants a bloc excluding North America
  142. Australian immigrants
  143. Cuban president regrets dissident's death
  144. Euro sceptic blasts president
  145. M.F. Husain gets Qatari citizenship
  146. The Falklands
  147. Recent arrests in Turkey
  148. Gang kidnap British boy in Pak
  149. House panel risks Turkey's ire in approving Armenian 'genocide' resolution
  150. Israeli Apartheid Week
  151. British Imam issues Fatwa against Terrorist
  152. Pope's brother says he would testify in abuse case
  153. The BNP and Hizb ut-Tahrir - The odd couple
  154. Africa's Forever Wars: Why the continent's conflicts never end
  155. Sweden`s Parliament Recognizes The Genocide Against The Armenians.
  156. Porn star stands for election
  157. Christian couple touches Qur‘an with dirty hands, gets 25 years in prison
  158. US, Germany's AAA bond rating at risk, Japan downgraded to AA2
  159. Entertaining comparison of India’s and China’s democracies.
  160. Israel and the Biden Debacle
  161. Dutch outrage as US general blames gay soldiers for Srebrenica
  162. Cambodia bans women from marrying South Koreans
  163. US may offer India-like nuke deal to Pak
  164. The Equality March (21st March 2011)
  165. Moscow Metro bomb blasts
  166. Georgia causes an affray with Turkey?
  167. Pope's preacher: Abuse critique like anti-Semitism
  168. White supremacist Eugene Terre'Blanche is hacked to death after row with farmworkers
  169. Gordon Clown calls election
  170. Riots in Kyrgyzstan: 17 dead and hunderd of wounded so far...
  171. Greece floats solution for Macedonia name dispute
  172. Gaza teenager 'shot dead' by Israelis returns home
  173. Bishkek April 2010
  174. 40 Pounds of HEU Removed From Chilean Reactors
  175. What? Obama, Biden and Hillary Are Hypocrites When It Comes To Israel?! Really?!
  176. Polish President Lech Kaczynski plane crashes near Smolensk
  177. Democracy In Central Asia
  178. Open letter from Apollo 11, Apollo 13, and Apollo 17 commanders
  179. BBC World Service Global Perception Of Nations Poll
  180. Israel/Gazza/Peace process-the whole lot
  181. If the Tories fail to win?
  182. 'No temporary Palestinian state'
  183. Survey shows North Koreans losing trust in Kim Jong Il
  184. Nick Clegg names price for Labour: no Gordon Brown
  185. Obama's Top 10
  186. Farmer attacks kids with hammer, burns self
  187. Belgium bans Burqa
  188. Incest
  189. Sheikh to Terrorists: Go to Hell
  190. Caucasus & Middle East
  191. Video:Asian men and BNP candidate Bob Bailey clash in Barking
  192. UN Prizes, Real & Unreal
  193. Britain tells women soldiers to carry condom
  194. BSF notoriously violent force: Canadian High Commission to retired constable
  195. Pakistan lodges Facebook protest with US
  196. Hugo Chavez-Traffic Cop
  197. Bloody Sunday report due
  198. Jamaica: 74 killed in hunt for alleged drug lord
  199. Hungary Adopts Citizenship Law
  200. Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan
  201. Direct Foriegn Investment by Sovereign Funds and National Security
  202. Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship
  203. German President resigns over controversial Remarks regarding the Bundeswehr
  204. Japan politics shaken by PM Hatoyama's resignation
  205. Top Turkish court to discuss charter amendments
  206. White House Correspondant Helen Thomas: Jews, Go Back To Poland
  207. The Future Of America's Working Class
  208. Iran Offers To Escort Gaza Aid Flotillas
  209. Bear with me on this one: PA won't agree to direct talks
  210. NK border guards shoot and kill 3 Chinese citizens
  211. Deadlock in Dutch election: exit polls
  212. Alleged Mossad spy arrested in hit-squad case
  213. Obama gets British backlash
  214. Canadian Government Pays Organization To Troll Political Chat Forums
  215. Central Asia Kyrgizstan continued
  216. Bloody Sunday Victims found Innocent by Saville Inquiry
  217. Brit Troops Heckled As Parade Turns to Violence
  218. Elton John Aside, Israelis Feel Growing Isolation
  219. Remember Erdogan and them thar peace lovin' Turks?
  220. CSIS reports Some politicians under foreign influence!
  221. Australian PM rolled?
  222. Canadian PM apologizes for Kanishka
  223. Dear Leader: Give me 75 Trillion or else.
  224. Canada: A billion dollars for security and then this
  225. India, Canada sign civil nuclear deal
  226. Turkey, A Great Democracy
  227. 10 people arrested in U.S. on "spying for Russia" charges
  228. Nuke deal with Pak needs NSG nod
  229. Iran to boycott 'Zionist' brands
  230. Report: Obama pressured Israel and Turkey to hold secret talks
  231. Anyone else see the humour?
  232. Lockerbie bomber may live 10 more years!
  233. Religion of Peace, My Ass.
  234. Canadian Intelligence Director Repeats Claims of Foreign Influence
  235. Orange day
  236. Jordan insists on right to nuclear power
  237. Netanyahu: 'America is a thing you can move very easily'
  238. UK's Cameron: releasing Lockerbie bomber was wrong
  239. Gaza "Strip Mall": Did the EU's Ashton Check the Opening Sales?
  240. Saudi: OK to uncover face in anti-burqa countries
  241. The Bad Boys of Failed States.
  242. Serbian Extradition from UK Blocked
  243. Trident Renewal Arguement
  244. One killed' after rockets strike Jordan and Israel
  245. Deadly Israel-Lebanon border clash
  246. Do we have an "only in Australia" thread yet?
  247. Video proves Zoabi knew activists armed
  248. Happy Independance Day!
  249. Anger over Israel soldier's Facebook photos..(Former soldier, actually).
  250. Australian Federal Election 2010