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  1. Kasparov Joins Russian Presidential Race
  2. Pashtun Chiefs decry war in Pakistan
  3. China Rejects Attempt to Link Developments in Burma to Beijing Olympics
  4. Chinese intelligence agencies
  5. Bob Mugabe had a farm EIEIO
  6. US: Reno veteran cuts down Mexican flag
  7. Rally for murdered Russian writer
  8. Turkey warns US over genocide law
  9. Craig Says He Was Entrapped in Sex Sting
  10. Whose who in Power rankings.
  11. Is U.K. friend of Cyprus ?
  12. Canadian Terrorist family Unhappy
  13. Welcoming the tyrant
  14. Flaherty announces tax cuts
  15. Who is behind Turkey's threat against the only stable region of Iraq?
  16. Because they're either traitors or idiots, THAT'S why.
  17. Sarkozy & France Poll
  18. Students accuse Chavez of arming militias and fomenting violence
  19. Bush sets record
  20. "Why don't you shut up? King of Spain to Chavez
  21. Australian defence minister audio interview
  22. An Email I recieved
  23. Ex-Publisher Says News Corp. Official Wanted Her to Lie to Protect Giuliani
  24. Franco-German transit strike
  25. World, Jews and, Israel
  26. Cambridge boots Boy Scouts, calls support for soldiers 'pro-war'
  27. A Russians view of Russia
  28. Taliban Jack(elected visionary) creates Government by Math
  29. EU Expand Beyond Europe?
  30. Is Bush a Holocaust denier?
  31. Soviet/Russian Disregard For Human Life
  32. The Israel Lobby :Mearsheimer & Walt
  33. John Howard loses in Australia
  34. Trouble in Paradise?
  35. Should the US accept Iraqi refugees?
  36. Secularism on trial
  37. Bush 'deeply concerned' at Russia arrests
  38. Venezuela recalls Colombia envoy
  39. Iranian President: Annapolis a Failure
  40. Venezuela Chavez: CNN may be instigating my murder
  41. Things going bad??
  42. African states rally behind Robert Mugabe
  43. Good news on Bush's watch?
  44. New tape Bin Laden warns European nations
  45. Fraud, intimidation and bribery as Putin prepares for victory
  46. Chavez defeated over reform vote
  47. Sharif's candidacy papers rejected
  48. The Unlucky Charm?
  49. Germany: Die Linke
  50. Scores of Pak soldiers desert forces
  51. The plan to topple Pakistan's military
  52. Internal vs External Problems
  53. The“lyrical terrorist”
  54. Putin eyes full merger with Belarus
  55. A Judge Warns: France Should Prepare for Civil War
  56. Schools suck, dropouts tell us why
  57. Washington diary: Water torture
  58. Immigration: Yay or Nay
  59. Al Gore
  60. Russian democracy is work in progress
  61. Putin rival held in psychiatric ward 'to prevent him protesting against government'
  62. Iran shuts down 24 cafes in Internet crackdown
  63. Some questions on American Opinion of Continued Operations in Iraq.
  64. Rove Memoir Slow Going
  65. SC judge for liberal environment laws
  66. Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain's oldest-reigning monarch ever
  67. Brown’s British Blues
  68. Zuma victory is a triumph for democracy
  69. How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?
  70. Gujarat Polls 2007 - Narendra Modi wins
  71. Zuma and Shinwatra identical twins?
  72. Using political science to gauge predictions
  73. China,Russia, muslim extremist
  74. Bhutto Assassination
  75. Who would take control in this what if?
  76. The aboriginal struggle
  77. New book on threat of Islam- does author have it right?
  78. Very funny: OSCE has called elections in Georgia "fair and democraric"
  79. Fury over bishop's comments
  80. Iam warmming up to Huckabee
  81. History Section
  82. Move to Arrest Journalist Sparks Backlash in China
  83. Play Candidate Match Game
  84. What do you think about the European Prospective of Turkey
  85. Cyprus Issue
  86. Democrat's position on US missle shield in Poland?
  87. Where “soft Islam” is on the march
  88. Canadians, I hope you're deeply ashamed of your government...
  89. Ellis Island: The Island of Tears
  90. New Mosque for London?
  91. Healthcare question (vis recent healthcare survey)
  92. World Government---is it THAT bad?
  93. Cubans to vote as Castro's future remains a mystery
  94. Pakistan’s Iranian shadow
  95. Un-American Activites?
  96. A "reasonable person" as a figurehead?
  97. Nuclear proliferation
  98. Iran leader backs parliament in dispute with Ahmadinejad
  99. Will the Dutch cave in to Iran
  100. Venezuelan troops seize food
  101. Ahmadinejad to make landmark visit to Iraq: ministry
  102. How close to the brink is Bolivia
  103. Where will Private Military Companies be in 10 years from today??
  104. Jerome Kerviel Rogue Trader
  105. Graphic illustation of world's geopolitical struggle
  106. Pakistanis lobby U.S. against February elections
  107. Uproar
  108. Europe’s Philosophy of Failure
  109. Why would a government institution care more for your children?
  110. Sarkozy and Bruni marry in Paris
  111. PCness gone mad
  112. Vote for tomorrow!
  113. How effective has OSHA been in reducing workplace deaths?
  114. Canadian government may fall over confidence votes on either Afghanistan and Crime..
  115. Will President Medvedev embrace Democracy or Communism?
  116. Turkey eases headscarf ban
  117. Political Wisdom by Neal Boortz
  118. Georgian tycoon died in England
  119. Political Compass
  120. Multiculturalism is making Britain 'a soft touch for terrorists'
  121. Kosovo Declares Independence
  122. Quebec's Language Nazis Strike again
  123. Polling underway in Pak amid fears of violence
  124. Fidel Castro Resigns Cuban Presidency
  125. The List - Here, or over in the Pub?
  126. Canada leaves Afghanistan in 2011
  127. Protesters attack U.S. embassy in Belgrade
  128. Library of Lost Dreams
  129. KGB old boys back
  130. Is Socialism just for poor countries?
  131. With Kosovo independent, Yugoslavia is finally dead - Hitchens
  132. Cognitive dissonance
  133. Why the Liberals Deserve to Win!
  134. R. Nicholas Burns & Kosovo on Charlie Rose
  135. Irish born, with illegal parents - should we deport 'em?
  136. British FM says China must prove itself 'responsible'
  137. Japan opens fire in Australian waters
  138. Socialists win Spanish elections
  139. India's Babu Raj
  140. Malaysian opposition pulls off election coup and Islamic Democracy
  141. Question for my fellow countrymen..and even those who are not!
  142. The Nerve of These Guys!...
  143. Mexican St. Patrick's Day? Strange story.
  144. Economic performance reports
  145. ma yingjeou wins taiwanese election
  146. Parade Entrants
  147. Anti-War units in Veteran's Day Parade?
  148. Part 1 restart on Parades
  149. Part 2 of Veteran's Day parade entrants
  150. Zimbabwe elections this week
  151. Tibet: A lost hope or a bright tomorrow
  152. China hits back at US on rights
  153. Does anyone feel that the West is under attack?
  154. Passing thoughts on election/economy
  155. Puerto Rico's Gov. charged in campaign finance probe
  156. Anglo-American alliance - as close as is commonly thought?
  157. Just some common conversation,comments welcomed.
  158. In Walmart We Trust
  159. EU court annuls PKK terror ruling
  160. Walmart for the Nobel Peace Prize
  161. Will India Be Superpower Until 2020?
  162. Zimbabwe shows just how vital press freedom is to Africa
  163. French skinheads deface French Muslim war vets graveyard
  164. your answer to "do you want to bite the hand that feeds you?"
  165. dhaka-kolkatta train service starts
  166. Buddhist monks call for Dalai Lama
  167. China 'uncovers Olympic terror plot'
  168. religion in China --- pictures
  169. (CNN)Jack Cafferty on China
  170. Spam Capitolism
  171. CPM in WB, extension of CCP, ban Tibet rally in Kolkata
  172. HBO - Esai Morales Blasts the Phony "War on ____"
  173. Something You Won't See in China
  174. Listen to a Chinese: Stop abusing Olympics!
  175. Don't Feed China's Nationalism
  176. World Bank warns against deep poverty
  177. How the Muslims Saved the West
  178. Restive Muslims face China's heavy hand
  179. Income mobility in the US
  180. Being a Chinese....
  181. I am Proud to be Chinese
  182. County Executive puts public safety at risk to save $$$ - opinions?
  183. Prachanda urges essential goods from India
  184. Torch lights up China's shame
  185. now its Zimbabwe's turn to go under the microscope
  186. UK is sitting on a racial tinder box, say most Britons
  187. I can totally understand you westerners why you cannot understand us chinese.
  188. First Korean astronaut returns to Earth
  189. Human Rights In China?
  190. Anti-French rallies across China
  191. Chinese in France to rally in support of Olympics
  192. Free Iraq, Free Tibet?
  193. Know more about Tibet
  194. An Australian republic or Commonwealth?
  195. Recolonisation of Africa
  196. qestions for anti-CCPs
  197. What's Next, Fellow Chinese?
  198. I welcome all Chinese to their first ever protest - in Australia
  199. one way friendship
  200. Zimbabwe update
  201. China's central gov't department to meet with Dalai's private representative
  202. Walmart and Creative Destruction
  203. Chinese spies in the West
  204. chinese culture and politics 101
  205. Enforcement of immigration laws in the UK ?
  206. Zimbabwe results - I smell a rat
  207. What A Tibetan Says About His Hometown
  208. How do the recent protests and boycotts benefit the Chinese?
  209. Critics Cost Muslim Educator Her Dream School
  210. Dealing with China's changing image
  211. Angola Allows Chinese Ship to Dock, but Not Unload Arms for Zimbabwe
  212. Uighurs struggle in a world reshaped by Chinese influx
  213. China train collision
  214. Olympic flames, then and now
  215. 'Free Tibet' flags made in China
  216. Edward Said
  217. Welcome ,Mr. Lian Zhan!
  218. EU, UK, Australia welcome China's decision to talk with Dalai Lama
  219. Tibet: Former serfs live well
  220. FM spokesman: "Anti-CNN" website reflects Chinese people's condemnation
  221. No recession in US for first quarter, 2008
  222. China's Powerful Weakness
  223. Dalai clique unqualified for talking about human rights
  224. Slavery in China - Should the West Invade?
  225. Slavery In Australia-Should THE world invade?
  226. Happy Mayday
  227. How global warming would affect the geostrategy and geopolitics
  228. Tibet was,is,always will be a part of China!
  229. Seven lies about Tibet
  230. Chinese need human rights in this forum!
  231. Zimbabwe run-off a catalyst for civil war?
  232. Ideology's Rude Return - China and Russia
  233. Unemployment drops from 5.1% to 5.0%
  234. Chinese Leadership Unable To Control Neo Red Guards
  235. Asia fears Rudd's China fixation
  236. Angry China
  237. Let us Understand the Chinese
  238. Russia-Georgia on the brink? It's all Fritzl and Saunders
  239. Zimbabwe : Bob's reigning, bloods pouring the old man is snoring
  240. Kick Burma Out of the U.N.
  241. Chavez is aiding FARC rebels
  242. Gordon Brown could learn a lot from Obama
  243. “The Connection Has Been Reset”
  244. Xenophobia outbreak in South Africa
  245. Demise of al-Qa'eda in sight
  246. Italian Trial of C.I.A. Operatives Begins With Torture Testimony
  247. Absolutely WOW. Watch this
  248. BRIC Alliance
  249. Impact of Weapon Sales/Availibility
  250. 19-year-old elected mayor of US city