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  1. Best bands that just never quite reached the top?
  2. Best (mostly) instrumental songs?
  3. If Shek can do it, so can I ;)
  4. Best One Album Wonders?
  5. Jimmy Dean, singer, sausage businessman, dies at 81; known for 'Big Bad John' in 1961
  6. 'Deadliest Catch' pays tribute to Captain Phil Harris
  7. For four long years....
  8. Highway Music
  9. Rocking the Casbah
  10. UFOs becoming real?
  11. Monkey owns tigers
  12. Jet Powered School Bus that can go 367mph
  13. Guaranteed to Make You Laugh
  14. Soldiers Take Apart and Rebuild Jeep
  15. The real Leonard Skinner, namesake of the famous rock band passes.
  16. Even in death, he hates Obama.
  17. Must watch, lyre bird
  18. Pic issues
  19. Military Drill
  20. 15 Shuffle Songs
  21. What Happened to 'What Song Are You Listening To'????
  22. Awesome Music Video
  23. Broken Bands With Lost Potential
  24. Best Song Lyrics
  25. Best Song with Cow Bell
  26. Gun Safety - Always Follow Orders!
  27. Favourite Foreign Language song
  28. Favourite Duets
  29. Battle of the Cover Songs
  30. What If the Situations Were Reversed?
  31. Naval warfare: the Russian style
  32. Russian Tu-154 test pilots (balls of steel!)
  33. OBL shooter identified - John McClellan, American Hero
  34. Modern Warfare trailer is out!
  35. Best "Separated at Birth" that I've ever seen... Rummy = NAZI!
  36. Best Protest/Political Songs
  37. The Craziest Low Pass Flyby I’ve Ever Seen
  38. Classical Music Thread
  39. Any good Bands like/similar to Metallica?
  40. Conan O'Brien's 2011 Dartmouth College Commencement Address
  41. E Street Band sax player Clarence Clemons dies
  42. For those who play guitar...
  43. This Squirrel Has A Pair of Nuts
  44. Joke of the Day
  45. Bonjour Vietnam / Hello Vietnam
  46. wars on computer games
  47. Moonpics
  48. Worst Songs of the '90s
  49. Tim Timebomb's ROCKNROLL Theater - Episode 1, Dante
  50. New James Bond film 'Skyfall' unveiled
  51. Andy Rooney, wry '60 Minutes' commentator, dies
  52. Was Tankie Right After All?!
  53. Cartoon characters skeletons
  54. I am Damn Proud of my Alma Mater
  55. Christmas Music
  56. In Memoriam 2011
  57. I didn't know whether to post this in Multimedia or Naval Warfare
  58. Jackie Evancho - 11 year old singer
  59. My youtube channel
  60. Best Albums With NO Bad Songs
  61. 30 Years ago today RIP Belushi
  62. Commercial Art
  63. "Making Rumours"
  64. Laughter ist the best medicine…
  65. USS Wisconsin Historical Poster
  66. Grandma nearly falls out of harness while sky diving
  67. Activision to Bring New, Free Version of 'Call of Duty' to China
  68. My boy did good...
  69. Guy Thinks His Sister Is Hot
  70. Who says Indians don't have fun?
  71. Fearsome Creatures of the Night
  72. The Stupid, It Burns!!!
  73. Best Bond song ever
  74. My Life According To....
  75. 4 star general plays rock n' roll
  76. Someday I must try this
  77. WAB Baby Update
  78. Qs for the Photographers out there
  79. Former Ten Years After Guitarist Alvin Lee Dead at 68
  80. Spitfire pilot sees his own crash-landing
  81. Albany Rifles
  82. Photo Essay of Woodland Fire Fighters
  83. What Is the Most Influential Movie of the Last Century?
  84. First tin type photos taken in a war zone since the ACW
  85. The things I like about DVD's over VHS are......
  86. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees
  87. History of Russia in the last 100 years
  88. Merry Christmas from Chuck Norris
  89. Oscars special effects
  90. For Our Canadians aka Frostbacks
  91. 12 Albums
  92. Greatest nature videos
  93. USS Harry S. Truman deployment 2013-2014
  94. For The Colonel
  95. 101 Nights with Sehrazat Mira :)
  96. Analysing number 1 songs
  97. Ariana Grande does spot on impressions of "You Know Whom" and other artists
  98. Indian Army Videos
  99. Rock Icon David Bowie Dies At 69
  100. Prince found dead at home at age of 57
  101. More sad news from the music industry
  102. Recommended Podcasts
  103. Greatest war novels
  104. Glen Campbell
  105. Help wanted in buying a laptop