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  1. Mongol Empire vs. Roman Empire
  2. What if Lee had accepted command of federal forces?
  3. Alternate History: US-China trade& political relations if no 'Century of Humiliation'
  4. What if? The US entered WWI on the side of the Central Powers
  5. The Twist, The US Jumps Into The War In 1915.
  6. Our newest playground
  7. Apres Cannae
  8. What if the English failed in defeating New France??
  9. European Defence Community & France
  10. What if - US army confronted the Indian force on 1971 ?
  11. Real life what-if, Indian Army assault on Deigo Garcia
  12. Cold War: Breach of the Fulda Gap Scenario
  13. Communist German/Soviet Pact against Allies in 1939
  14. What if Russia, China, and the USA got together to solve global issues
  15. respect!
  16. What if the Confederates had Gatling guns?
  17. What if: Germany went ahead with Operation Sea Lion?
  18. What if Syria fractures into multiple states?
  19. Iran Intervention and Break-UP
  20. Partition of India never happened
  21. WW2 Jet Age
  22. ISI chief implicated in 9/11
  23. Afghanistan/Pakistan war (what if)
  24. alternate events in Afganistan
  26. What if Overlord fails?
  27. What if Nixon Succeeded
  28. An Indian Dominion?
  29. Battle of Hoth, a military perspective
  30. Hypothetical Military Action against Iran
  31. WW2 armor and anti-armor VS. modern equipment
  32. Henry V at Agincourt
  33. War on the Korean Peninsula: Present-day
  34. You are in command!
  35. ‘Luke’s Change’ argues Death Star’s downfall was an inside job
  36. What if: Roman legions vs medieval European army
  37. What if Hitler had come clean?
  38. what if -- no Afrika Korps
  39. Suppose this happened after the US civil war ended. Northernize the South!
  40. Bombardment by proxy cells of US industry in WW2
  41. The leader has been beheaded!
  42. 1762 Seven Years War (Prussia loses East Prussia and Silesia)
  43. What if: GPS and all Western satellites are successfully neutralised
  44. Cold war does not happen - Stalin dies in 1945.
  45. Supposing North Korea and South Korea reunified tomorrow...
  46. Lehman Brothers gets a bail out
  47. The Walking Dead zombie bug seems to have given its living characters brain damage
  48. What if we didn't ally with USSR in 1941?
  49. Tirpitz sorties August 1914
  50. almost 100 years since Italy betrays Germany and Austria-Hungary
  51. WWII what-ifs
  52. Patton's Third Army in the Pacific instead of Europe
  53. What if the US had fully backed the KMT in the late 1940s?
  54. China v USSR 1989
  55. Trump loses his re-election bid and America takes a left turn
  56. War between US and Britain, late 1800s
  57. What happens if Pakistan collapses
  58. What if the coronavirus was a conspiracy used to cover up a worldwide depopulation