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  1. Taliban Makes Gains Against the Afgan govt (what the hell!?)
  2. NATO takes Command of Peacekeepers
  3. Breaking news: 'Canadian troops die in Kabul blast'
  4. 41 jailed Taliban in tunnel escape
  5. Myers Praises Australian Efforts in War on Terror
  6. Bomber kills Canadian in Kabul
  7. Snagging stories in the hunt for bin Laden
  8. Web site says American captive beheaded
  9. Karachi Terrorist Serial Bombing - Breaking News
  10. Pakistani scientist in US terror list
  11. Australian detainee to stand trial for terrorism offenses
  12. Balawaristan
  13. The Media is spinning the 9/11 commission's report
  14. Pak's terror ties come to focus in 9/11 inquiry
  15. This Is The Solution - They Should Do This In Iraq
  16. Future of afghanistan
  17. 51 terrorists be hanged: interior ministry
  18. Esquire interview of Osama bin laden circa 1998
  19. War on Terror - Saving Lives?
  20. Pakistani Tribesmen Reject Taliban - We Won't Be Bullied - Bbc Report
  21. Pakistan - US cooperation in eliminating world terrorism
  22. Nuclear Terrorism
  23. Pakistan's undeclared war...who is gettting killed?
  24. What Needs To Be Done To Make Pakistan A Haven Of, peace and security?
  25. Pakistan's two pronged terror strategy
  26. Pakistani Officials may have tipped of OBL : Sept'11 Comission Report !
  27. Guess Who Is Responsible For Screwing Up The Afghan Elections?
  28. The Hunt for Al Qaeda
  29. The real culprit of 9/11?
  30. Why we are losing the war on terror
  31. 36 Ways the US Is Losing the War on Terror
  32. Pakistan ‘gives Al-Qaeda refuge’
  33. Pakistanisation of Al Qaeda’
  34. A new ally in war on terror arrives...
  35. US Forces Launch New Offensive in Afghanistan
  36. Why Osama hasn't attacked since 9-11???
  37. Taliban giving up the fight?
  38. The jihad lives on
  39. Cold exposes Afghanistan's broken promises
  40. Bluesman, Op Eval request
  41. Hearts & minds....
  42. OBL Bribed Militias for Freedom
  43. Army Completes Probe of Tillman Death
  44. 17 Hezb-e-Islami militants surrender in Afghanistan
  45. Preaching Terrorism Openly
  46. Terrorism in Pakistan
  47. Pak arrests Taliban fighter
  48. Hunt starts for Qaeda supporters in the Pakistan Army?
  49. Playing the craziest, most paradoxical and most dangerous diplomatic poker game in co
  50. American warplanes violate Pak airspace
  51. U.S. honours fallen Canadians
  52. The truth about Al Qaeda
  53. Afghan Army thread
  54. The terrorists "are no match for the United States" - Bush's speech Tuesday night
  55. Stung in an Afghan 'hornets nest'
  56. How should UK respond?
  57. Pakistan hid Osama in ‘98
  58. How to make a scuicide bomber
  59. Senior Taliban arrested
  60. Pakistan Connection Seen in Taliban's New Tactics
  61. Pakistan Connection Seen in Taliban's New Tactics
  62. The Pakistani Connection
  63. Al Qaeda Finances and Funding
  64. Most Gitmo detainees to be sent to home countries
  65. The Seven Phases of The Base
  66. Karzai’s delusion
  67. All out support to Kabul: Delhi
  68. End of the Imaginary Durand Line
  69. How I produce my suicide bombers
  70. Pak to build a fence on the Afghan-Pak Border
  71. Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Watch
  72. Karzai calls for int'l terror rethink
  73. Canadian commandos take out Taliban...
  74. Are Canadian Forces equipped for Afghan mission?
  75. Al Queda to step up future operations in Kashmir
  76. Killing shot made at distance of 2,430 metres
  77. A question for Canadians
  78. Jihadis to adopt quake orphans
  79. From Internet To Islamnet:net-centric Counter-terrorism
  80. Tory defence critic blasts use of grenades in Afghanistan
  81. Afghanistan opposes missile names
  82. Afghanistan opposes missile names
  83. Osama, Zawahri and Mulla Omar all in Pakistan
  84. Task Force Welcomes Afghan Aviators
  85. 'Pashtunistan' issues linger behind row
  86. WTF?!!! Afghans selling stolen military data...
  87. PM says Canadians turning 'minefields into farmers' fields' in Afghanistan
  88. Nwfp
  89. Former warlord offers to eliminate Taliban, Al-Qaeda
  90. Selling military secrets
  91. Pro-Taliban tribes unite to challenge Pakistan Army in North Waziristan
  92. Canadians taking flak over Afghan gun battle
  93. Afghanistan considering allowing deployment of Indian CRPF troops
  94. The Taleban stronghold of Waziristan
  95. India must send troops
  96. Taliban searches for way to knock out CDF vehicles
  97. Nato praises Pakistan's contribution towards peace, stability in Afghanistan
  98. Guess, where the homeland of terrorism is?
  99. Canadian female 16th soldier killed in Afghanistan
  100. Transit rights for troops in Afghanistan: NATO seeks closer ties with Pakistan
  101. Project Afghanistan: Pakistan and NATO
  102. Five Taliban killed...
  103. British troops in 5-day chase of Taliban
  104. US to use ICBM against Terrorists
  105. Terrorism raids sweep Toronto
  106. UK soldiers kill 21 Taliban
  107. Afghan troops kill 13 Taliban ambushers
  108. 2 Canadians shot in massive Afghan battle
  109. Kabul Raises Concerns With Plan To Use Militia Fighters As Police
  110. terror training camps
  111. The Taliban are coming back to the front
  112. Sixth British soldier killed as Taleban lay siege to base
  113. Eight British soldiers battle with 1,200 Taleban at 'Camp Incoming'
  114. Eight coalition soldiers wounded, six Taliban killed in Afghanistan
  115. Special forces to strike at Taliban
  116. 40 Suspected Taliban Killed in U.S. Strike
  117. Taliban grabs hold in Pakistan
  118. Backing away from Afghanistan no option: UN
  119. Hunt for the Taliban trio intent on destruction
  120. Terrorists At It Again...
  121. The 'Other' War
  122. Ice-cool under terror attack
  123. UK troops take Taleban stronghold
  124. Coalition forces begin major offensive in Afghanistan
  125. Rocket hits Canadian base in Kandahar
  126. Taliban ambush Canadian troops on patrol in southern Afghanistan
  127. Commanders want to withdraw troops from Afghan outposts
  128. Afghanistan close to anarchy, warns general
  129. The Return of Afghanistan's Religious Police
  130. Slim majority wants Canada's Afghan troops brought home: poll
  131. Humiliation in Afghanistan
  132. DND denies rumour aging tanks bound for Afghanistan
  133. Is it Islamic Terrorism or merely Terrorism?
  134. O'Connor wants Canadian troops in Pakistan
  135. Pakistan Offers Osama Bin Laden A Deal
  136. Afghanistan: The way out is to get out
  137. Special US unit can enter Pakistan at will to hunt Osama
  138. Terrorist Network Disconnect
  139. Poland to Send 1,000 Troops to Afghanistan
  140. Canadian soldiers taking the brunt in Afghansitan when compared to other NATO nations
  141. German military requests armored fighting vehicles for Afghanistan
  142. US threatened to bomb Pakistan - Musharraf
  143. We'll obliterate you: US warned Pakistan
  144. Indian Troops for Afghanistan
  145. America paid us to hand over al-Qaeda suspects'
  146. Pakistan to Canada : Stop griping about troop deaths
  147. Afghan attacks up threefold since Pakistani truce with tribesmen, USA says
  148. Afghanistan: Why NATO cannot win
  149. Taliban adopted WWI-style tactics in fight against Nato: General
  150. Paras almost retreated under Taliban assault
  151. War in Afghanistan: Britain's Vietnam
  152. Hundreds of Taliban die in battle for their training school Renata
  153. Frist: Taliban should be in Afghan government
  154. British troops in secret truce with Taliban
  155. Insurgents ambush Cdn troops
  156. Nato's top brass accuse Pakistan over Taliban aid
  157. Britain says Pakistan is hiding Taliban chief
  158. Afghan troop restrictions draw fire from O'Connor
  159. Pakistan not supporting Taliban, says NATO commander
  160. Britain forced to use private helicopters in Afghanistan
  161. French special forces to quit Afghanistan
  162. Hastily trained Afghan teens to stand guard for Canadians
  163. Soldiers to be limited to one combat tour in Afghanistan: minister
  164. Afghan mission 'successful' but demanding on personnel: Hillier
  165. Canada says can't keep up Afghan tour without help
  166. Travelling with the Taleban
  167. USN Cuts a Deal in Afghanistan
  168. Afghanistan may get Norwegian tanks
  169. Canadians faces a new threat in Afghanistan...Weed Forests
  170. Pakistan gunships kill 80 at religious school
  171. NATO takes the fight to Pakistan
  172. Aurora aircraft may see spy duty in Afghanistan
  173. WoT : India's Stake in Iraq and Afghanistan
  174. Gavins to A-STAN????
  175. Suicide attack at Pak. Army camp, 35 killed
  176. Suicide Bomber Kills 42 Pakistani Soldiers
  177. French warplane bombs Taliban targets
  178. Afghanistan strikes back at Pakistan
  179. Senior al Qaeda leader captured in Afghanistan
  180. Pakistan Link Seen in Afghan Suicide Attacks (NYT)
  181. Canada's NATO allies let down Canadian troops: British MP
  182. Pakistani MP admits terrorist link
  183. Germang going to Southern Afghanistan?
  184. Canadian soldier severely injured
  185. T-LAVs to A-Stan
  186. 'The Ammo Was Rubbish'
  187. Nato 'to ease Afghan troop rules'
  188. 'Dozens die' in Afghan clashes
  189. Tragedy of Afganistan
  190. Afghan suicide attack kills six
  191. Cdn tanks fire in battle for 1st time in 50 years
  192. The Taliban's rules
  193. Report: Taliban regrouping in Pakistan
  194. Poll: Karzai may be losing support, but the Taliban aren’t gaining
  195. We’re living on Afghans’ support, not Pakistan’s: Taliban
  196. Taliban resurgence a result of British deal, not Pakistan's
  197. Afghanistan claims arrest of ISI liaison to AQ
  198. Gotten Over Kandahar/IC-814?
  199. Top Taliban Leader Killed by U.S. Airstrike
  200. Canada to send more high-tech guns to Afghanistan in new year Murray Brewster, Canadi
  201. Afghanistan: Galloping Backward
  202. Dutch aim to beat Taleban by inviting them round to tea
  203. 'Awful, evil mix' behind Afghan insurgency funding
  204. Afghan army still needs mentoring by Cdn troops
  205. Al Qaeda's leaders said in Pakistan - Negroponte
  206. Terrorist Leader in Pak: U.S. General
  207. Insurgents Killed in Afghan Fighting Reportedly Are Sent Back to Pakistan
  208. In Afghan Valley, a Peaceful War
  209. War in Waziristan: Pakistan Launches Air Strikes; 30 Killed
  210. NATO wants Indian troops to operate in Afghanistan
  211. Ending An Opium War
  212. Afghans Prevent Terrorist Attack on U.S. Base
  213. More U.S. Troops For Afghanistan?
  214. Taliban leader captured by NATO forces
  215. Intelligence agencies see worrying signs of al-Qaeda’s revival
  216. Infiltration to be checked effectively; Concrete steps on Afghan side urged: NSC
  217. Royal Marines launch dramatic rescue bid to save fallen soldier
  218. Afghanistan troop level at its limit: Gauthier
  219. Frontline troops are refused equipment to fight Taliban
  220. Pakistani Role Seen in Taliban Surge at Border
  221. Afghan general urges new effort
  222. U.S. Troops Kill Pakistani Border Guard
  223. NATO sending new brigade to Afghanistan
  224. Muslims against repair project of Holy Site.
  225. New German tanks for Canadian Army in Afghanistan
  226. US Forces in Afghanistan Attack Pakistani Border Regions
  227. Taliban getting ready for the Spring
  228. To root out Taliban, Pakistan to expel 2.4 million Afghans
  229. {Afghan Solution} Resolve India-Pakistan tensions
  230. 64 dead in Samjhauta Express : Terror Attack ?
  231. Afghan warlords in amnesty rally
  232. Afghan deployment to be outlined
  233. Bush to Warn Pakistan to Act on Terror
  234. Our failure in Afghanistan
  235. Taleban attack during Cheney trip
  236. Who Should '‘Do More’'
  237. Give Musharaff a deadline?
  238. Taleban attack during Cheney trip
  239. Top Taliban leader captured in Pakistan
  240. Pressed by U.S., Pakistan Seizes a Taliban Chief
  241. Progress Must Continue in Afghanistan, Commander Says
  242. Pakistan -- the nightmare scenario
  243. Top pakistani scientists in Taliban custody
  244. Its not what it seems over in A-stan
  245. F-15Es provide close-air support in Afghanistan
  246. Germany sends Six Tornados and 500 more Troops to A.
  247. Afghanistan's Revised Amnesty Bill
  248. Why is it that all terrorist plots -- seem to have roots in Islamabad?”
  249. One GREAT Canadian; three AWFUL Canadians
  250. 9/11 mastermind confesses at Gitmo