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  1. NATO told to do its fair share in A-stan
  2. US to send 3,500 more troops to A-stan
  3. The coming war with Islam
  4. Paris deploys Rafales in Afghanistan
  5. Italy Swapped 5 Jailed Taliban for a Hostage
  6. Report: Evidence falsified in Kabul case
  7. We Can't Win If We Don't Know The Enemy
  8. PAKISTAN: Surge of Afghans repatriating
  9. Just Announced On The Bbc Tv News
  10. Securing the Afghan-Pakistani border
  11. Dutch Soldiers Stress Restraint in Afghanistan
  12. Can this get anymore complicated?
  13. Nato troops killed in Afghanistan
  14. Requesting Info - Australian OEF force
  15. Ten Counterinsurgency Commandments from Afghanistan
  16. American F-16 get down by Stinger of a Talib
  17. Ten police dead in Afghan blast
  18. U.S. Says Iranian Arms Seized In Afghanistan
  19. Taleban Disguised as Police
  20. Taliban video of boy executioner causes anger
  21. Is US being manipulated in its WoT?
  22. Taliban behead paramilitary soldier in 35 minute video
  23. Canada at war
  24. Into the Valley of Death
  25. 'Bribes' free top Taleban leader
  26. A New Taliban?
  27. Axis of evil
  28. Militants overran observation post in attack that killed 9 US troops
  29. Geopolitical Weekly : Now for the Hard Part: From Iraq to Afghanistan
  30. US weighs stepped-up military forays into Pak
  31. US airstrikes in Pakistan
  32. Obama hurt Al-Qaeda's feelings?
  33. 13-year-old suicide bomber kills troops
  34. Book Recommendations
  35. Baitullah Mehsud
  36. Pakistan vs. Taliban thread
  37. Why Afghanistan is the wrong war
  38. Afghanistan news reel
  39. G.I. Captured in A-Stan
  40. US vs Talibans
  41. "Take, Hold and Build' in Afghanistan
  42. US agrees to maintain anti-terror troops in RP
  43. 2009 Afghan Opium Survey Summary Findings
  44. German Forces Ordered Air Strike on Fuel Tankers
  45. Al Targeted deaths curb al-Qaida's expansion
  46. McChrystal's Unclassified Mission Assessment
  47. Evaluate this sentence, and give me your views on it.
  48. US Surge in Afghanistan ?
  49. Any US troop Surge in Afghanistan?
  50. New tallybunny burner
  51. Al Qaeda Weakened?
  52. doors shutting
  53. Now what?
  54. Go to jail or join jihad against India: ISI tells surrendered Taliban
  55. Indian Embassy in Kabul Attacked
  56. Afghan Frontline Diary - Day One
  57. Afghanistan in Pictures
  58. Pakistan's Pashtuns, looking for statehood, may look to Taliban
  59. Does the world owe Afghanistan?
  60. Obama focusing on al-Qaida, not Taliban
  61. Armed militants hold hostages at Pakistani army HQ
  62. Camp Keating attack post action interviews
  63. One lucky guy
  64. How the Afghan Election Was Rigged
  65. Pakistan reels from fresh attack
  66. Al-Qaeda running out of funds?
  67. Obama's War
  68. Brown to send 500 more troops?
  69. The South Waziristan Migration
  70. US: No more troops until stable government
  71. Getting Up Close and Personal With the Taliban
  72. Pakistan Cuts Deal
  73. Dissolution of Afghanistan?
  74. Pakistan opens major offensive
  75. The Talibunny
  76. U.S. strategies in Afghanistan
  77. Can Pakistan Be Neutered?
  78. A Chat With ISAF's Director Of Intelligence
  79. Quetta, Balochistan
  80. "The War on Terror Does Not Exist"
  81. Army dog found 14 months after going MIA in Afghanistan
  82. Long article on Canadian Tankers in Afg.
  83. NPR report of action in Arghandab near Kandahar
  84. Pakistani Army ran Muslim extremist training camps, says anti-terrorist expert
  85. The Jihadi Code
  86. Thoughts On The War Between The USA And Pakistan
  87. British Army tells its soldiers to 'bribe' the Taleban
  88. Italy arrests 2 Pakistanis for Mumbai attacks
  89. Obama to make tough sell for his pending Afghan troop decision
  90. The Corruption Thread
  91. Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist
  92. War inquiry
  93. US soldiers: Afghan war more challenging than Iraq
  94. President Obama's Afghan Troops Surge (And Draw Down) Roadmap
  95. Albania sends 35 combat troops to Afghanistan.
  96. Gates has No Good Intelligence on bin Laden
  97. Nice shot, man.
  98. Al Qaeda Tapes
  99. The Drone Dilemma
  100. Pakistan police probe Americans in terror case
  101. Taliban sneak past Marines in southern Afghanistan
  102. Taliban Brutality
  103. Did 'Jihadi cool' lure 5 Americans to Pakistan?
  104. To Those in Combat Zones At Christmas
  105. Unusually objective report.
  106. Can U.S. Troops Run McCrystal's "Soft-Power" Playbook?
  107. Afghanistan In 2009: A Survey Of The Afghan People
  108. Has bin Laden finally won?
  109. How should America fight Terrorism??
  110. DoD's Colonial Office Off To Slow Start
  111. The Battle for Tora Bora
  112. The Intelligence War In Afghanistan
  113. Hakimullah Mehsud Dead?
  114. One Tribe at a Time
  115. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan official English website
  116. Sirajuddin Haqqani
  117. What Is The Legal Rationale For PREDATOR?
  118. 71% Afghans Favour India
  119. US Pakistan Relations
  120. US may supply Pakistan with 12 unarmed drones
  121. Challenges Of Reconstruction In Afghanistan-PRT Conference
  122. Iranian approach to the Afghan war
  123. 'Dogs of war' saving lives in Afghanistan
  124. ABC News/BBC/ARD Afghanistan Poll
  125. Al-Qaeda seeks WMD
  126. 3 US troops killed in Pakistan
  127. Taliban Reject "Deal" With West
  128. S-2's E-mails With Ms. Farhat Taj
  129. Battle for COP Keating
  130. Operation Moshtrarak has begun
  131. Battlespace online: Images from Iraq and Afghanistan
  132. Karzai's Monkey Business With Afghan Electoral Laws
  133. U.S. Marine Walks Away From Shot to Helmet in Afghanistan
  134. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Captured In Karachi
  135. Taliban sex tapes
  136. Taliban beheads two Sikhs in Pakistan
  137. More arrests of senior Afghan Taliban leaders: Reports
  138. Remarks By Amb. Anne Patterson Before the Pakistan Nat'l Defense University
  139. Afghanistan capital Kabul hit by suicide attack
  140. An Al Qaeda founder Mohmad Shaaban killed
  141. Taleban clash with Hezb-e Eslami, 60 dead
  142. Adam Gadahn (not) captured in Pakistan
  143. Most sickening picture I have seen in ages
  144. General Stanley McChrystal reins in special forces after raids kill civilians
  145. After the US leaves Astan
  146. Have we been had?
  147. Locals pelt, slash Afghan suicide bomber to death
  148. Kandahar
  149. Man Versus Afghanistan
  150. Taliban internal news and analysis
  151. Taliban kidnap gang chief released early
  152. civilians killed by mistake ?
  153. NATO-Led Troops Fire on Civilians
  154. US Military Base Lease In Kyrgyzstan Extended
  155. Al-Qaida Leaders Killed in Iraq
  156. Michael Yon's Afghan Embed Ends W/ C Co. 1-17 Inf
  157. German Troops in Afghanistan Wearing "I fight for Merkel" badges
  158. Afghan police claim to have arrested a Pak army officer among suicide bombers
  159. Gas attack on schoolgirls
  160. Hakimullah Mehsud is Alive
  161. We will never win
  162. Canadian Colonel killed in Afghanistan
  163. The predator strikes again. Al Qaeda number three in Stan vaped..
  164. Amrullah Saleh forced to resign..
  165. 2 Australians die in Afghanistan
  166. Taleban hang 7-year-old boy to punish family
  167. so whose side is Pakistan on?
  168. "Voice of Truth"
  169. Pakistani agents 'funding and training Afghan Taliban'
  170. The U.S. identifies nearly $1 trillion in rare untapped mineral deposits.
  171. U.S. Discovers Est. $1 Trillion of Minerals in Afghanistan
  172. Stanley McChrystal summoned.
  173. Can Pakistan Broker an End to War in Afghanistan?
  174. Gitmo detainees were exploited for intelligence
  175. Gates Nominates Mattis To CENTCOM
  176. LAPD teaches USMC how to train Afghan police
  177. Taliban Training Monkey Soldiers for Jihad?
  178. Afghan soldier's motive for killing Brits unclear
  179. Afghan govt wants donors to support its priorities
  180. Pakistan Navy frogmen trained Kasab, other terrorists: Headley
  181. Afghan deserters from US base found living comfortably in Canada
  182. Hillary Clinton Drags Taliban Leader's Body Through Streets Of Kabul
  183. General Conway warns on Afghan deadline............
  184. Mullah Omar is in Pakistan: France
  185. US Official Confirms CIA's 3,000 Man Army in Afghanistan
  186. Pakistan warns against more NATO raids
  187. The War
  188. Does that U.S. “retribution plan” for Pakistan still stand?
  189. Britons training in Pakistan for UK terror attacks
  190. 2010 UNODC Afghan Opium Survey
  191. Caught again!
  192. Pakistan Border Closing Strains Ties As NATO Tankers Burn
  193. Karachi attack death toll rises
  194. Hamid Karzai admits office receives 'bags of money' from Iran
  195. The Last Patrol
  196. Afghan President Karzai criticises US-Russia drugs raid
  197. Who benefits from the war in Afghanistan?
  198. Nouri Maliki reappointed as Iraqi prime minister
  199. Karzai wants U.S. to reduce military operations in Afghanistan
  200. Anti alQaida/Taliban operation in Pakistan
  201. Taliban may get control of some Afghan provinces in future'
  202. Canada is staying in Afghanistan.
  203. Interview with a Suicide Bomber
  204. Petraeus not surprised about Taliban impersonator
  205. October 2010 - Afghanistan
  206. "Secret" Puntland Militia
  207. Interesting Op-ed on drone strikes
  208. Ahmed Wali Karzai builds private army to protect his clan in post-NATO vacuum
  209. ABC/BBC/ARD/WAPO Annual Afghan Poll
  210. Weapons Migrate From China to Afghanistan
  211. The Battle Of Wanat
  212. Is the US giving up the northeast?
  213. Afghan Taliban 'end' opposition to educating girls
  214. Attacks down almost 20 percent in Pakistan
  215. Canadian jihadists training in North Waziristan: report
  216. 50,000 NATO containers stolen in Pakistan
  217. Pakistan Army invited American Army into Pakistan
  218. Is this "War on Terror"?
  219. Hamid karzai and Taliban in secret talks - What will be the outcome?
  220. Admiral Fallon on Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
  221. German Parliament votes to continue mission in Afghanistan for another year.
  222. Germany sends to additional PzH 2000 to Afghanistan
  223. Raymond Davis
  224. Al-Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Taiba - An Unlikely Alliance?
  225. U.S. Pulling Back in Afghan Valley It Called Vital to War
  226. Afghan Official Says Women’s Shelters Are Corrupt
  227. Nine boys gunned down by NATO helicopters
  228. Petraeus Sees Military Progress in Afghanistan
  229. Dead Men Risen: The snipers' story
  230. US Soldiers Murder and Mutilate Innocent Afghans and Pose for Pictures
  231. II MEF takes over RC(SW)
  232. Afghan Mob Kills 10 UN Workers
  233. Afghan president: 2 dead in attack are Americans
  234. Protesting Morons/Mullahs burned more Korans then Jones...
  235. Interesting video of Afghanistan
  236. Taliban Help Hundreds Tunnel Out of Prison’s Political Wing
  237. Pakistan Rapproachment With Afghanistan Steers GoA Away From America
  238. Afghanistan 'had Abbottabad lead four years ago'
  239. US drone attack kills 15 in Pakistan tribal area
  240. Fighting For Bin Laden
  241. Anybody see the Frontline Episode "Kill/Capture" last night?
  242. NATO helicopter attacks Pakistani army post
  243. China Will Not Replace U.S. Aid
  244. PAF in action against Kabul
  245. Help, please. Looking for a thread explaining why the OBL raid was lawful ....
  246. Afghan intel agency: Taliban chief has disappeared
  247. Attack on RC(N) / Afghan meeting
  248. US Army Forces Command, contract with Rosoboronexport for 21 Mi-17V5 helicopters
  249. Murdered Pakistani Journalist Had Claimed ISI Threat
  250. Queen decorates Nepali for Afghanistan heroics