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  1. Zimbabwe- the military options
  2. India and the new scramble for Africa
  3. “There’s no peace for us to keep” - General Martin Luther Agwai
  4. Helicopter gunships, soldiers attack rebels in Congo
  5. Civil war in Congo still going on
  6. Murder, muddle and panic
  7. U.S. Training in Africa Aims to Deter Extremists
  8. U.S. Officials Confirm Israel Air Force Bombed Sudan Convoy
  9. French naval forces fool Somali pirates
  10. In Somalia war, children wage jihad
  11. African/Rhodesian Forces Anti Terrorist Operations Counter Insurgency book
  12. Sending the boys home
  13. Nigeria in 2011
  14. Ivory Coast: Gbagbo 'expels UK and Canada envoys'
  15. Pakistan agrees to send troops to Liberia!
  16. Pirates seized record 1,181 hostages in 2010 - report
  17. Ivory Coast News Backtracking Thoughts
  18. 4 Americans killed by Somali pirates..........
  19. Shelling kills up to 30 in Ivory Coast marketplace
  20. Welcome to the new Sub-Saharan Africa Forum
  21. Bomb blast at the UN in Nigeria.
  22. Obama sends 100 U.S. military advisors to Uganda
  23. AU troops allegedly massacred
  24. Kenyan military vows to take Shabaab stronghold of Kismayo
  25. U.S. Spec Ops In The Horn Of Africa
  26. Navy SEALs Free 2 Aid Workers From Somali Pirates
  27. Chinese workers held by Sudan rebels
  28. Australian Spec Ops Forces Operating in Africa: Report
  29. ‘Kony 2012′ filmmaker arrested in San Diego
  30. Civil War in South Africa?
  31. Mali
  32. China commits combat troops to Mali
  33. Gunmen Kill Dozens in Terror Attack at Kenyan Mall
  34. At least 50 killed in terror attack at Nigeria college
  35. Mandela
  36. South Sudan: 3 Indian peacekeepers killed in attack on UN compound
  37. South Sudan evacuation aircraft fired on, US troops hurt
  38. US to Help Rescue Kidnapped Nigerian Girls
  39. Sudanese Woman to be Freed
  40. US troops arriving in Liberia to help contain Ebola
  41. Malaria: '700 million cases' stopped in Africa
  42. Kenyan Muslims shield Christians in Mandera bus attack
  43. Oh, my God...
  44. Africa’s retreat from International Criminal Court is about impunity, not dignity
  45. Operation Barkhane developments