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  1. Tom Clancy
  2. Favorite Quotes
  3. Amatuer Horror Story (Graphic descriptions)
  4. The Drums of War Were Beating
  5. A Poem about France
  6. can you recommend music for...?
  7. A little literary and film survey
  8. A book everyone on the WAB should read
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  10. Band of Brothers
  11. Tolkiens son to continue dad's work...
  12. John Le Carre's Kalra, the spymaster DEAD
  13. What books did you read this year?
  14. What's everyone reading?
  15. J.R.R. Tolkien tale, completed by son
  16. Writing some military SF, looking for help
  17. Alan Greenspan's book: The Age of Turbulence
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  20. Suggestions for books on indian diplomacy
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  23. What happened to Tom Clancy?
  24. What's your favourite poem?
  25. "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"
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  28. What was your book of the year?
  29. Stephen Ambrose faked Ike interviews?!
  30. Thinking of writing a novel on the Eastern Front (WW2) - recommended reading?
  31. Anyone use Kindle (or another e-reader)?
  32. Haiku thread
  33. One book, one person-- an interesting what if
  34. Here be spoilers...
  35. Term Paper on The Scarlet Letter
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  37. Eclipse of Reason (Horkheimer)
  38. E.B. Potter?
  39. Keynes/Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics
  40. Will Post Office cutbacks kill the weekly magazines?
  41. Does anyone here read books from the Warhammer 40000 Universe?
  42. On China, by Mr Henry Kissinger.
  43. Turn of the Screw
  44. 54 today! Thank for everything for Mr Waterson!
  45. Terry Prachett has died
  46. Carnage in Culture
  47. Science Fiction with Chinese Characteristics