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  1. F-22 Op-Ed in the Washington Times
  2. Malaysia Getting Rid of Russian MiG-29N
  3. Japanese bomber armament
  4. US buys 2 Su-27s from Ukraine
  5. Russians shot their own plane during conflict with Georgia
  6. F-22 Has Major Shortcomings
  7. Is there any role for Flak or traditional bullet-based defensive for AA?
  8. Future war with future weapons...
  9. 2010 Air Force Structure
  10. Aircraft paint jobs
  11. PLAAF's Transport Fleet
  12. Great Spit clip
  13. An F-15E Strike Eagle went down, both crew killed
  14. IRBIS-E Radar claim
  15. video of 2001 april 1st Hainan Island Incident.
  16. Systems Retrievable From Downed Aircraft in N. Vietnam?
  17. Belle,Pilots,Red star,PLA
  18. Roc-af
  19. Boom Operator! FUNNY
  20. Looking for images of LPH ship's aircraft
  21. Pssst. Wanna buy a Mig-31? For $5?
  22. I want to become a fighter pilot
  23. Tucano (and other turbo-props) for Afghanistan
  24. Mi-28 early prototype
  25. Pilot dies as Russia jets collide
  26. Russian AESA for fifth generation
  27. Air Extraction
  28. "Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore"
  29. US now trains more drone operators than pilots
  30. l.p turbine blades tips wear
  31. Su-27 down
  32. Iraq finds parts of it's Airforce.
  33. E-3 Sentry crash at Nellis AFB
  34. You can anything at the Worlds Largest Yard Sale
  35. Brazil moving towards Rafale?
  36. BF109 Cockpit
  37. One drawback with UAVs
  38. U.S. eyes $7.8 billion missile sale to Turkey
  39. Happy 62nd Birthday, Yankee Zoomies!
  40. Op Market garden
  41. Turkey to purchase 14 Boeing CH-47F Chinook transport helicopters
  42. China's Egyptian AF Mig-23
  43. What is the best Attack Helicopter in the world?
  44. Argie fury at ace jets on islands
  45. Are we sure the JSF cannot supercruise?
  46. Pilot's Aircraft Found After MIA Since 1955
  47. Massive Ordnance Penetrator?
  48. Gunther Rall
  49. Israel out of NATO event because of Gaza, Turkish official says
  50. Turkey to possibly buy 20 more F-35 fighters
  51. Medics, God bless them
  52. North American F-86s Arrive In Germany
  53. Chopper crash
  54. RAF Nimrod air crash investigation delivers devastating verdict
  55. Demo for the F-35 infrared detection system
  56. Coast Guard C130 & Marine AH-1 Sea Cobra Collide off California
  57. F-22 and it's critics debunked
  58. Is the USAF too fighter heavy?
  59. PLAAF's Q-5 Fleet.
  60. A future of drone warefare?
  61. F-86D Sabre Question
  62. The world's first jet pilot
  63. India to buy 10 C-17's
  64. PM hands over Pak-made JF-17 aircraft to PAF
  65. Australian Defence Chiefs Support $16Bn Joint Strike Fighter Purchase
  66. A400M nears first flight
  67. How does the aircraft export ban work?
  68. IAF - India Air Force
  69. Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin
  70. Royal Malaysian Air Force
  71. How capable are multi-role fighters in AA and AG compared to AS fighters?
  72. Boeing gonna win KC-X by default?...
  73. White House aides insisted F-22 be removed from Obama speech venue
  74. Micro satellites
  75. MIG-21 BISON Upgradation
  76. Should the Canadian Forces be acquiring the F-35A or F-35C
  77. U.S. Air Force Reveals Operational Stealth UAV
  78. Modern Air Power and the 1916 Arab Revolt
  79. China's ALCM
  80. USAF C-5Ms achieve OT&E milestone
  81. A-400 first flight
  82. Turkey Orders 30 F-16C Block 50s etc. for $2.9B
  83. US Air Force reveals Hypersonic missile tests
  84. UK to buy Boeing C-17 military plane-minister
  85. EC171/Z15 Performes its maiden flight.
  86. Ngb
  87. advanced or not? question about RF-16
  88. Myanmar to buy 20 Russian MiG-29 fighters for $570 mln
  89. United Kingdom Announces Approval of Third F-35B Joint Strike Fighter Purchase
  90. Sukhoi PAK FA News
  91. Russia must develop weapons to pierce US missile shields: Putin
  92. Hawker-Beechcraft L3
  93. Egypt Signs Deal To Buy 24 F-16s From Lockheed
  94. Can AESA be jammed?
  95. Boeing, UAE Announce Order for 6 C-17s
  96. SAM / Fighter Network-Centric Warfare?
  97. China GMD test on Jan. 10th
  98. Morocco sign up for F-16
  99. question regarding the Meteor missile
  100. "Puffin" V-TOL Personal Aircraft
  101. Acquisition reform: what has actually been done?
  102. US offers F 35 Joint Strike Fighter to India
  103. Is there a need for internal guns on air superiority fighters anymore?
  104. The PLAAF
  105. 2 Eurofighters defeat 8 F-15Cs in DACT?
  106. F15I/F16I vs F-15E/F-16 Block 50/52+
  107. chinese aircraft
  108. Stealing The Superfortress - The Tu-4
  109. Russian 5th Generation Fighters
  110. Russia's first stealth fighter makes maiden flight
  111. Dog Fight
  112. USA Ground-Based Interceptor blasted off,failure to intercept
  113. Gates fires general, withholds funds over F-35 problems
  114. PLAAF's "Blue Army Aggressor Squadrons."
  115. Argentine Air Force capability?
  116. A true Story of Band of brothers in Arms in the Vietnam War
  117. 2010 Singapore Air Show.
  118. PLAAAF 3rd Fighter Division.
  119. ABL Successfully Destroys a Ballistic Missile
  120. F-15K - Republic of Korea
  121. SU-30MKV vs EF Typhoon...
  122. Successor to F-22 by 2025
  123. Comparison between J-10, F-16, and Mirage 2000-5 by the Chinese Media
  124. Pretty Cool Bomber....
  125. Egypt mulls JF-17 co-production and signs for more F-16s
  126. Great Story from the Stan
  127. AWACS Questions
  128. Northrop Drops Out Of Tanker Competition
  129. F-22's upgrades
  130. Lun' (pronounced like loong)
  131. PATRIOT Pac3 VS S-400 Triumf
  132. Boeing: too big to (be allowed) to fail?
  133. South Korea's Utility Helo Makes Maiden Flight
  134. Pictures from the Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center
  135. China could take out the entire ROC AF on day 1 of air war?
  136. World's Best Short Range AIR - AIR Missile
  137. What does PAK FA T 50 mean for India?
  138. Russians will bid against Boeing for Air Force contract
  139. Pilots wear diapers on bombing missions
  140. Rebirth Of The U-2
  141. CHINA: F-35 Has Become A Clumsy White Elephant
  142. Four MMRCA Contenders Fail Leh Trials!
  143. LCH made its first test flight today
  144. Final CF-18 HugBugs delivered
  145. First Aussie Super Hornets delivered
  146. Canadian Super Hornet.
  147. Martial Arts and Dogfighting?
  148. Massive Ordnance Penetrator
  149. Another crewmember passes into history
  150. UK/royal Navy/JSF/Rafale
  151. Is Chinese Anti Satellite Program A Global Threat
  152. RADAR Question?
  153. ANG F-15s get AESA
  154. Gripen counteroffers the Romanian F-16 deal
  155. Indian Mirage upgrade...????
  156. IAF SU30 MKI vs PAF F-16 BLOCK 52
  157. SAAB to give up on 5th gen planes?
  158. US Navy tests bio-fueled fighter jet on Earth Day.
  159. cruise missile in a box (shipping container)
  160. New Chinese fighter jet expected by 2018: U.S. intelligence
  161. Scramjet sets hypersonic flight record X-51A
  162. F-22 for sale...maybe?
  163. Putin says new Russian plane better
  164. Antonov submits KC-X bid. Everyone else looks to see if its April 1st again
  165. South Korea, Indonesia Agreed To Develop Fighter Jets
  166. Tai anka
  167. Langley seeks third squadron of Raptors
  168. Brazil To Buy 28 Embraer KC-390s
  169. Naval version of India's LCA rolls out
  170. Anyone seen this? The supposed J-15?
  171. Cute story about a couple of pilots
  172. Experimental B-24 with a B-17 nose
  173. F-22s now require less maintenance than F-15s?
  174. Israel to finalize JSF purchase plans
  175. Boeing Claims Secret Strike Weapon Effort
  176. Iraqi airforce
  177. Georgia supplied Tehran with German UAV engines.
  178. 21st Century CONOPS based on 5th Gen Fighters
  179. Does the A400M fill a role between the C-130 and C-17?
  180. F-22 shitting rainbow
  181. The mighty S-300
  182. can plaaf and paf take out the iaf
  183. Sea Fury
  184. New Z-9 (z-19??) variant crashed during maiden flight.
  185. 1st F-15E AESA set delivered
  186. Japan To Decide This Year On Global Hawk Order
  187. Russia to overhaul Bulava production if tests fail again - Serdyukov
  188. F/A-18 Super Hornet
  189. New Optimistic F-35 Cost Estimates
  190. Fighter performance; actual plane analysis
  191. S-2 Tracker revival?
  192. live assistance requested & required for quick research question
  193. Engines for JSF
  194. SR-71 with modern materials
  195. Electronic Warfare Gets Even Nastier - In comes NKCE
  196. US Prods Industry for F-22 Successor Ideas
  197. Independent Air Forces - Were they ever a good idea?
  198. Farnborough FLIR videos
  199. US Offers Israel 2 Squadron of F-35s- For Free
  200. It’s Okay to Talk Raptor Again
  201. F-22 missing out of Elmendorf
  202. Air Force IDs pilot missing after F22 Crash
  203. Bio Warfare conducted by US Navy aircraft in Vietnam war
  204. F-35 Bashing, from non-APA side
  205. Dumb Bombing in the 21st Century
  206. Suggestions for Laser weapons
  207. Turkish Armed Forces to purchase 120 (+180), S-70 BLACK HAWK or AgustaWestland AW149
  208. RAF Dropping to 6 Fighter Squadrons
  209. Turkey may develop fighter aircraft with S Korea, Indonesia
  210. Turkey decides to build first war plane
  211. The F-22: Raptor or Albatross?
  212. EUROSAM offers technology transfer to Turkey for Aster 30 SAMP/T
  213. Gen. Hasan Aksay: Turkey to become a space power by 2020
  214. Turkey to retrofit it's F-16 with indegenous ASELSAN Mission Computers
  215. Chinese 5th Gen Fighter Photo - Aviation Week
  216. Washington selects for the Mi-17 Afghanistan
  217. Paraguay interested in purchasing lot of Russian jets attack a 4th generation Yak-130
  218. Brazil receives the first EC-725
  219. Viability and (legality!) of flying aircraft as a merc...
  220. 30mm chain gun or 2 .50 cal Gatlings...
  221. Ask An Expert- Aviation
  222. The Russian Air Force
  223. ANKA-B and ANKA-C UCAV's
  224. IAF’s missing secret file found on roadside, probe ordered
  225. TAI to deliver first new long range F-16 in March
  226. Old school jet retooled to fight J-20 and other Stealth planes
  227. Turkey aims to design and build its own Airliner by 2023
  228. More Hope For The F-22?
  229. Turkey fines US company over chopper delay
  230. Private aircraft needed to help transport wounded vets
  231. Turkey mulls withdrawing from JSF- Gulf countries to finance indegenous alternative
  232. TAI unveils new unmanned combat (armed) helicopter: TAI MOSQUITO
  233. Turkey launches one of Europes largest Aerospace R&D Centres housing 30,000 personnel
  234. Pictures of China's new WZ10 attack helicopter
  235. Dogfight Over Wisconsin
  236. Original Bell Model 209 (AH-1G Cobra prototype) with retractable skids?
  237. China set to bid on major US aerospace programmes
  238. Fake J-10 AA footage?!?
  239. Privately owned MiG-29 finally flys!
  240. COIN aircraft
  241. Pictures of China's new Armed Helicopter WZ-19 release
  242. ASELPOD to become operational mid-2011
  243. Air Force Comparisons
  244. Pak-fa lerx?
  245. Holy.... cow? Stunning Micro Air Vehicles!
  246. Five countries quoted their fighters price to Serbia airforce
  247. Stealth Drone tests
  248. S67 BlackHawk Gunship
  249. History pictures .: BLU-82 « Daisy Cutter »dropped by Helicopters in the Vietnam war
  250. Did Pakistan buy their last batch of F-16 ?