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  1. Stupid Question on Low Flying Chinooks and Flares
  2. Now its Braizil's turn MRCA
  3. 5th generation fighter aircraft will fly in march next: Adviser
  4. Fighter aircraft in competition
  5. RAAF Super Hornet
  6. The Best Cruise-Missile
  7. F-22 Raptor; The new YF-12 ?
  8. Nishant UAV a step closer to Army induction
  9. Sukhoi SU 47 Burkut
  10. Robot Wingmen
  11. Burt Rutans ARES
  12. Does China have the capability to build a stealth fighter that can match F22 in 2020?
  13. Did UK have a program of the Fifth generation aircraft?
  14. indigenous displays for su-30mki
  15. Eurofighter cleared for multi-role operations
  16. CAS options?
  17. US reopens $35bn air tanker deal
  18. Indian AF Su-30 MKI will attend 2008 Red Flag exercise
  19. Thunderball the Movie
  20. NNIIRT 1L119 Nebo SVU Vs US stealth fighters
  21. su-35 for india
  22. *Comfort Capsules* for USAF Brass
  23. Terrorism Funds May Let Brass Fly in Style
  24. U.S. B-52 bomber crashes off Guam, 6 crew missing
  25. Air Training Standards
  26. Sleeping with nukes
  27. SEAD/DEAD Aircraft
  28. Canada's Next Tactical Fighter
  29. AC-XX Gunship Lite Prototype: A C-27J “Baby Spooky”
  30. my first thread--our fighter
  31. mediocre airshow done by Eurofighter
  32. Su-30MKIs at Red Flag
  33. CWO4 Richard "Pappy" Cowan
  34. Pour le Mérite'
  35. Amraam 120-d
  36. first MI-17V for Indonesia Army Aviation corps
  37. Air to air combat future?
  38. fighter-bomber(FBC-1A flying leopard)in Xinjiang China
  39. India may test futuristic jets by 2015
  40. Can the F-16 really supercruise ?
  41. Indian Air Force to start conducting MMRCA field trials from later on in the year new
  42. Russia to Supply 80 Mi-17 Hip-H Helicopters to Indian Air Force
  43. Aero-India 2009
  44. Visual Stealth - A Step Closer
  45. There is nothing super about this Hornet
  46. airpower balance in indian north east
  47. Vulcan XH558
  48. Turkish Firefighting Aircraft dodge Russian Radar to extinguish bush fire in Georgia
  49. ASELSAN develops Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Satellite transponder.
  50. F-111 Aardvark
  51. Rafale doing a cobra !!
  52. Turkey authorises the purchase of S-300 missiles for testing and training purposes
  53. Project J and Turkeys growing Balistic Missile inventory
  54. Tu-160 Able to Catch Up a Ballistic Missile
  55. Tactical Reconnaissance Jets
  56. What's the better ASW aircraft?
  57. Faster Choppers???
  58. HAL to Conduct Test Flight of Light Combat Helicopter by Year End
  59. Su-35 Supercruise
  60. Best BVR missile? -Locked
  61. Fighter Cockpit Questions
  62. What is the use of nuclear bombers?
  63. JSF takes heavy flak...
  64. New generation Harrier
  65. Russian bombers land in Venezuela
  66. F-16 vs MiG-29 Support Costs
  67. Air to Ground and ABM Airborne Lasers Tested For First Time Aboard Aircraft
  68. KC-X Cancelled
  69. Pak to get 100 fighter jets from China, US
  70. Does the US actually need the Lockheed AC-130?
  71. US should move the war to Pakistan
  72. Where is the Indian spy satellite
  73. USAF Air Superiority Fleet
  74. F-35 Detractors - You're Wrong
  75. Russian technicians to aid China's first spacewalk
  76. UH-1Y vs MH-60S
  77. UK considers JSF pullout
  78. More JSF controversy !!!
  79. The most dangerous man in the Air Force..
  80. The older we get, the better we were...
  81. War game argues that USAF fleet could be outmatched by Chinese
  82. Can China truely Detect the Raptor?
  83. RA-5C Vigilante linear bomb bay
  84. Chinese Secret "Tianchi" UAV was testing
  85. Supersonic Ejection Racks
  86. Italy pulls out of JSF's IOT&E
  87. US Airpower at risk of self-destruction ?
  88. Flying characteristics of WW2 fighters
  89. USN + MC inspecting Hornet fleet
  90. J-10 and its questionable claims
  91. Random thoughts...
  92. 2008 airshow China--close to PLA
  93. What is the unit cost of F/A-18E/F?
  94. Innovative mysterious weapon system was taken down from the Exhibition
  95. Problems when you 'Navalise' a fighter
  96. full TOT for rafale to India
  97. Red Flag MKI briefing
  98. Foreign partner likely for ‘eye in the sky’ programme
  99. RAF Aids blind pilot
  100. Target Recognition
  101. Anybody know which jet this is?
  102. TAI/AGUSTA WESTLAND T129 (what is comparable to this one?)
  103. Tribute to the SR-71
  104. Oman wants Eurofighter
  105. After hiccups, indigenous Light Combat Helicopter set to fly in March
  106. Radar Cross Section Reduction
  107. is this accurate? Su beat F-22/35?
  108. F-35 {one last topic}
  109. Israelis stunned by F-35 price
  110. Generation question..
  111. Request Aircraft Abilities
  112. History channel claiming Su-47 beats F-22?
  113. 12 MiG-29 fighter jets to Sudan
  114. F-22 Service pack 1
  115. F-15sg
  116. RAF Airborne Stand-Off Radar (ASTOR)
  117. Brazil Approves Sale of 100 Missiles [MAR-1]to Pakistan
  118. Japan Air Self-Defense Force
  119. Il-78 Tankers Arrive in Pakistan
  120. F/A-18 crashes into heavily populated area in San Diego
  121. Fate of F-117s
  122. Suspect titanium in F-15, F-22 and C-17 aircraft and for spacecraft.
  123. First naval ucav
  124. Russia/Georgia TU-22 shot down.
  125. Should this succeed
  126. More AF pilots want to fly UAV
  127. Funniest Fighters Aircraft Marshalling - Dancing!
  128. Fifth Generation Airplane Will Begin Flights in August
  129. Why did Pakistan pick JF-17?
  130. Did the CSIRS F-19 ever exist?
  131. Emergency Landing in Baseball ground
  132. Fifth Generation Air Combat
  133. Japan likely to drop plan to buy F-22 fighters
  134. The World's Deadliest Conventional Weapons- Fox News
  135. Military Aviation / Air Warfare titles
  136. Fate of the F-22 in Obama’s Hands
  137. How the US pilots beat their own fighter planes while flying Russian jets?
  138. F-15, F-16, F-18's future?
  139. F-35B/C has no internal guns?
  140. Idea for Stealth.
  141. Missiles or Rockets? (Israel-Gaza conflict, British vs. American English)
  142. Need of Bombers in current age
  143. VI th generation fighter aircraft
  144. National Missile Defense
  145. Russian engineer guzzles away secret Su-34 part
  146. DPRK Airforce
  147. S. Korea Seeks To Buy Older Apaches
  148. The "return" of the Russian jet
  149. What happened at Red Flag 2008 regarding the Indian Sukhoi 30?
  150. Rocket missed B737 in air
  151. ROK Airforce
  152. 2 Spanish Airforce Mirage F-1s crash
  153. MBDA Meteor BVRAAM
  154. Can Iranian fighters operate at night?
  155. Quick question about Su-27 and Su-30MKI
  156. Tejas LCA crosses impressive milestone – logs 1,002 flights news
  157. A Few Quick Questions Regarding TWR and Engines...
  158. Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour
  159. J-10 thread
  160. Iran’s “Omid” satellite placed in orbit successfully!!
  161. F-22 going to Paris
  162. A B-52's nuclear payload
  163. EA-18G Growler
  164. One-third Russian fighter jets old and unsafe
  165. Futuristic Jet artistic impression
  166. Aero India 09
  167. AESA v/s PESA
  168. Typhoon...Your opinions, please.
  169. Russia Admits China Illegally Copied Its Fighter
  170. New fleet of Marine One helos?
  171. Golden Sentry
  172. RAF right or wrong
  173. The Old Guys Can Still Do It
  174. How Accurate were Soviet Missiles?
  175. APS for Jets?
  176. F-15C aesa
  177. Another anti-F-35 Claim
  178. Typhoon for sale
  179. F-22 vs EA-18G
  180. Sphincter tightner
  181. Report: Pennsylvania Company Discovers Marine One Security Breach
  182. B-17/B-24/Lancaster Handling Comparison
  183. Unflyable Chinooks
  184. Another set back for Indigenous INDIA
  185. Brazil F-X2 Programme
  186. USAF YF-110 fighter
  187. Philosophy of aircraft procurement.
  188. America to build USD 400-million spy blimp: Report
  189. Boeing 747SP Flyby
  190. India to buy the P8
  191. F-15se
  192. Taking Iran's Nuke sites out.
  193. India canceled Tender for 22 Attack Helicopter
  194. UPA govt signs Rs10,000 cr Israel missile deal on the sly
  195. F-22 crash in California
  196. Chinese report J-10 shot down F-22, atleast once.
  197. Ivchenko-Progress to start supplying engines for L-15 aircraft to China in March
  198. Chinese UFO sighting increases, turned out to be J-13 fighter
  199. North Korea Cancels Test Launch.
  200. North Korea MiG-23
  201. PLAAF's SU-27 Fleet
  202. TNI-AU Su-30Mk2 air to air refueling
  203. Say bye to F-22
  204. cool
  205. F-22 successor question
  206. Feedback?
  207. F-22s to battle Somali Pirates???
  208. Another Anti- F-22 blog?
  209. PLAAF 30th Independent (ECM) Regiment
  210. Classified UAV operating in the 'Stans
  211. Japanese independent F-2 fighter
  212. India rejects Dassault bid for MRCA
  213. Preadator C "Avenger" Rolled Out- Creates DOD Controversy
  214. Spitfire , sold .
  215. Chinese hackers nick Joint Strike Fighter plans
  216. 'Up, up and Out'
  217. T-38 guns F-22?
  218. JF-17's Chinese Official Stance
  219. Su-30 MKI crashes, one pilot dead
  220. India set to build Medium Combat Aircraft
  221. Your second kind of cool aircraft?
  222. US Military Contractor Buys SU 27s
  223. Alenia Aeronautica: Turkey expresses interest in 40/80 Eurofighter Typhoon
  224. Vietnam People's Air Force
  225. Pakistan Air Defense
  226. RAF ending 19-year Iraq mission
  227. The Next Generation Strategic Bomber...
  228. A question about the Messerschmitt Me-262 and Adolf Galland comments
  229. Indonesian C-130 crashes in East Java killing at least 98
  230. Mi-28 Havoc. How is it used?
  231. Pakistan Air Force precision strikes in Swat
  232. Spies r us
  233. Airbus MRTT Tanker Tipped to Favorites for Indian Air Force USD 1 Billion Deal
  234. Fed up of delays, India shops for non-Russian platforms
  235. F/A 18E-F In US Navy Service To Be Retrofitted With AESA
  236. New Helicopter for the UK
  237. Pakistan Air Power -- General Discussion.
  238. F-35's counter to Dogfights
  239. p51 variant
  240. Who does your art work?
  241. CSSU - Idea
  242. IAF to get C-17's ?
  243. Land a 707 in the desert
  244. Turkey to buy Russian Mi-28 Night Attack Chopper
  245. Taiwan's AIDC invited to participate in Chinese aircraft programme
  246. JH-7A “Growler”
  247. EADS Advanced UAS finally gets a name....Talarion
  248. House Panel Votes to Keep the F-22 Jet Fighter Alive
  249. Dauntless recovery
  250. Omni-role fighter