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  1. An exercise on fleet selection: Aliens hire earthling ships
  2. modern definitions? - Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate, Corvette
  3. USS Constitution
  4. USS Hornet blog
  5. USS California SSN 781 commissioned
  6. Some design opinions, help and suggestions!
  7. Destroyer Escort Historical Museum, USS Slater (DE-766)
  8. Mysterious lines on the Tibetan plateau
  9. Books by E B Potter.
  10. Warship Costs
  11. Soviet subs cruised Canadian Arctic
  12. HMS Westminster deployed to Libya with 4 missiles
  13. 70 Years ago today!
  14. China tells navy to prepare for combat
  15. Shutting Down the Strait of Hormuz: A Red Team Exercise on Iran's Naval Capabilities
  16. This week on Discovery Channel's "Sons of guns"!
  17. Somali piracy leading PLA(N) to develop capability beyond regional power?
  18. Russia battles fire on nuclear submarine
  19. Russia Hands Over Nuke Sub Nerpa to India: Report
  20. USS SCORPION a Skipjack Class SSN design flaws
  21. The South Korea Navy
  22. Titanic Discovery Question
  23. Navy Ships To Be Decommissioned.
  24. $3B WWII Shipwreck Located in Boston Harbor's Back Yard by Sub Sea Research
  25. Queen Elizabeth Class Flight Deck
  26. Port Royal paint
  28. USN Carriers to be Scrapped
  29. Modern CIWS vs WWII Kamakazi
  30. Navy Test Fires First Working Prototype Railgun.
  31. Final deployment for Enterprise (CVN-65)
  32. Final Deployment for USS Enterprise
  33. Swcc
  34. US Navy Historical Fleet
  35. NRL Tests Robotic Fueling of Unmanned Surface Vessels
  36. USS San Diego LPD-22
  37. China, warship exporter.
  38. Naval Research Laboratory - Shoulder-to-shoulder firefighting operations
  39. Admiral Gorshkov's sea trial in May
  40. US floats nuclear subs option for Australia
  41. USS Independence LCS-2
  42. Sea Shadow for Sale on GSA Auction website
  43. Navy Names Five New Submarines
  44. Fleet Week Fort Lauderdale April 25-30, 2012
  45. Need some help IDing fleet/situation
  46. Civil War shipwreck CSS Georgia creates hurdle for government's $653M plan
  47. Chinese Admiral says Zumwalt class is worthless
  48. DDG-1000 News
  49. Japanese warship in Panama Canal May 9, 2012
  50. DDG-116 Named for Korean War MOH Recipient
  51. UK QE Class Carriers; back to STOVL
  52. CVN-78 Gerald W Ford
  53. Meko A200 - CODAG WARPA Propulsion (look Ma no funnels!)
  54. USS Essex v USNS Yukon
  55. Fire onboard USS Miami (SSN-755) at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, Maine
  56. Michelle Obama sponsors Navy’s first submarine with all-female crew
  57. Oh Great Naval Engineers, please answer this!
  58. Battle of Midway 70 years later....
  59. Taiwanese Animators vs. USN Budget
  60. USN's new 78-foot MK VI PB - Coastal Riverine Force, Expeditionary Combat Command
  61. A Liberty Ship with fangs
  62. USS America (LHA-6) News
  63. Naval Technology
  64. Marinha do Brasil
  65. Submarine Launched - Conventional Prompt Global Strike
  66. Microsoft founder to recover bell from HMS Hood
  67. Naval mysteries
  68. USS Porter collision at sea..
  69. Russian Attack Submarine Sailed in Gulf of Mexico Undetected for Weeks?
  70. Ex-US WW2 LST in action 2012
  71. First Chinese ship crosses Arctic Ocean amid record melt
  72. Indian Navy’s critical requirement for Israeli Barak missiles stalled due to CBI case
  73. UUVs and MCM
  74. Korean War
  75. top 10 (according to China) largest carriers
  76. China to name its first aircraft carrier 'Liaoning'
  77. Ship ID
  78. World War II submariners disbanding group /WWII Veterans
  79. X-47b ucav
  80. Zaporozhye U-01
  81. USS Michael Murphy
  82. USS Montpelier and USS San Jacinto collide
  83. I am amazed that this is unclassified
  84. Just the guns?
  85. The navy mission and presidential politics.
  86. Turning the oceans into jetfuel
  87. SSC ship to shore connector in the news
  88. HMS Bounty sinking off US coast
  89. Iran unveils unusually colored blue submarine
  90. Lone Masked Intruder Steals Weapons In Daring Raid Of Australian Navy Patrol Boat
  91. US Navy tests Israeli technology
  92. USNS Spearhead (JHSV-1)
  93. Visiting Pearl Habor
  94. U.S. Navy Tries To Buy Back Lost Maintenance Know-How
  95. Russia plans biggest war games since Soviet era
  96. Looking for information about my grandfather
  97. New proposed LPD
  98. USS Enterprise CVN-80
  99. Refueling of CVN 72 postponed
  100. USS Laffey
  101. U.S. Carriers Becoming Too Vulnerable To Be Relevant? New Report Says Yes
  102. Vikrant class IAC1
  103. 8in/55 rapid fire "cruiser cruncher"
  104. DEWS you know what time it is? Or do you do the DEW?
  105. HII Shows Off New BMD Ship Concept at Sea Air Space
  106. A good analysis of Midway
  107. Spain builds submarine 70 tons too heavy after putting a decimal in the wrong place
  108. 400 tons of ballast
  109. China, Russia hold largest-ever joint naval drills
  110. question about cold war turning hot
  111. Question on the Royal Navy: why 4 SSBN?
  112. New Japanese helicopter destroyer - Largest ship since World War II
  113. Indian-built Arihant nuclear submarine activated
  114. The 5 Craziest War Stories (All Happened on the Same Ship)
  115. US Carrier force reduction?
  116. What would an Ohka Bomb do to the 3" deck of aWW2 British CV
  117. Things That Warm The Cockles Of A Destroyerman's Heart
  118. Shipyards
  119. MSC ship strikes Jacksonville bridge
  120. Israeli USVs
  121. museum ships
  122. Raytheon wins U.S. Navy radar deal worth up to $1.6 billion
  123. Russian Hovercraft Lands on Crowded Beach
  124. New P-8A Poseidon Medium Aerial Torpedo
  125. Saudis plan to purchase German subs
  126. How you deliver a submarine to another country
  127. Drone hits US warship
  128. A pivotal moment for the Indian Navy -Induction of the newest aircraft carrier
  129. Bangladesh to get 2 used Ming class from the PLAN
  130. Received a USS Connole jacket from a Navy Chief :D
  131. I-400 in 2,300 feet of water off the southwest coast of Oahu
  132. USS Providence launches airborne drone while submerged.
  133. Israel warship purchase
  134. A ship that gave all it could......
  135. US/Chinese warships avoid collision
  136. unusual looking aircraft
  137. Can Naval Power Alone Win Wars?
  138. USS Ronald Reagan dosing during Tsunami relief effort
  139. Historical US Navy vessels (where are they now
  140. Does America Have Any Naval Strategists Anymore?
  141. Mysterious Cruisers......Legends in their own minds
  142. USNS John Glenn
  143. Navy chief Admiral DK Joshi quits after another submarine fire, govt quickly accepts
  144. Spruance class average age
  145. Come on out and play!
  146. Viktor Leonov CCB-175 in Havana
  147. Iranian "Nimitz" class carrier
  148. "Intelligent" AUVs
  149. A new item that may be carried by ships with well decks
  150. Russian Carrier Task Force Transits English Channel
  151. US protests French Minstral-class sale to Russia
  152. Ohio Replacement Program
  153. The Hunt for Full-Spectrum ASW
  154. Russia’s Navy: More rust than ready
  155. Putting a New Pressure Hull on Taiwanese Guppy Submarine
  156. need help
  157. Pretty Intelligent Discussion on Whty we need CVNs & LHDs/LHAs
  158. Dear Leader Goes for a Cruise: KPN's Romeo Class Subs
  159. Marine to deploy on Aqua-FOB
  160. LHA-7 Tripoli
  161. Singapore to purchase "JMMS" aka helicopter carrier
  162. HMS Queen Elizabeth christened
  163. USS John F. Kennedy
  164. navy trivia...
  165. UHAC at RIMPAC
  166. The revised MLP, USNS Lewis B. Puller
  167. First Clear PIC Indian Navy : SSBN - INS Arihant
  168. CV-60 towed slowly into the sunset
  169. Ship Reunions
  170. USS Iowa back in the fight
  171. HMS Illustrious Retired
  172. DDG-51 class Hybrid propulsion RANGE?
  173. Submersible Frigate SMX-25
  174. early retirement for Wasp class steam warships???
  175. Looking at a mid 70's TV flick on a Naval pier.............
  176. What is wrong with the Cowpens?
  177. A Victor goes to the breakers
  178. USS Oriskany
  179. Ready or not? The SSN(X)
  180. USS Oregon SSN 793
  181. Two vessels from WWII convoy battle off North Carolina discovered
  182. First Block 3 Virginia-class Commissioned
  183. World's Largest Remote Controlled Vehicle USS Paul F. Foster (DD-964)
  184. India's indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant ready for sea-trials
  185. Tour of the S611 Redoutable
  186. Just Thought You'd Like To Know . . .
  187. US Navy installs experimental rail gun on JSV for trials.
  188. Question about USN-###... not sure if this is the right board...
  189. Iran vs CV
  190. OT: tall ship Stavros S Niarchos docked for repairs
  191. USS Salem to reopen
  192. Fleet size
  193. Two different views on Roosevelt's UK visit
  194. Unit patches in WW2 and Disney
  195. A.F.Krepinevich, PhD - CSBA: Maritime Competition in a Mature Precision-Strike Regime
  196. All hands prepare to get underway!
  197. Midway fire
  198. planned obsolescence
  199. HMS Hood's Bell Recovered From Wreck
  200. Future US nuclear ships?
  201. Would like DesertSWOs take on this
  202. USS Iowa (SSN-797)
  203. USS Bougainville (LHA-8) News
  204. Glomar Explorer to be scrapped
  205. Putin's Mistrals
  206. New PLAN Carrier - Type 001A
  207. Last U.S. ship to sink an enemy
  208. Iran's ValFajr (Dawn) torpedo with 220kg warhead
  209. Warships in Lisboa, October 2015
  210. Sorry, No Aliens! The Navy Test Fires Trident Missile Off The Coast Of California
  211. UK hunting Russian sub off Scotland asks for (needs?) assist from France and Canada
  212. Russian submarine BS-64 Podmoskovye, Project 667BDRM Delfin-class (Delta IV)
  213. HMS Queen Elizabeth
  214. Darwin
  215. recomissioning Iowa class BB's
  216. HMS Vanguards powder mags over or under shell room
  217. Long Beach NSY
  218. Touring Philadelphia Navy Yard
  219. DDG 1001 Michael Monsoor
  220. ultimate Carrier model
  221. SS Lane Victory
  222. USS Iowa Off-Limits Tour
  223. USN video: USS Hartford (SSN 768) surfaces through Arctic ice
  224. USS Louisville (CA-28) Turret
  225. USS Carl Levin!?
  226. Sailing Ship - US in WWII
  227. Life aboard Navy Cruiser USS Anzio
  228. There will no 2nd edition
  229. USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) Visit
  230. Patriots Point update
  231. Up to date overview of the Navy's laser and hypervelocity gun projects
  232. Royal Navy can't handle heat?
  233. Virginia Class updates
  234. video: ships in parade formation at RIMPAC 2016
  235. Navy pilot saves plane and crew.
  236. CSIS: Russian Navy to reintroduce sea denial strategy
  237. Scorpene submarine secrets leaked
  238. USS Independence (CVL-22)
  239. USS Iowa visit
  240. Russian Carrier Kuznetsov 2016 Deployment
  241. Is there a case for a US production SSK/SSP?
  242. Royal Navy losing ASMs?!
  243. HMS Illustrious
  244. Prayers for our friend Rusty.
  245. Navy ratings
  246. Study: CVL's should replace US fleet of LHA/LHD's while retaining CVN's
  247. USS Ranger
  248. US SASC & HASC hearings on subjects related to Naval Warfare
  249. Which blue water FFG for use in USN CSG ???
  250. China Launches First Domestically Built Aircraft Carrier