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  1. N Korea snubs US official
  2. Solomons rebel to meet troops
  3. Vietnamese Armed Forces
  4. Indonesia armed forces
  5. Philippine Armed Forces
  6. 1994 North Korean Standoff
  7. Australian defense budget woes
  8. Solomons mission 'in danger phase'
  9. Japan may delay Iraq force
  10. Bali attack 'planned for 11 September'
  11. China rebukes Japan over gas death
  12. War in Korea
  13. How can China take Tawain?
  14. Indonesian Armed Forces
  15. Pacific weapons hunt drill begins
  16. Southeast Asia Security Situation
  17. N Korea slams US missile move
  18. China's plans for leaner army
  19. US spy planes set to irk N Korea
  20. Aceh trial for Indonesian troops
  21. N. Korea boosts nuclear program
  22. Philippines mosque attacks kills 2
  23. China to Launch Manned Space Flight
  24. George hints at military exercise with China
  25. Eight die in Sulawesi attacks
  26. Arroyo welcomes militant killing
  27. China hails its first man in space
  28. Japan offers $1.5bn to Iraq
  29. Taiwan move toward independence.
  30. US, China bid for new Korea talks
  31. Australia seeks SAS recruits
  32. The Case for Tibet
  33. Manned Chinese space flight seen as first in series
  34. Australia to pull out of Solomons
  35. Hostages killed in Philippines
  36. Philippines leader frees 133 military rebels
  37. N. Korea Accuses U.S. Of Spy Flights
  38. ROCAF (Taiwan)
  39. Jiang Zemin calls for "revolution" in China's military
  40. Joint Sino-Japanese team in northeast China to dispose of chemical weapons
  41. Musharraf says N Korea links over
  42. Jakarta reviews army security jobs
  43. Japan calls on US to reduce bases
  44. N Korea 'may scrap nuclear plans'
  45. Warship visit lifts US-Vietnam ties
  46. US wants bases in Australia
  47. Poll setback to pro-Beijing party, in HK
  48. Soldier Charged In Korea Hit And Run
  49. Abu Sayyaf commander held
  50. Japan to send troops to Iraq
  51. Stand by Taiwan
  52. China vs Russia
  53. Japan to introduce missile shield
  54. Take a realistic look at China policy
  55. Singapore vs. Malaysia
  56. U.S. plans extra air power in Asia while ground forces focus on Iraq
  57. US "could change" support for Japan on nuclear fusion project
  58. NKorea denies nuclear disclosures
  59. South Korea to deploy Russian tanks along inter-Korean border
  60. France joins China in naval opps against Tiawan
  61. Taiwan straits
  62. Colonel...
  63. US-Chinese relations
  64. Tianamen Eye Openner
  65. Analysis: Spratly Islands
  66. Analysis: Aceh (province of Indonesia)
  67. China Taiwan move away from peace
  68. China vs Taiwan
  69. can TAIWAN really be taken?
  70. US to reduce troops in Korea
  71. EU to Arm the Chinese
  72. Video shows Korea hostage threat
  73. China's Cruise Missle Development
  74. Taiwan jets practice freeway landings
  75. More military hardware for Taiwan
  76. Japan's SDF turns 50
  77. Does Anyone Feel Threat From N. Korea?
  78. Taiwan 2nd Patriot test successful
  79. New NoKor missile
  80. Could Indonesia invade Australia and win???
  81. China, Future superpower
  82. Most militarily powerful ASEAN nation?
  83. Which is the best trained Army in Asia
  84. chinese navy at gawadar
  85. To OOE/M21Sniper: Armored Warfare in North Korea
  86. Pak Army Troops Leave For China To Conduct Joint Military Exercises
  87. Asia...leads the world...in arms imports :)
  88. Bali Bombers To Get Off?
  89. Blast, Mushroom Cloud Reported in N. Korea
  90. Relief for China over Hong Kong outcome
  91. Hu Jintao takes over from Jiang Zemin
  92. Australia a new power or not?
  93. North Korea ready to fire off Misile.
  94. Australia - nuclear weapon capable state?
  95. And now even the Chinese! —Shaukat Qadir
  96. Truth about North Korea and the US' foreign policies.
  97. US needed to jolt Taipei awake
  98. Australian Columnist Andrew Bolt
  99. Wtf Is Going On In Dprk???
  100. Who are the top 5 superpowers in the Asia??
  101. The increasing ASEAN Might
  102. Bhutan protests illegal Chinese road
  103. 2 Chinese spy ships seized off Andamans
  104. North Korea Doesn't Feel Like Talking
  105. Invade DPRK before its too late!!!
  106. The Power of Australia???
  107. China, Russia to Hold Military Exercise in 2005.
  108. North Korea the war machine!!!!!
  109. China vs Taiwan
  110. "String of Pearls"
  111. Ethnic and Religious groups in the Australian Defence Forces
  112. Kim Says Nukes Elevate Pitiful Country to Superpower Status
  113. Conflict between Taiwan and China
  114. China says it will block Taiwan independence, prepares anti-secession law
  115. Dalai Lama renews pledge for Tibet to stay within China
  116. U.S. Wants to End U.N. Peacekeeping in East Timor
  117. US Encircling China?
  118. China Threatens U.S. Alliances
  119. Taiwanese stage mass rally to protest China's anti-secession law
  120. What a powerful China (1)
  121. What a powerful China (2)
  122. What a powerful China (3)
  123. Pak-China to jointly produce JF-17 planes
  124. China blames Japan for tensions
  125. The Israel's lavi AC & Chinese j-10
  126. China agrees to finance further deepening of Gwadar seaport
  127. China is building her own second generation Beidou system
  128. Top Ten Chinese Military Modernization Developments
  129. Saving the Uyghurs
  130. Chinese Army Intrudes in Arunachal Pradesh
  131. what is this ???
  132. Indonesia, China To Cooperate on Missiles: Report
  133. Fortitudinous Soldier Of China
  134. Korea Seen as the Rising Star of the Self-Propelled Artillery Market
  135. How much combat power can the Australian Army have?
  136. Design a Defence Force
  137. Rumsfeld confronts China
  138. Taiwan test fires 1st cruise missile
  139. South-east Asia: Indo-Chinese Flashpoint?
  140. JL2 tested successfully (in Japanese)
  141. Help, Americans come here
  142. Thousands riot in China, attack police, burn cars
  143. U.S. won't cut troop levels in Okinawa
  144. Pak arms joint ventures with China, Ukraine and Turkey
  145. Japan to produce US missiles under licence
  146. The Changing Face of Terrorism In Indonesia
  147. Sino-Russian Military Exercise not Targeting Third Country
  148. Chinese dragon awakens
  149. Is China building a carrier?
  150. Chinese Army join Indians in celebrating I-Day
  151. Russian-Chinese war games begin
  152. Peace Mission 2005 -- Sino-Russian Military Exercises
  153. Photographs - Japanese Military Exercises, Gotemba 27th August '05
  154. Commander Details Progress on Reshaping Combined Forces in Korea
  155. The rise of Chinese sea power
  156. North Korea agrees to abandon nuclear programs
  157. when do think china will attack taiwan?
  158. Moscow and Beijing Did Not Mention Their Loses
  159. Bangladesh plays the China card
  160. Contradiction on E Timor clashes
  161. They gave more than their bravery and dash
  162. Japan
  163. BMD Focus: China Relies On Missiles
  164. China, Vietnam to further military ties
  165. Walker's World: Asia's New Naval Map
  166. Damn, I knew those fish tasted funny
  167. US restores full military ties with Indonesia
  168. Room Enough in Asia for Its Giants?
  169. Crafting a new Pacific strategy
  170. Bhutan accuses China of encroachment on its territory
  171. Mastering China’s Strategic Concept, Shi
  172. Troung, 2nd Sino-VN War question
  173. China's general economy info
  174. China working on 'Super-10' advanced fighter
  175. China will build a radar in Antarctic
  176. Bangladesh to buy 16 fighter planes from China
  177. China to accelerate defence spending in 2006
  178. N.Korea to Set Up Special Economic Zone Near China
  179. Chinese new stealth aircraft first test fight is done perfectly today!
  180. Pla Ssm
  181. 4 Philippine soldiers killed in Jolo attacks
  182. Communist rebels vow to attack mining firms, troops
  183. Violence in East Timor leaves at least 2 soldiers wounded
  184. Indonesia's Suharto critically ill
  185. Pentagon Finds China Fortifying Its Long-Range Military Arsenal
  186. Taiwan mulls buying 60 US F-16 fighters: report
  187. new East Asian Defense forum :-)
  188. China unveils new aircraft carrier...
  189. RP-Poland eye joint venture on arms manufacture
  190. South Korea Launches New Submarine
  191. Future War Scenario: China vs. Taiwan 2012
  192. China is arming world's worst regimes
  193. Malaysian Visits China Once a month.
  194. Respect our sovereignty, says Indonesia
  195. Arroyo orders release of P1 billion to fight NPA
  196. US turns on missile shield as Korea fears grow
  197. Red Vs Blue
  198. Indonesia, Beefing Up Defense, Seeks Submarines, Jets
  199. North Korea test-launched a Taepodong-2 missile
  200. Marines abolition mulled
  201. US arms Infusion boost to RP troops
  202. China’s Islamic Frontier
  203. Southern Command to be Split
  204. PLA AD thread
  205. Malaysia to put MiG-29Ns into storage
  206. IAI loses $1.5b South Korea AWACS tender
  207. How China's secret deals are fuelling war
  208. PLA anti ECM/EMP communication device
  209. Official admits mistakes in Timor
  210. Howard to boost army personnel to 30,000
  211. Parihaka: Maori Queen Dead
  212. Top Chinese diplomat tells US to 'shut up' on arms spending
  213. Army to downsize units involved in coup attempts
  214. China Can't Afford to Let North Korea Fail, Lee Says
  215. Party head sees China threat of influence
  216. Thai Military Launches Coup, Backs King
  217. The China PLA,have a look
  218. Chinese student new here
  219. What will happen if China war with Japan?
  220. Beijing secretly fires lasers to disable US satellites
  221. Taiwan's Plan to Buy F16C/D Suspended by U.S. President
  222. Unfinished business - Australia SASR
  223. North Korea claims nuclear test
  224. Is China using North Korea to destabilize the American system of alliances?
  225. Democratization in China?
  226. Day Dreaming? Chinese Aircraft Carrier
  227. Day Dreaming #2? Chinese v v a-41a Aircraft
  228. Artical about a China vs US war
  229. The Dong Feng 31- why is it late?
  230. Shield Northkorean Generals
  231. China launches manned space flight
  232. Chinese Black Hawks
  233. The Second Korean War and China's dilemma...
  234. OoE, Chinese invasion of North Korea?
  235. French President Chirac Visits China
  236. Cambodia votes for conscription
  237. China's new aircraft engine
  238. U.S. speeds attack plans for North Korea
  239. China's J10 aircraft
  240. South China Sea.
  241. Australia, Indonesia sign security pact
  242. China sub secretly stalked U.S. fleet
  243. PLA Navy Carrier Update and Euro-Naval Notes
  244. Indonesia to buy $1b of Russian weapons
  245. Fiji army reserves called in by chief
  246. Australia Vs Indonesia
  247. Philippines Army armor unit upgraded to division
  248. Indonesia can now hold operations vs crime, terror in RP
  249. Why soldiers are not winning the war vs Abu Sayyaf
  250. How many Chinese troops were killed in the Korean War?