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  1. High death toll in Philippines
  2. China to loosen one-child policy and abolish labour camps
  3. China creates new air defense zone in East China Sea amid dispute with Japan
  4. U.S. Directly Challenges China's Air Defense Zone : B52 flies over
  5. Chinese military update
  6. Japan, U.S. at Odds Over China's Air Zone
  7. Japanese extremists tell Koreans to “go home or die.”
  8. KCIA: Jang Song Thaek Ousted
  9. Special Report - Chinese military's secret to success: European engineering
  10. The Benefits of Sino-African Economic Ties
  11. ROC Defense chief nods at plan to recruit 'lost army' descendants
  12. China Navy update.
  13. "Mass" NK officals defect.
  14. Japanese PM Abe's war shrine visit 'unacceptable': Chinese foreign ministry official
  15. For Indians
  16. China-Japan poisoned dumplings: Chinese man jailed
  17. Japan protest over Korean assassin Ahn Jung-geun memorial in China
  18. Entire family of Kim Jong-un's uncle also executed in North Korea: reports
  19. China's Banking Problem
  20. Philippine leader likens China's rulers to Hitler
  21. Inside China’s Mistress-Industrial Complex
  22. Kim Jong Un's strange behavior on the job.
  23. China and Japan: Seven Decades of Bitterness
  24. UN report on NK abuses
  25. Article: "China’s Deceptively Weak (and Dangerous) Military"
  26. Major terrorist attack in Kunming
  27. Does anyone know what Russian military units are on or near the Sino-Russian border?
  28. What is China's budget for new military equipment?
  29. Uighur refugees clash with Vietnamese border guards, 7 dead
  30. China to US by Rail
  31. PLA troops spotted near China-Vietnam border
  32. Russia and China seal historic $400bn gas deal
  33. AUSTRALIAN women are being sexually assaulted at twice the rate of women worldwide.
  34. BRICS leaders create development bank
  35. Australia’s Biggest Terror Bust: Public Beheading allegedly planned by ISIS
  36. 50 Dead in Xinjiang in Battle Between Uighurs and Security Forces
  37. Australian PM Knights Prince Philip
  38. US F-18s land in Taiwan
  39. Multiple Explosions At US Navy Depot In Japan
  40. China parade to celebrate defeat of Japan 70 years ago
  41. How Asians view each other
  42. USS Lassen to pass inside China's claimed 12km territory at Spratley's
  43. NLD Sweeps Myanmar Elections
  44. North Korea nuke test
  45. Rumors of an intelligence bonanza from defection of former Chinese leader's brother
  46. Warning: dating handsome foreigners
  47. Australia's big buy
  48. Poms in Austrailia
  49. Taiwan accidentally launches missile toward China, kills fishing boat captain
  50. AIDS Epidemic 'over' in Australia
  51. Hague Announces Decision on South China Sea
  52. Duterte
  53. China continues to block India’s bid for Masood Azhar’s UN terror listing
  54. New Zealand Earthquake
  55. Trump's Asia
  56. Xi Jinping's historic power grab in China
  57. Two Chinas and the Donald
  58. Chinese province admits falsifying economic data for years
  59. Border face-off: China and India each deploy 3,000 troops
  60. Vietnam blogger 'Mother Mushroom' sentenced to 10 years for 'criticizing goverment'
  61. Hong Kong, 1997-2017
  62. The Korean Dilemma
  63. What would a Taiwan invasion scenario involving conventional weaponry look like?
  64. China threatens U.S. Congress for crossing its ‘red line’ on Taiwan
  65. Could the US have created a mine belt a mile deep up and down the South Vietnamese
  66. China's mass surveillance state
  67. Is China winning race with the US to develop quantum computers?
  68. Mao's motivations
  69. Electoral Earthquake in Malaysia
  70. Chinese actions in the South China Seas
  71. Chinese Corporate & Commercial Espionage, Copyright Theft etc
  72. Chinese Political Influence in Kiwi-land
  73. China's multi-billion dollar media campaign 'a major threat for democracies'
  74. China's failure
  75. Xi Jinping Wanted Global Dominance. He Overshot.
  76. RIP Bob Hawke - Former Australian PM