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  1. China ready to take strong action against Japan over Diaoyu Islands
  2. Chinese Disaster Relief Operations
  3. UPDATE 1-Universal Studios plans Beijing theme park
  4. Phelps apologizes to Chinese fans, appreciates their support
  5. China alert on U.S.-Russian satellite collision
  6. China vows not to adopt Western multi-party political system by any means
  7. Chinese Internet Affairs
  8. Russia, China sign $25b energy deal
  9. China lodges stern protest over Baselines Bill of the Philippines
  10. Russian warships sunk Chinese vessel
  11. China will begin constructing Asia's first 1.5-megawatt solar thermal power station
  12. Chinese navy to attend joint military exercise in Pakistan
  13. China, Brazil sign 10 billion dollars' oil deal
  14. China's hukou, or residence permit system, again at the butt of intense controversy
  15. Sino - Pakistan Relations.
  16. 73 dead in north China coal mine accident
  17. North Korea 'plans rocket launch'
  18. Beijing's Olympic building boom becomes a bust
  19. Same-sex marriages in China
  20. Contemporary Chinese Cinema
  21. one of the most sensitive issue debated between China,Koreo and Japan
  22. News Sources and Journalism
  23. Sino North Korea Relations.
  24. North Korea, UN Command Hold Military Talks (Update2)
  25. David Shambaugh: The Chinese Communist Party: Atrophy and Adaptation
  26. E-parliament,an interesting newborn in China
  27. Tiananmen mothers call for probe of 1989 crackdown
  28. PRC Defence Spending Thread
  29. China’s Views on NATO Expansion:
  30. Taiwanese Mandarin
  31. Chinese ships 'harass' US vessel
  32. ROK PR Photos
  33. Chinese oil field in Iraq start operation, PLA resided
  34. New Computer, made in china.
  35. China's future.
  36. ROC and Central America
  37. China to send more ships to assert S.China Sea claim
  38. Japan to ready defense against North Korea rocket: Kyodo
  39. A PLA sentry was shoot to kill ,counter terror case
  40. Yes, we have no computers
  41. China plans a Karl Marx musical
  42. Annual Pentagon China Military Power Report
  43. Taiwan’s Former President Goes on Trial for Corruption
  44. Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries
  45. China and ASEAN
  46. Party and The State
  47. 2nd PLA Armor Division.
  48. Extraordinary documentary "Yasukuni" by Li Ying
  49. China's International Stature
  50. PLA 1st Artillery Division, 42nd Group Army, Guangzhou Military Region.
  51. Health Care in China
  52. PRC Military-Industrial Complex
  53. Youtube - History of Cultural Revolution
  54. China launched the 2nd Compass satellite,Chinese "GPS" on-line
  55. Chinese updating their Type 95 bullpup & Ammo
  56. SOC military Drill of April 2009
  57. Shanghai Auto Show
  58. China Navy 60th Anniversary
  59. If Taiwan declared independence...
  60. Foreign Exchanges of PLA
  61. China Japan Relations
  62. Australia outlines military plans
  63. kuayue 2009
  64. North Korea seen readying for new nuclear test
  65. Oil and Energy of China
  66. Asia to spend $60B on navies in 5 years
  67. 4 injured in Chinese-locals clash in India
  68. China's Financial Reforms
  69. The Secret Memoir of a Fallen Chinese Leader
  70. Tighter Supervision for Chinese Officers
  71. China, the Philippines, and U.S. Influence in Asia
  72. Beijing has much to do to clarify its boundary claims
  73. RP seeks to improve structures in Kalayaan islands
  74. China's south-to-north water diversion project
  75. China EU Relations
  76. North Korea conducts nuclear test: report
  77. China, not enough policemen.
  78. Asians talk of peace, but look to buy more arms
  79. US wartime bombs still killing in Vietnam
  80. US ‘no position’ on Spratlys row—Gates
  81. Tiananmen Square and Two Chinas -- A debate
  82. 24 die, 49 injured in bus blaze in China's Chengdu city
  83. China and the IMF/World Bank
  84. buying hummer
  85. China and MOOTW
  86. How Will N Korea Respond if Vessels Are Inspected
  87. PLA Border Guards
  88. China sub collides with array towed by U.S. ship: report
  89. China Political Reform Test-Run
  90. Vietnam allows US Navy ship to operate in its water
  91. Arms Exports of PRC -- General Discussion.
  92. ROC and South China Sea
  93. Deterrence as an Operational Objective question
  94. Shift in US-China Relations?
  95. US prepared for any NKorea launch—Obama
  96. China and US hold military talks
  97. N Korea Threats & Activities
  98. China and WTO
  99. Burma's tunnel network
  100. Cyber warfare in Korea
  101. PLA kicks off first theatre-level joint training
  102. Think again: Asia's Rise
  103. Chronicle of ROC maps
  104. Stupid PRC/PLA PR
  105. Authoritarian Revival -- A debate
  106. Xinjiang Uighurs and ETIM thread
  107. Rio Tinto 'Spies' - What the F***??
  108. China labor straining neighborly ties
  109. China charts course toward secure South China Sea
  110. Australia seeks new army robots
  111. PLA's Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO)
  112. 100 Africans besiege a police station of Guangzhou city south China
  113. Future Chinese invasion of Siberia?
  114. Intel centres to keep tabs on China's missiles, navy
  115. China's stockmarket thread
  116. PM Hu's eldest son links to corruption case in Africa
  117. China's environmental issue
  118. PLA chief says considering attack ETIM beyond chinese border
  119. China steps back from one child policy
  120. Film Festival pays for upsetting Beijing
  121. China launches Arabic TV channel
  122. ROCN Chung King (former HMS Aurora)
  123. Unemployment in China
  124. PLA/PRC Defense -- General discussion.
  125. China: Speculations About a Power Struggle
  126. Myanmar (Burma) close to testing a nuke?
  127. EU military embargo on China
  128. Unexploded ordnance a lethal problem
  129. Plague Hits China.
  130. Sino-India Folder
  131. China 'trusts prostitutes more'
  132. China's Corruption Cases
  133. Hong Kong Independence
  134. India protests against Google "allocating" territories to China
  135. Apple decleared war against fake iPhones from China
  136. South China Sea dispute
  137. Keep the law above political concerns
  138. Chinese web user:China should break up India into 20-30 states
  139. China's Steel Industry and Iron Price
  140. Resilient Australia still belives in fair go.
  141. Who needs a five-star toilet?
  142. A Chinese Vest Doudu
  143. Australia and China
  144. China will be a democracy by 2020!
  145. PLA Official Website?
  146. China and Pakistan
  147. China and Sri Lanka
  148. People's Armed Police (PAP)
  149. Pictures Expose Peculiar Prejudices of the Propagandist
  150. Health Care Reform
  151. China, Burma and Kokang
  152. damn-CZ-3B suffers problem during Palapa-D launch
  153. China's Merit Pay System
  154. Tawang Heats Up
  155. China's Blockbuster - 'The Founding of a Republic'
  156. Maglev Launch Assist technology (and a question)
  157. Customer dead in Wal-Mart China!!!
  158. Now fever is a so terrible thing!
  159. China web users outnumber US population
  160. An investigation result: Which country is most likely to launch a war against China?
  161. From Moscow to Beijing: A journey from past to future
  162. China breaks ground on its fourth space center
  163. the best city in china?
  164. China Trains Afghans and Iraqis in Mine Clearing
  165. Taiwan demands Japan return skipper: official
  166. CPC Meets to Build Democracy & Fight Corruption
  167. Central Military Commission.
  168. Beijing's National Day Parade
  169. Singapore, the very model of a modern-day nation-state
  170. Joint maritime exercise Singaroo
  171. Looking back on 918 Incident in 1931
  172. China wants officials to disclose assets to party
  173. China says military arsenal comparable with West
  174. Only Sarah Palin Can go to China
  175. Banker – Hero of the Proletariat
  176. Sino-Vietnam Relations.
  177. ADB predicts China’s 2009 growth rate at 8.2%
  178. Ex-President Chen suing Obama, Gates
  179. China to cut army by 700,000 troops
  180. China's Foreign Relations
  181. China anniversary: Why the Communist party still enjoys the support of its people
  182. Indian troops join Chinese celebrations
  183. China population: 1.5 billion, perhaps 1.6 billion
  184. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
  185. Traditions fade as China settles nomads in towns
  186. How Do Japanese React to China’s Rise? Depends on Their Age
  187. When media propagates a China-India war
  188. ROC Military Video
  189. "Prepare to fight China"
  190. The East Asian community
  191. PLA military exercises
  192. PLA's "Basic Battle Corps"
  193. China and Afghanistan
  194. 54th Independent Infantry Regiment, Tibet MD
  195. 6th Highland Mechanized Infantry Division
  196. China Sticks to "Active Defense" Policy
  197. Internet Human Rights Declaration Issued By 15 Chinese Intellectuals
  198. The Gongmeng was shut down and Xu has been arrested
  199. Re-Nationalization??!
  200. Russia, China draft Kalashnikov copyright deal
  201. North Korea - Hell on Earth
  202. Father of China's space tech program dies at 98
  203. Weiqi and the rise of China
  204. Tremendous welcome for the Dalai Lama in Tawang
  205. China Executes Nine Uighurs
  206. Is China headed toward collapse?
  207. PLA’s first integrated logistic support exercise for joint operation held
  208. China’s Tough Measures on Flu Appear to Be Effective
  209. Hu Shuli quits
  210. China's mine clearance training
  211. Obama on China
  212. Sino Malaysia Military Relations
  213. China seeks reform of UN peacekeeping
  214. China to export advance high-speed rail technology
  215. The Evolution of Taiwan’s Military Strategy
  216. Setbacks Stall Finish Of China's Massive Dam Project
  217. Coatesville plant to get Chinese-made Sikorsky copter
  218. China and Iran
  219. China sets targets for 2020 carbon cuts
  220. The Government Flying Service of Hong Kong
  221. China to launch second lunar probe next October
  222. China, Japan plan first joint military exercise
  223. PLA's First Heli-Assault Battalion BattleGroup.
  224. PLA promotes support outsourcing
  225. In China, AIDS Stigma Proves Difficult To Eliminate
  226. Can China Deliver in Pakistan?
  227. Sino Canada Relations.
  228. The empty rhetoric
  229. China Offers Rewards for Online Porn Informers
  230. Fortresses Inspired by West Crumble in a New China
  231. The Vietnam Defense Whitepaper.
  232. North Korea's IL-76 intercepted
  233. No respite for China's human rights dissidents
  234. Science in China.
  235. China tightens grip on the web
  236. Nuclear Power Expansion in China Stirs Concerns
  237. China has invited Thailand to take part in an inaugural joint military exercise
  238. Japan Cuts Funds For Joint Missile Defense Program
  239. China's Huawei beats Ericsson for network contract in Sweden
  240. Social unrest 'on the rise' in China
  241. 【culture】Winter solstice ,chinese traditonal festival
  242. China' rails, too much?
  243. Volvo to China's Geely in 2010
  244. Beijing Auto says spends $200 mln on Saab technology
  245. China Raises GDP Growth Estimates, Narrowing Gap With Japan
  246. China accomplishes survey and mapping of Qinghai-Tibet Railway
  247. Brown ‘appalled’ by execution of UK citizen
  248. Is China's economy destined to crash?
  249. Now, that is smart -- 'car park for women'
  250. China and Asean free trade deal begins