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  1. Air War in Cambodia (1954-2003)
  2. American Imperialism
  3. Air Wars in Asia and Africa
  4. Truth about history and balkan wars 1991-1995 1997-1999
  5. Etnic clinsing in Slovenia 1991
  6. Korea: Reluctant Dragons and Red Conspiracies
  7. Pakistan ,Two Nation Theory and a few lies
  8. Ahmed Shah Masoud; why i fight
  9. Could genocide happen again?
  10. Jewish general led Indian army in 1971 war
  11. Gunner Palace
  12. NATO vs. Warsaw Pact
  13. can any one predict when WW3 will occur
  14. Korean War, right or wrong?
  15. After 47 years a WMD remsins AWOL......
  16. KAL 007 shootdown by the Soviets in 1983
  17. All asian nations (including russia and middle east) vs. US and the european nations
  18. Gandhi... A Hero or a Hypocrite?
  19. 30 years ago the 2nd Indochina War ended
  20. Invasion of East Timor (1975)
  21. Yeager's crash landing in Pakistan
  22. Zia, Wilson and the Israelis...
  23. Most discipline & well train army in history..
  24. The Korean War
  25. 'We won the 1965 war, not India'
  26. who won the korea war? usa or china?
  27. Battle Honour Day
  28. The Best Special Forces
  29. The Report of Commission of Inquiry - 1971 War as Declassified by Govt of Pakistan
  30. Company C, 13 Kumaon Regiment
  31. IDF lessons from 1982
  32. And India lost the hope
  33. The First Gulf War
  34. Indian Army's Counter Insurgency Experience in J&K
  35. Destroying Baghdad
  36. One of the very best articles I've ever read. EVER.
  37. War story: Vipers over Bosnia
  38. If ur nation turned 2 an islamic 1
  39. Who would win? ABCA vs ME, China and Russia
  40. Korean War: An Unprepared War for China
  41. Red Storm Rising - Tom Clancy
  42. Modern Major Powers and Standing Armies
  43. Iraq attacks Kuwait in 1980?
  44. Was Vietnam winnable?
  45. Greatest Militaries of All Time
  46. The Malayan Emergency
  47. History's Greatest Military Defeats
  48. Most laughably inaccurate war movies ever
  49. A Marine's Response to the World's media
  50. Vietnam Reading List
  51. The historian shielding Bush from reality
  52. the Battle of Latakia: First modern Naval sea battle 1973
  53. What is the best battlefield to do a staff ride at?
  54. Korean War - The Turkish Brigade
  55. VC winner "failed to demonstrate that you have strong ties with the UK."
  56. modern-day mutiny
  57. What if War erups:European Union Vs U.S.A.
  58. Documentary Film on Afghanistan 1988
  59. Combat Veterans Want to Feel Useful
  60. PLA in Korea
  61. Should one be worried about Semitism ???
  62. Soviet Troops in Afghanistan
  63. If Africa had become the dominant continent
  64. Cold War turns hot in 1989?
  65. The use of 50 small nuclear warhead in the Korean War
  66. Conflict that has made the largest impact on the world we know today.
  67. Population and warfare question
  68. France in Algeria
  69. OoE: Lop Nor Offensive?
  70. Mad Mitch and the Last Battle of the British Empire
  71. Hungarian Uprising 1956
  72. 1978 Cyprus - Murder and Massacre
  73. The Bear and the Dragon - Tom Clancy
  74. Smart Military Spending...
  75. Aden - 1958
  76. East Timor Escalation
  77. General Creighton Abrams
  78. Vietnam War Resources
  79. impact of terrorism on world economy
  80. Was the MGF in Vietnam S.O.G.?
  81. Hey, can anybody answer this question?
  82. What if?.....
  83. Group of Soviet Forces in Germany
  84. Modern military questions (reposted from incorrect forum)
  85. Was Vietnam an American victory?
  86. Why aren't crossbows more popular a military/assassin/sniper weapon?
  87. Saab Barracuda individual camo net
  88. sorry if i did it wrongly coz im still a newbie
  89. Was the USSR a real threat during the Cold War?
  90. Some Question about Korean War
  91. My Lai Massacre
  92. US planned nerve gas tests on Aussies
  93. USArmy's bold risky plan in putting a fuel/ammo depot in front of force
  94. A non-nuclear USSR
  95. "Boris Godunov" plan - perhaps you know more about it?
  96. How relevant is the Welfare activities of Army Wives association
  97. Stealth Jihad
  98. How France helped the UK to win the war in the Falklands
  99. The Chinese Civil War.
  100. Proportionality of response
  101. Private Military Companies
  102. Will the US ever win another war?
  103. Airpower versus Artillery
  104. Korean conflict renewal
  105. "Salt and Pepper" Vietnam War deserters
  106. Battle of the Yalu / Battle of the Yellow Sea
  107. Afghan role of 'Muslim Battalions'
  108. Quagmire
  109. Guatemala and the Bay of Pigs
  110. 1983 Able Archer Crisis- question
  111. What Could've Provoked A Soviet Invasion of West Germany?
  112. Czechs planned tunnel under Austria
  113. More than 50000 American lost their lifes in Korean War.
  114. Astrospies
  115. Belated homecoming for long-lost Vietnam War dead
  116. Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988
  117. The Wall Comes Down
  118. PLAAF 11th SAM Brigade (Unit Number 95607) Chengdu Airforce, PLAAF
  119. Hmong and the CIA
  120. A Historical Perspective on Light Infantry, Re: CCF
  121. One of China's top test pilots recalls the H-Bomb that almost backfired.
  122. Palestine history??
  123. Fifty years ago today, Gary Powers was shot down
  124. Saigon 35 years ago
  125. An alternative American Cold War Strategy
  126. Tielieketi Incident of August 13, 1969
  127. Origins of the Korean War
  128. Laos general and Hmong leader Vang Pao dies in exile
  129. Watergate & the fall of South Vietnam (unintended consequences)
  130. Operation Desert Storm
  131. Photographs Do Lie
  132. Vietnam: Looking Back - At The Facts
  133. US info leaks to isarelis in the 60's
  134. Former First Lady of South Vietnam dies in Rome
  135. Remember a battle in the Eastern Offensive 1972 : the battle of Charlie
  136. Henry Kissinger on the 1979 Sino-Vietnam War.
  137. The Battle of Loc Ninh 1972
  138. Nguyen Cao Ky, former vice president of South Vietnam died aged 80
  139. Remote Control War
  140. The concept and ethics of modern warfare.
  141. Decades later, a Cold War secret is revealed
  142. A different kind of war
  143. Vietnam Generation Interview (Would anyone like to do one???)
  144. Major Ed Freeman
  145. The Lucky Few The Story of USS KIRK (FF-1087)
  146. Cambodia's former King Norodom Sihanouk dies at 89
  147. NAP: Terrorism and the Electric Power Delivery System
  148. Soviet army vismod (OPFOR) ID them all
  149. Losing Humanity?
  150. Parody, the rage at Khe Sanh.
  151. US upgrades MOP
  152. Iron Man
  153. Drone Warfare PTSD
  154. Soviet Surgical Strike 1969
  155. Operation Pico 1977: An almost attack on Dominican Republic by Cuba
  156. General Giap is dead
  157. 30 years ago
  158. The Korean War marine who single handedly drove back a Chinese assault
  159. Angolan War
  160. Mao's Great Famine
  161. Why Pakistani Army surrendered in 1971?
  162. Soviet military cartographers mapped the entire world
  163. Australia/NZ in Vietnam?
  164. Sadat's war
  165. Col Ryszard Kuklinski
  166. The strange Kashmir war of 1948
  167. 50yrs ago: Prague Spring crushed
  168. Did Chiang Kai-shek play the role of Adolf Hitler during the Chinese Civil War?
  169. Quick stories of the soldiers of my family that served in Vietnam, WW2 and Obamastan.
  170. War in Space, Space to Earth War, Moon to Earth War