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  1. What if: Western Allies vs Russia- 1945
  2. The greatest GIANT guns ever built...
  3. GuadalCanal Remixed
  4. Operation Jubilee - The Raid on Dieppe
  5. WWII Autoloaders in tanks
  6. Il Duce urged opposition to Hitler
  7. God rest the men of USS Houston
  8. Surprise Attack At Pearl Harbor - Right Or Wrong?
  9. SS Officer who burned Hitler's body dies at 86
  10. Viewer Discretion Advised: George Bush Sr. in World War II.
  11. What if - Naval showdown in the English Channel
  12. The Last Stand Of The Tawakalna
  13. General AC McAullife
  14. Analysis of Pearl Harbor Attack
  15. Armenian Genocide
  16. Barbarossa in reverse
  17. World War II Roleplay
  18. To OOE: Patton's Invasion Plan
  19. If Germany had won WWI
  20. The battle for Normandy
  21. WWI Generals - Butchers or no?
  22. Eastern front hovercraft
  23. WW2 hover craft (GEV)
  24. What would have happened if the US had been one of the allies in 1939?
  25. Could Germany have won WWII
  26. One day the world will understand... the Holocaust's cry...
  27. What would it take to knock the US out of WW2?
  28. Great story of individual valor from WWII
  29. Japan in WW1?
  30. question about something my grandpa told me
  31. French Life under German Occupation
  32. Hitler ordered kidnapping of pope
  33. I need data on the economy in the 1930s!!!
  34. Battle of Jutland: Could Germany win
  35. Could Germany Win WWI
  36. The Pathfinders,How good were they??
  37. How could We Forget the History!——In Memory of Sino-Japanese war (1937-1945) 1.
  38. Iwo Jima & D-Day cost too many lives
  39. Shamless promo for a WW2 Author/Webmaster
  40. Nagasaki Bomb, threat to USSR?
  41. Which WW2 Leader are you?
  42. Lord Kitchener
  43. TBOverse, short stories by Seer Stuart
  44. Revised D-Day Headlines
  45. If the Japanese had won Midway?
  46. Viewpoints on Douglas MacArthur
  47. Your opinions on Field Marshal Haig
  48. WMD’s During WWII…
  49. I am Presently reading "Forgotten Soldier" by Guy Sajer
  50. Hypothetical Invasion of Japan,45/46
  51. Last of WWII Comanche Code Talkers Dies
  52. Hitler's surviving family roumer
  53. American v Communist v Nazist
  54. Butter cookies stormed ashore at Normandy.
  55. Could the US have gone to the Eastern Front?
  56. Two separate wars or one war with an interlude?
  57. Halseys's actions at Leyte Gulf.
  58. Report Worth Reading
  59. Douglas MacArthur - A brilliant commander or a pathetic faker?
  60. The True Story of The Patton Prayer
  61. Myths from the Battle of Midway
  62. If WWII had been an online game chatroom
  63. U.S. had secret 1930 plan to invade Canada
  64. Good things from WW2
  65. Pacific typhoon Cobra 18 December 1944
  66. History of First Jet Aircraft
  67. WW ll LCI (Landing Craft Infantry) History
  68. Hitlers Jewish Soldiers
  69. A Marine named "Mitch"
  70. Zygmond Budzaj, Chief Gunner's Mate, United States Navy
  71. Greatest general of the German general staff
  72. WWII Tank Destroyers
  73. World War ll POW - Sgt. Calvin Graef
  74. Man, Machine, Moment
  75. Best Tank of WWII
  76. British Intelligence, WW II, East Africa
  77. Worst decision in WW2
  78. US WWII FMs
  79. Audie Murphy, Greatest US hero- 1924-71
  80. Site of Sgt. York's WWI heroics found?
  81. If Axis Had Won Ww2
  82. When War lost all it's 'Romance'...
  83. B-17 vs Lancaster
  84. New Zealand VC winner accused of war crimes
  85. My research paper
  86. A brief glimpse of life as a Legionaire
  87. The Italian Invasion Of Greece 1940
  88. If WW2 were an RTS
  89. To what extent...
  90. Who was the better commander?
  91. kindly suggest a WW-2 book
  92. World War ll US Navy Story
  93. Prokhorovka Tank Battle - What really happened?
  94. If the Maginot Line extended to the English Channel?
  95. Size of the US Army on 12/7/1941 ?
  96. The Wehrmacht
  97. Alternate Italian Invasion
  98. Leyte Gulf battle
  99. The Importance of the US-Soviet Cooperation WWII
  100. Post WWI scenario with Central Powers victory?
  101. Germany in 2006 -vs- the Allies in 1945
  102. Serbia in WWI
  103. 17lb gun diameter?
  104. Waffen SS Captain Fritz Klingenberg and the Capture of Belgrade
  105. "Thank God for the Atom Bomb"
  106. Photos of Tomoyuki Yamashita from a private collection
  107. Japan Declares War on Russia - December 1941
  108. Nordic D-Day April 1944
  109. The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
  110. Operation Unthinkable: 'Russia: Threat to Western Civilization
  111. Imjin Waeran
  112. USS LCI (G) 450 @ Iwo Jima 17 Feb 1945
  113. Tokyo Rose
  114. shturmovik for western allies
  115. B-17's over Germany (WW ll)
  116. The Thin Red Line
  117. It's 1940 and you're General Gamelin...
  118. What Weapon Had the Largest Impact on the Outcome of WWII?
  119. Barbarossa, or "how not to stick to the Plan"
  120. "The World Will Hold Its Breath": Reinterpreting Operation Barbarossa
  121. My Stalin essay.
  122. China, USSR, N Korea planned Japan invasion in Korean War
  123. World War Two Resource Statistics
  124. Sykes-Picot Agreement
  125. General Wenck a German hero?
  126. General Eisenhower - Political Naivety
  127. Stalingrad
  128. Rommel's Fate...
  129. Imperial familly - crimes against Humanity
  130. An interview with Paul Tibbits aged 87
  131. 2nd battalion Lancashire fusiliers
  132. German manual instructions for Tiger & Panther tank (1943)
  133. Last WWI Navy vet dies in Md. at age 105
  134. New Info Re: Iwo Jima Battle
  135. Recommended WWII Readings
  136. Panther vs T-34
  137. British Propaganda And The Turks
  138. 17 February 1945 - Iwo Jima History
  139. Most decisive battle of World War 2
  140. The Most Decisive Battle of WWII - ETO
  141. Armenian Genocide, did it happen?
  142. WWII Germany Vs WWII Russia
  143. WWII Germany Vs WWII U.S.A.
  144. an interesting photo
  145. Suggested reading for British view of Arnhem
  146. A Question About WWII U.S. Armored Infantry Battalions
  147. Hiroshima and Nagasaki: 62 years
  148. who really won world war 2???
  149. Soviets join Allies in 39?
  150. Hitler vs Turkey
  151. 1941 - Annihilated
  152. Operation Tidal Wave - The Ploesti Mission
  153. African-Americans in WW2 - Combat?
  154. Should've Hess been released?
  155. The War
  156. An unusual request
  157. "Nazi" France
  158. The Evolution of Cooperation and Trench Warfare in WWI
  159. 1944: USAAF vs. the Soviets
  160. 8th Guards Army
  161. Buffalo's Wild Bill Donavan
  162. What If Subhash Chandra Bose had marched upto Delhi?
  163. France vs. Germany in the opening months
  164. Is Hitler’s love child alive in the UK today?
  165. Secrets Of Hitler's Special Forces
  166. Books on Austria-Hungary?
  167. Who was a better General?
  168. Bomber Command question
  169. American Historians and German Fighting Power in the Second World War
  170. World War I Blog (in pseudo real time)
  171. Omaha Beach video
  172. The utility of motorcycle reconnaissance troops
  173. Strategic Bombing in WW2 Using Modern Technologies?
  174. WHAT IF :- Russo - Japanese war 1904-1905
  175. Casualties from Small Arms - ETO v PTO
  176. Great Britain and France Declare War on USSR in 1939
  177. A rather unusual question
  178. 91 Years Ago Today
  179. His Cup Runneth Over
  180. The most Neglected front of WWII
  181. HMAS Sydney and HSK Kormoran found
  182. Congress honors Chinese WWII Hero
  183. who gets the new t-34 tanks ?
  184. WW2 armor vs Modern armor
  185. North African Compared to the Eastern Front
  186. Retribution
  187. WW2 German Special Forces
  188. German Nuking of New York
  189. Common Calibers
  190. P-51 Mustang v. Bf-109K/Fw-190D
  191. Victory Day- 63 Years Ago
  192. Was America's Contribution Key to Winning the War? Why?
  193. War-opoly
  194. Why do Aussies and Kiwis hold grudges about Douglas MacArthur?
  195. WW2 human experiments - Unit 731
  196. D-Day: 64 Years Ago Today
  197. The USS Yorktown: "The Fighting Lady"
  198. Patton In Normandy
  199. Gdp
  200. Name Your Favorite SP Tank Destroyer.
  201. HMS Barham blows up
  202. 'World at War' WW2 Documentary DVD set
  203. Australia's Darkest Hour.
  204. duiring the world war 2 peried which country had the largest fleet in the world?
  205. Operation Market Garden
  206. VJ Day- 63 Years Ago Today
  207. Interesting......
  208. Divisions
  209. Russian Foreign Intelligence Service declassifies Munich Agreement papers
  210. Spanish Civil War war crimes investigation
  211. Confused!
  212. Last of Ploesti Raiders
  213. Unknown WW2InColor Videos
  214. The Indische Legion
  215. Peer review please
  216. 66 years ago
  217. Should the memory of the 1917 Mutineers be honored?
  218. 12-7-41
  219. The Hawaii Invasion Hypothesis
  220. WWII-Pacific Theater
  221. Patton murdered?
  222. Japan 'sought US nuclear help'
  223. Who's going to see Valkyrie?
  224. Palestinian complicity in the Holocaust?
  225. If Stauffenberg had killed Hitler on July 20th 1944
  226. Strategic bombing
  227. David Irving - Total Loon
  228. A second fleet action in WWI?
  229. Haig and the British press,Germany's best ally
  230. Would Bombing New York City by Germany made any difference in WWII
  231. Bombing of Darwin Remembered
  232. Evaluate von Rundstedt's Generalship.
  233. Filthy Thirteen
  234. Paris liberation made 'whites only' - BBC
  235. British Free Corps
  236. Another What if Thread
  237. Myths of WWII
  238. de Gaulle takes office before WWII starts
  239. China at War
  240. Today is 8th May
  241. Ten WW2 Photos that Make You Think
  242. ‘Battle of Khalkhyn Gol’ - Russo-Japanese conflict Questions please
  243. Russian military historian blames Poland for WWII
  244. The disaster that may have saved D-Day
  245. D-Day +23,741
  246. D-Day - Mulberry Harbour
  247. Operation Varsity: books?
  248. IJA propaganda Photos of WWII
  249. Can someone help me explain why the Nanking Massacre happened?
  250. Is the truck in the background an Opel Blitz?