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  1. Greatest Western empire in history
  2. The Crusades
  3. What if Great Britain lost ?
  4. If you could go back in time...
  5. GDP of India from 1500-2002 AD
  6. What-if... the British Empire, US Civil War, and Canada
  7. Terrorism past & present
  8. Adenauer voted Germany's greatest
  9. Battle at Qala-I-Jangi
  10. history of the marines
  11. Bill of Rights
  12. History Lessons
  13. The Crusades
  14. How much of this so called "fact" are true?
  15. The Barbarians are Coming
  16. A 14th century Muslim traveler
  17. Vikings and the Mandans
  18. English Peasants Revolt, 1381
  19. Did Justinian cause the Dark Ages
  20. Poll: Best ancient, medieval militaries
  21. Best ancient weapon?
  22. King Alexander the Great of Macedonia
  23. New Forum Idea
  24. Source? Mehmed's 1449 preparations for war?
  25. Chinese Accounts of Rome, Byzantium and the Middle East
  26. Samurai against knight
  27. Greater man: Cicero or Julius Caesar
  28. Animals that were never used in war?
  29. Elite Units
  30. The Aryan Invasion Theory
  31. Famous Battles
  32. Historical Cusps
  33. Longest Siege?
  34. Who killed Kennedy?
  35. When was the last time your country was invaded by a foreign army?
  36. Learning from History
  37. Political autobiographies and historical fact
  38. Best early firearms(pre metallic cartridge)
  39. Early history of US Snipers
  40. Great General of the Ancient World
  41. Relatives and wars
  42. Movies on famous battles
  43. Byzantine and Rome
  44. Debate Troubles in History Class
  45. Pakistani Genocide
  46. Mil. Myths, Legends & Superstition
  47. Post your favorite military tactics, and explain them
  48. The Greatest Empire
  49. The Killing of Prisoners
  50. The cradle that is India
  51. Greatest warrior of all time?
  52. Noah's Ark
  53. Military Channel ?
  54. Famous Scots-Irish Snipers?
  55. The Worst President is...........
  56. ROME: Total War
  57. Militaria Collections
  58. Genocide, preventable?
  59. When Was the Last Time Your Country Invaded another Country?
  60. This Site Is The Best Site For Information
  61. Biggest Blunders in History.
  62. Battle of Waterloo
  63. Greatest American Soldier?
  64. new historical turnbased wargame "War across the Pacific"
  65. In pictures: Zoroastrians in Iran
  66. Today in history
  67. Forgotton History: Why Communism Loves Children?
  68. Who are the best Ancient European archers?
  69. Which Noble order did the most damage in the Crusades?
  70. Which would win, Butter Cookies or Peanut Brownies
  71. Bloodiest Battles in History
  72. Official Website Prussian Royal Family
  73. OE: Greek Pankration the Source of Eastern Martial Arts?
  74. Most Pointless War in History
  75. the MYTH of 'Aryanism'
  76. China's Terracotta army may be guarding buried treasure
  77. Favorite Ancient Historian
  78. Favorite Ancient Philosophic School
  79. Best Roman Emperor
  80. Warship Prices
  81. War of 1812 recognized in US?
  82. how many countries have fought over 3 wars and never lost
  83. Who is the greatest Greek hero?
  84. Ancient history online source
  85. Islamic Slave Trade In India
  86. Jfk
  87. Historical Reasons for USA’s Prominence?
  88. Silly historical facial hair.
  89. Worst battle to be in for a soldier?
  90. David Irving gets 3 years in Prison
  91. Golden age for mercenaries
  92. Worst government to live under
  93. Ancient South India...
  94. Best military strategies
  95. The Mobster of Mobsters
  96. Greatest Military Society Ever?
  97. Wither Civil Defense?
  98. Most defining point in History
  99. Roman Maniple vs. Macedonian Phalanx
  100. Greatest Military Commanders
  101. best hand to hand weapon
  102. Human skin lampshades
  103. The Fall Of Rome?
  104. Victoria Cross(es) could fetch NZ$3m
  105. Great Rulers Succeeded by Nincompoops
  106. Gatling guns at Little Big Horn - could Custer have won?
  107. The Greo-Persian wars
  108. Greatest Turkish Empires
  109. Two new cocktails: India and Pakistan!
  110. The Knights Templar
  111. American heritage
  112. Traits of nationalities
  113. What If ... ?
  114. The Most Effective Ancient Military Fighting Style
  115. Best Religion
  116. The Greatest empire in History
  117. Which is most barbarious?
  118. Who is better general?
  119. "Think Like a Terrorist"
  120. Most Medal of Honors in a single battle ?
  121. UNESCO Resolution on the Ataturk Centennial
  122. 8th of November
  123. Who were the first people in the world and what was their nation?
  124. Who are the british descendents from
  125. Ninjas & Knights
  126. What is your favourite war/historical or auto/bio book
  127. Tactical leaders
  128. What battle do you want to see on film?
  129. The Wall Of Rememberance
  130. Company of Heroes
  131. Which one is the best military nation?
  132. mc donalds and war!!:O
  133. ?? for the mods...
  134. Hannibal and Rome
  135. Who do you think the Vikings could beat?
  136. Interesting question about the Viking Age.
  137. Was Scotland involved in the Crusades?
  138. Question about Scotland.
  139. Vikings VS other Germanics
  140. Sniper Rank
  141. Favorite fictional warrior?
  142. What If?…Pivotal Events and Battles in History
  143. admiral byrd arctic expedition of 1946
  144. Favorite Defunct 20th Century nation?
  145. Forgotten Battles
  146. December 18, 1860
  147. Rare British India documents surface
  148. Favourite memoirs
  149. Ishlandwana
  150. Most Important Man in History?
  151. On this day............
  152. Thanks to Indian Nation
  153. the most influencial weapon in history?
  154. Recommended Historical Readings
  155. Greatest invention man created throughout history?
  156. Philippine American war
  157. Women Invented Weapons!
  158. Most Important tanks in history
  159. Top Ten Bombers in History?
  160. 300
  161. The Aryan, and the Indus civilizations-What happened there. (spin-off)
  162. Suvorov
  163. Elbmek
  164. 3D Unveils the Mystery of the Great Pyramid
  165. Weapons that changed the world
  166. Military / War Quotes
  167. Teaching the Classics: What Americans Can Learn from Herodotus
  168. What caused the fall of Rome.
  169. “Jihad”: idea and history
  170. Achtung Britisher
  171. A Letter from the Past: Sinan the Architect
  172. What floats your boat?
  173. Ancient port discovered
  174. What if the Crusades Never Happened?
  175. What if America Had Remained Part of the Crown?
  176. Documentary: Kublai Khan's invasion of Japan
  177. Interesting facts about the Crusades.
  178. People and clothes
  179. Great Women of History
  180. The accuracy of the Bible
  181. Greatest beneficiary of the Louisiana Purchase?
  182. The Qin Army
  183. History Quiz
  184. Best battle re-enactments?
  185. Who really won WWII?
  186. Today in Canadian History
  187. They came in Peace
  188. Collapse of Ancient Greece
  189. The closest Rome and China ever got
  190. 64 years ago
  191. The Problem of Middle Ages Historical Research
  192. Chinese Phalanx
  193. Dieppe
  194. I need 10 WWII Movies
  195. The Light Horse Charge at Beersheba
  196. Military equipment that did not or has not seen combat
  197. WW ll USS Barb (SS-220) Sinks *** Locomotive
  198. What if Russia would have been united under Novgorod and not by Moscow ?
  199. Ottoman sultan convert to Christianity?
  200. Napoleon's Legacy
  201. The Real History of the Crusades
  202. Mexican Revolution-1910
  203. What exactly was the Raj?
  204. The Advantage of Redcoats?
  205. Burial Assignment
  206. Vietnam Ditty
  207. Coffeehouses of Constantinople in 16th-17th Century
  208. Ireland Question
  209. St Peter at Antakya
  210. French Revolution
  211. Arminius - Traitor or Patriot?
  212. Flat Earth?
  213. Identification of Japanese officers aboard Musashi
  214. American Revolutionary War Book Recommendations
  215. Longest serving US Army general ?
  216. Imad Mugniyah
  217. Yuan Shikai
  218. The homosexual King Edward II and Piers Gaveston
  219. Mercs in the Falklands War
  220. Khojaly Genocide
  221. Regiments.org website
  222. Alexis Surovov vs Napoleon Bonaparte
  223. Which military leader do you most admire?
  224. 1962 Sino Indian War
  225. Galley Speed
  226. What would the world be like if the South had won the Civil War?
  227. Roman Republic vs Eastern Han
  228. How big were ancient and medieval armies?
  229. Why does China have the highest population?
  230. Warrior Queen Boudica - Needless Senseless Slaughter at Final Battle?
  231. History's worst forms of capital punishment
  232. Genocide of Native Americans? Myth or Actual?
  233. Baron Philipp von Boeselager is dead
  234. Greatest Seige/Last Stand
  235. Roman Power Projection
  236. could G Britain be Atlantis?
  237. What books should I get
  238. Scharnhorst Society
  239. Ancient weapons? We can do better!
  240. What would happen if Tokugawa never took over?
  241. Greatest white elephants of military history
  242. Discovering How Greeks Computed In 100 B.C.
  243. Did the USSR export oil during the cold war?
  244. Nelson voted greatest British military hero of all time
  245. Russia
  246. Afghanistan Legends
  247. "Boris Godunov" plan - has anyone heard of it?
  248. Napoleon's most important defeat
  249. Toy hedgehog is found in child's grave at Stonehenge
  250. Roman Ballista on EBay