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  1. Charlie Sheen's Thoughts on 9/11
  2. Illegals plan national May Day strikes
  3. Retired US generals: Rumsfeld must go.
  4. Who is the American (living) you respect most?
  5. stupid in america
  6. Rumsfeld Questions
  7. President Bush assasination attempt unravelled
  8. Tired of the Illegal Immigration? Lets do somthing about it we Have rights ALSO!
  9. Sing anthem in English: Bush
  10. Sharp Reaction to G.O.P. Plan on Gas Rebate
  11. Let Congress know how you feel!
  12. Dumb in America
  13. Casey Sheehan rests in an unmarked grave
  14. The 'Day Without Immigrants' Backfires
  15. Dobbs to president: Do you take us for fools?
  16. Bush aproval ratings BETTER than top dems
  17. Immigration Speech
  18. Mexicans Say Guard Won't Keep Them Out
  19. Every American Please READ!!!
  20. Jeffereson takes the cash?
  21. Congress Bars Funeral Protesters
  22. US Minutemen install private border fence
  23. Neocons grow in power....in DNC?
  24. Sessions on the immigration bill....
  25. Anti-military policy?
  26. NY's homeland security funding cut 40%
  27. US FDA doing it's socialism impersonation
  28. A quick poll to get it all started
  29. how long will america lead the world?
  30. Dobbs: Gay marriage amendment sheer nonsense
  31. Homeland Security accepts fake ID
  32. Rep. Kennedy pleads guilty to DUI charge
  33. Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee backs US-India Nuclear Deal
  34. Weapons experts warn US lawmakers on Indian nuclear deal
  35. Memphis folks!
  36. New York Times stuns even me with latest betrayal of the nation's trust
  37. US House of Representatives Pass Nuclear Deal 37:5
  38. Much ado about nothing
  39. Parkland Memorial Hospital plans to bill Mexico and other countries to cover costs
  40. US detainees to get Geneva rights
  41. City Passes Harsh Law Against Illegal Immigrants
  42. Immigration issues...
  43. Bush Acknowledges Racism Still Exists
  44. a pox on both houses!
  45. US-India Nuclear Deal Clears House
  46. Seattle protects temples, mosques after 'hate' shootings
  47. Evolution Opponents Lose Kansas Board Majority
  48. As the 5 year anniversary approaches...
  49. NH: Homeland Security nabs Free Stater from home
  50. Bush Preparing for Martial Law?
  51. 3 new 911 reports now available
  52. Regan and Junior are responsible for 9/11
  53. 5 Big Bloombergs: Five BIG Reasons Michael Blooomberg Can Be the Next President
  54. The Clintons war on the 2nd Amendment
  55. You guys in New York can't get a hole in the ground fixed, and it's five years later.
  56. Immigration issue fizzling?
  57. Rep. Harris' religious remarks draw ire
  58. The difference between American Conservatives and Liberals
  59. Rummy Thoughts
  60. Indiana, Republican Bastion, May Favor Democrats in House Races
  61. Southern women breaking up with Bush
  62. Promoting a Better America.
  63. Bush stance on al-Qaida suspects is morally wrong
  64. War on Drugs and US government
  65. Save Yourself, Blame Bush
  66. Still a liberal? Paradise beckons...
  67. Lefty mentality
  68. Willie Clinton goes nuts in interview
  69. Democrats (and at least one Republican) SUCK!
  70. Foley e-mails an open secret in D.C.?
  71. Bush, Ike and Questions of Competence
  72. Pelosi Says She Would Drain GOP 'Swamp'
  73. A True Blowout is Now Possible
  74. cut and run boomerang
  75. The Gap between Liberals and Conservatives is wider then I realized.
  76. Like an eagle
  77. Arnold's comeback
  78. Calif GOP leaders call for candidate's withdrawal
  79. Begining of the end for America?
  80. With Pelosi as Speaker...
  81. Military Commissions Act of 2006
  82. U.S. Rank on Press Freedom Slides Lower
  83. Free Stater faces year in prison without trial
  84. Are you effin' kidding me?
  85. Cheney endorses simulated drowning
  86. Was 9/11 an inside job?
  87. Latest polls on House race
  88. Displaced anger?
  89. Will john kerrys comments cost the democrats the election
  90. has america lost its luck?
  91. Staying the Course, Win or Lose
  92. Republicans get no traction from strong economy
  93. Bush challenges Democrats to offer plan for Iraq
  94. Evangelical Leader Accused of Gay Affair Resigns
  95. Republican push to oust Rumsfeld
  96. Time for Rumsfeld to go
  97. Election Day 2006
  98. America has spoken
  99. Reform, sniper style
  100. Rumsfeld stepping down!!!!
  101. Time is up for Bush's foreign policy
  102. The Bush doctrine: an electoral requiem
  103. Democratic Takeover Discussion
  104. Allen Concedes in Virginia: How He Blew It
  105. Buying Cheney’s Blunder
  106. Democrats say No impeachment for Bush
  107. Dems Pledge to Sever Ties to Lobbyists
  108. Pelosi backs Murtha for majority leader
  109. Lawmakers gear up to fight some old battles
  110. Giuliani takes first step toward '08 presidential bid
  111. Memo to Rumsfeld's successor
  112. White House seeks dismissal of CIA leak suit
  113. Get Out Now? Not So Fast, Experts Say
  114. US told not to sign ‘nukes for mangoes’ deal
  115. In Praise of the Political Center
  116. Tribute to Rumsfeld
  117. Thoughts about the draft?
  118. US Plans Massive Court Complex at Guantanamo
  119. Republicans Keep Your Chin Up
  120. Celebrity Campaign Donations
  121. Bush Moves Toward Martial Law
  122. Abortion drug stops breast cancer
  123. In Following His Own Script, Webb May Test Senate's Limits
  124. Decision to Take Oath on Koran Sparks Controversy
  125. Radio Hoax Exposes Anti-Muslim Sentiment in U.S.
  126. Congress approves offshore drilling bill
  127. Gas Tax Poll
  128. Internationally challenged Americans
  129. Hillary or McCain?
  130. Marijuana top U.S. cash crop, policy analyst says
  131. Powell 2008?
  132. Is the US ready for a minority group's President?
  133. American Policy
  134. Va. Congressman fears more Muslims elected
  135. Al Qaeda Sends a Message to Democrats
  136. ATF agents shot serving warrant
  137. Democrats set to take over Congress
  138. Angry Nixon vowed to 'ruin' diplomatic corps
  139. 9/11 - a new perspective
  140. Intelligence Chief to Shift to Deputy State Dept. Post
  141. Journos don't know stats! and the "de-politicization" of the military
  142. Bush Claims Right to Open Mail
  143. Bush Preparing Personnel Shake-Up
  144. Ellison swore on a copy of the Quran pre-owned by Thomas Jefferson!
  145. Clinton-Obama ticket??
  146. 'Why should the U.S. join Kyoto when China and India haven't?'
  147. State Department under Rice a ‘mess’
  148. What Congress Can (And Can't) Do on Iraq
  149. Rumsfeld Leaves Most Recent Job Off
  150. Wtf!?!
  151. Is Mullah Osama.. errrr... Barack Obama done
  152. U.S. Government Cracking down on Bloggers
  153. Hillary Clinton joins 2008 race
  154. Terror Free Oil Gas Stations
  155. Heres what America is all about;
  156. US Taliban-bill sword hangs over Pervez
  157. Kerry Slams U.S. Foreign Policy
  158. DICK...Cheney
  159. Bush's Intelligence Overhaul a `Failure
  160. General Parries Senate Attacks on Iraq Record
  161. Republicans block "surge" debate
  162. Pelosi wants a bigger jet
  163. Obama declares he's running for president
  164. Obama hits back after Australian PM slams his Iraq stance
  165. Bush backers left wondering where 'axis of evil' went
  166. Obama:Future Commander-in-Chief Gives Advance Notice To The Enemy He Will Retreat
  167. Should US Presidents be popularly elected?
  168. Sydney clashes over Cheney visit
  169. Sure, Barack, you didn’t vote for war in Iraq. That was the easy part
  170. Christian Right Labors to Find ’08 Candidate
  171. Virginia apologizes for role in slavery
  172. Why our enemies -- and friends -- hate us
  173. McCain announces '08 bid
  174. Top officials knew of neglect at Walter Reed
  175. Rice Names Critic Of Iraq Policy To Counselor's Post
  176. Lessons from JFK on power, diplomacy
  177. US senators call for direct strike inside Pakistan: Pressure tactics may trigger Mush
  178. On war costs, Bush is master of disguise
  179. Dems Threaten Pakistani Arms Deal
  180. Powell: Win One for the Gipper
  181. So. Whats the deal with Guiliani?
  182. Apologies For Slavery
  183. Cheney on Libby Verdict
  184. Biofuels boom raises tough questions
  185. 60 years of faulty logic
  186. America's axis of idiots
  187. Democrat campaign gets nasty
  188. What voting Democrats dont know about Iraq bill revealed
  189. U S Army survival school
  190. War in Iraq Today
  191. Wrong On Timetables
  192. Hagel: Some Might Seek Bush Impeachment
  193. Senate backs 2008 withdrawal
  194. AttorneyGate
  195. Election April 2007
  196. Democrats To Widen Conflict With Bush
  197. Pelosi shrugs off White House criticism
  198. Dems. dangerous on security...... ...... ......
  199. House Democrats Offer Plan to Ban Use of 'Global War on Terror'
  200. Bush renews immigration bill call
  201. Shouldn't the people who make war actually be in the war?
  202. Bush's Troop Initiative Doomed, Biden Says
  203. Favorite Republican Candidate?
  204. CBO: Bush's Military Expansion To Cost $108B By FY13
  205. Gonzales faces tough Senate panel
  206. Early Critics Of War Now In Charge
  207. Funding The Troops
  208. Ex-C.I.A. Chief, in Book, Assails Cheney on Iraq
  209. The Disarming of America
  210. Hillary en Flight
  211. Should affirmative action be cancelled?
  212. Your opinion of Gitmo.
  213. May 17th: National "Surrender is Not an Option" Day
  214. What America Should Do
  215. Barack Obama on religion and state.
  216. Laden's 'letter to America'
  217. Mitt Romney's Faith
  218. Opposition to US immigration bill intensifies
  219. General overall opinion
  220. Key California Republican Group Endorses Ron Paul
  221. undecided? I'm a conservative democrat
  222. Giuliani not qualified to be president...
  223. The Next President
  224. Cindy Sheehan quits
  225. English
  226. Man who should be king
  227. US Democrats demand new foreign policy
  228. "The Vermont Free State"-God help their poor citizens.
  229. Beyond Bush: What the world needs is an open, confident America.
  230. Old Poll - Favorite Republican Candidate
  231. Candidates, How would you grapple with Iran's nuclear drive?
  232. Money Laundering: Al Gore and Hillary Clinton
  233. A single 6-year term for the president.
  234. Puerto Rico's status
  235. The latest draft of the Free Flow of Information Act
  236. Newly empowered Democrats draw wrath of voters
  237. Feanor, my last post about
  238. The Immigration Issue, settled by way of Preemption
  239. Court rejects race as factor in school programs
  240. Fairness Doctrine Gets a Stake in the Heart
  241. Cheney, others served with subpoenas by wiretapping investigators
  242. The Founding Immigrants
  243. Why did you vote for Bush?
  244. Sheehan considers challenge to Pelosi
  245. Senator Webb's Defense Authorization Amendment Remarks
  246. The "War on Terror"
  247. George Will on Fred Thompson
  248. Michael Moore's Truthfulness
  249. Communist? Fascist? Liberal? Conservative? Leftist? Neo-con?
  250. Obama: Don't stay in Iraq over genocide