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  1. Why can't the USA break the two-party system?
  2. Where is the Obama Truth Squad member?
  3. Undecided? Don't Vote!
  4. My prediction for Nov. 6th...
  5. Petraeus Resigns from the CIA
  6. Please explain...
  7. Where to Now for the GOP - Presidential Elections
  8. Obama care
  9. Another employee union successfully cuts off nose to spite face
  10. Allen West classless act
  11. Some people can't be helped
  12. State Senator proposes dissolution of Detroit
  13. Priceless - Mitch Mcconnell filibusters his own proposal
  14. Gay marriage in all 50 states by June?
  15. Porkulus, green jobs, alternative energy, and China
  16. 27 dead in Newtown school shooting
  17. New AWB coming?
  18. This is a community
  19. US security chief resigns
  20. More shootings
  21. The story behind Dick Armey’s attempted coup at FreedomWorks
  22. Fiscal Cliff Averted?
  23. Senate passes 'fiscal cliff' deal
  24. Current TV goes from Al Gore to Al Jazeera
  25. A Mindless Debate Over U.S. Troops In Afghanistan
  26. Obama going for 3rd term?
  27. Newtown... a strange coincidence
  28. tap, tap tap, "hey Ray, its Karma, time to pay up."
  29. Anti-Obama Rant Gets Rapper Lupe Fiasco Pulled Off Stage At Inauguration Concert
  30. Former CIA officer sentenced
  31. The new 3/5ths of person
  32. Kerry for Secretary of State.
  33. 'American Sniper' killed in Texas
  34. Such utter stupidity, Or: Big Brother is Happy
  35. Senator Robert Menendez allegedly likes teenage hookers
  36. Ron Paul deploys UN Black Helicopters in attempt to seize domain name from supporters
  37. Illinois: CC law coming up for discussion
  38. SEAL who shot bin Laden speaks out
  39. Wtf?
  40. Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Killing Us
  41. The Sequester
  42. Manning pleads guilty to 10 counts
  43. Why on Earth do they need these?
  44. Child Data Aggregated and Sold to be Mis-used
  45. Bailey O'Neill, 12-year-old Pa. boy, dies weeks after suffering injuries from attack
  46. New TSA rules on small knives draw whining from 9/11 kin
  47. Launch on Impact
  48. Different day, same GOP clowns...
  49. FCC cracks down on campaign robocalls to cell phones
  50. The other marriage inequality - Socioeconomic status impacts marriage rates & mobilit
  51. PETA exposed by Huffpo...
  52. Student charged with assault in stabbing spree at Texas college
  53. Economy, Banks, Gold, and other stuff.
  54. NYT magazine on the Raymond Davis case
  55. 9/11 Memorial ups the ante
  56. Boston Marathon bombings
  57. Senate office mailed ricin poison
  58. Prayers for Waco.
  59. Large explosion in Texas
  60. Whistleblowers to testify
  61. The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost!
  62. IRS investigation for Conservative Targeting
  63. OKC Strong
  64. The US Recovery
  65. U.S to buy Russian helicopters
  66. In nation's breadbasket, Latinos stuck in poverty/Whining about bad decisions
  67. Congratulations to Chinese Government Who Starts to Run US University
  68. leading 'Ex-Gay' organization Exodus admits failure & disbands
  69. James Comey Nominated To Be New FBI Director
  70. CalPers wants power to Tax (Lien Local Govts)
  71. Police In Hawthorne, CA Arrest Man, Shoot His Dog Right In Front Of Him
  72. Happy Independence Day
  73. Zimmerman found not guilty
  74. Right on, Rand Paul
  75. Detroit may file for bankruptcy on Friday
  76. What its like working for the US government
  77. Militarization of the police in the United States
  78. Don't pick dandelions in Chicago!
  79. Hope you enjoyed the peace because it is officially over
  80. Rape victim ordered to pay child support to rapist...
  81. Exclusive: 4 in 5 in US face near-poverty, no work
  82. Chicago on the Fiscal Brink (perhaps BK soon)
  83. Manning acquitted of aid the enemy, guilty of espionage.
  84. Fox News Follows California Beach Bum Living Off Food Stamps For Years
  85. Hagel: Obama Words on Sex Assault "umwarranted influence"
  86. Manning gets 35 years
  87. Hasan verdict thread
  88. Chris Lane murder
  89. Christopher Lane Memorial Fund
  90. DHS employee advocates race war
  91. Why you won’t see or hear the ‘I have a dream’ speech
  92. 30 days for raping a minor
  93. Proof of Inflation
  94. Castro Ariel dead
  95. I find this reprehensible and disgusting
  96. Good news and bad news
  97. 12 Years to the day
  98. Washington DC Navy Yard shooting Sept 16 2013
  99. American Schools and Foreign Languages
  100. US Government Shutdown
  101. Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the 'pathetic' American media
  102. Wow
  103. The Wally World Diet (EBT Shopping Spree)
  104. Obama knew millions could not keep their health insurance
  105. Obama and transparency
  106. Sen. Rand Paul: Was it Plagiarism or Carelessness?
  107. Getting rich in Washington DC
  108. Faked census to show higher employer data pre election 2012
  109. Harry Reid- traitor
  110. 10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican
  111. The GOP Civil War: The Demise of a Party
  112. Russian diplomats defraud Medicaid
  113. US Finally Gets a Budget. Maybe?
  114. Indian diplomat arrested in NYC
  115. Obama Insurance Claim wins "Lie of the Year" Label
  116. Ractopomine in Meat Supply
  117. Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, and All That
  118. Meet the Chinese Tycoon Who Wants to Buy The New York Times
  119. ‘I would love to teach but…’
  120. Satanists unveil design for statehouse
  121. Gates critique
  122. U.S. Economy Added Only 74,000 Jobs in December
  123. Ex-SecDef Gates New Book Blasts Congress, Biden
  124. Bridgegate - Chris Christie's scandal
  125. Inmate’s death called ‘horrific’
  126. GECAS orders 40 Boeing 737s worth $4 bln
  127. Wendy Davis' bio a lie (Texas)
  128. One in five women raped in US: report
  129. Obama Forgets To Lie About Marijuana
  130. Guess How Much NFL Pays in Taxes
  131. Fun at the State of the Union
  132. 'Davos to Detention: Why I Hate Coming Home to America'
  133. Republicans Are Setting Up Fake Websites for Democratic Candidates
  134. California to Vote on Splitting into 6 States
  135. American Police State Future
  136. In Congress, a war on obnoxious airline passengers
  137. WELL, another day of important news pre-empted!
  138. Mayor Nagin guilty on corruption charges
  139. Florida jurors continue deliberations Saturday in loud-music murder trial
  140. Tenn. Volkswagen Vote Major Setback for UAW
  141. Lawyers: Free man wrongfully locked up for decades
  142. Political Harassment
  143. Paul Says Rocker Nugent Should Apologize for Calling Obama a Mongrel
  144. Arizona lawmakers pass controversial anti-gay bill
  145. F1 Schumaker Thread Moved To Sports Bar
  146. Google Glass
  147. The Texas Elections
  148. An observant commentator
  149. NJ and Tesla
  150. How long before this is presented on the American news?
  151. Gun Rights Bill in Georgia
  152. TSP (Paint Thinner) in Cereal
  153. Indian cos generated 81,000 jobs in US in 2013: Survey
  154. 4 dead in Fort Hood shooting
  155. Yee indicted on gun, corruption charges
  156. Portland dumps 38m gallons of water after urination
  157. The US is an oligarchy, study concludes
  158. Conservative tribalism
  159. Yup, Sums it up well
  160. Is the US Economy Really Looking This Good
  161. Superior Police Department spends 733K for a MRAP
  162. 2017 and the End of Ethics
  163. The VA Scandal - Part Deux
  164. Targeting
  165. VA Secretary Shinseki resigns
  166. Sgt Bowe Bergdahl released
  167. Shipped-in aliens swamping Arizona
  168. US pressures El Salvador to buy Monsanto's GMO seeds
  169. Cantor's Defeat Removes Key Defense Leader
  170. Drone memo released
  171. Conservatives Plan to Use Poll Watchers in Mississippi
  172. Coulter: Any growing interest in soccer a sign of nation's moral decay
  173. Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Verdict
  174. Colorado senator is skipping own campaign rally featuring Obama
  175. RT founder suspected of money laundering
  176. What is going on in Ferguson?
  177. Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Washington Think Tanks
  178. Mitt Romney cracks a joke at Obama's expense
  179. David Greenglass, US Cold War spy, 'died in July'
  180. Threats to Americans, ranked (by actual threat instead of media hype)
  181. After a life time of hiding, Jerry Brown has come out of the closet....
  182. Double standards by US.US firm found guilty of underpaying Indians at $1.22 an hour.
  183. GOP Will Take Control of Senate: What Now?
  184. Protesters gather in Ferguson for “Million Mask March”
  185. Port Authority Officer Kept Sources With Ties to Iran Attacks
  186. We should stop putting women in jail. For anything.
  187. Duped by Medill Innocence Project, Milwaukee man now free
  188. Erdoğan says America discovered by Muslims, wants mosque on Cuba hill
  189. Lois Lerner
  190. Hagel Said to Be Stepping Down as Defense Chief Under Pressure
  191. As expected, riot v2.0
  192. Investment Manager Explains Why 99.5% Of Americans Can Never Win
  193. The UVA Gang Rape that Wasn’t
  194. Obama to normalize relations with Cuba
  195. 2 NYPD cops shot dead ‘execution style’ in Brooklyn
  196. U.S. Economy Needs Hardhats Not Nerds
  197. Rep Molly White Asks Muslim Visitors to Pledge Allegiance
  198. Obama criticized for remarks on ISIS, Christianity
  199. Alabama Cops ATTACKED and PARALYZED Indian Grandfather by using excessive force
  200. Jailed ex-Army officer has support, but not from his platoon
  201. American democracy is doomed
  202. The 2016 US General Election
  203. Hillary Clinton: You've Got Mail
  204. Americans stuck in Yemen file suit against State, Defense departments
  205. I now support Obamacare
  206. Marines killed in Chattanooga
  207. State department inspectors general request criminal inquiry into Clinton emails
  208. Is Gold a Good Investment?
  209. Black Lives Matter Activists Disrupt Bernie Sanders Speech
  210. Kanye West for potus ???
  211. Last gun shop in SF to close
  212. Gun Control
  213. Media bias 2016 election
  214. Police protests / BLM
  215. Armed Militia takes over federal building - Oregon
  216. False accusations against Planned Parenthood
  217. Presidential Question
  218. Antonin Scalia dead at age 79
  219. Thousands protest NYPD officer's conviction
  220. The Obama Doctrine
  221. Yet another Obama outrage
  222. The smug style in American liberalism
  223. UC Berkeley Touts $15 Minimum Wage, Then Fires Hundreds Of Workers
  224. 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting
  225. The mind of the President
  226. 11 Police Officers Shot, 4 killed by sniper at Dallas anti-police protest
  227. Trump says US may abandon automatic protections for Nato countries
  228. DC Metro lags on federal safety actions
  229. White House official accused of assaulting Native American over Redskin shirt
  230. Looks like there's a revolt on in the State Department
  231. The U.N. Sent 3 Women To The U.S. To Assess Gender Equality. They Were Horrified
  232. Obama called a Terrorist
  233. Sunday is the 15th Anniversary...
  234. Dems turn on ObamaCare amid premium hikes, Bill Clinton laments ‘crazy system’
  235. Why MacArthur was fired: Declassified Congressional testimony
  236. Donald Trump rallies infiltrated by paid Hillary Clinton operatives
  237. Poll: 2016 presidential election (for eligible U.S. voters only)
  238. North Dakota pipeline
  239. California Secessionist Groups Seize the Moment
  240. Anti-Trump protests
  241. Media Bias - 2016
  242. The Rich and Famous and the election
  243. Electoral College
  244. Nancy Pelosi could be in trouble as House Democrats delay vote
  245. Race and 2016
  246. Alt-right
  247. TPP, yea or nah?
  248. Youth Crime
  249. The Terror of Fake News
  250. Hate Crime Wave