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  1. CDF & TMF's work on the PLA WZC in the TW Context
  2. Articles and links for the Military Professional
  3. Art of War, Sun Tzu
  4. Nuclear Weapon Effects Calculator
  5. Guerilla Warfare
  6. Athenian Democracy and the Peloponnesian War
  7. Good nukes, bad nukes - by David Ignatius
  8. Nuclear Weapons Obsolete?
  9. Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq
  10. PLA 155th Light Mechanized Regiment
  11. A British Brigadier's View of US Army in Iraq
  12. Tribalism
  13. Why doctrine matters and how to fix it
  14. High Altitude Warfare: The Kargil Conflict & the Future
  15. A Savage War of Peace
  16. Welcome to The Staff College!
  17. The Art of War
  18. Professional/recommended reading lists
  19. Online Jihadi Texts
  20. Counterinsurgency Doctrine and Readings
  21. Democratic Peace and the Middle East
  22. Cultural Anthropology
  23. The Changing Face Of Terrorism: Agro. Terrorism - The Low Cost And A ‘safe’ Terrorist
  24. US-Pakistan Relations: The Way Forward
  25. Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War
  26. Iraq as a Failed State - Planning for Partition
  27. Life after START
  28. The Iraq Syndrome, R.I.P
  29. Right On: The straightforward arithmetic of jihad
  30. Geographic Catalysts for Secularization in Western Europe
  31. Academics in Uniform
  32. Future of Democracy in Iran
  33. The Press as an Agent of Defeat?
  34. Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism
  35. How the war on terror made the world a more terrifying place
  36. The Seven Modern Pillars of Iraq
  37. Education, Poverty and Terrorism
  38. Chicken or egg?
  39. The Utility of Force
  40. Hailer Publishing
  41. Create a U.S. foreign legion
  42. Words Have Meaning
  43. Understanding Islamism
  44. GEN McCaffrey's Trip Reports
  45. Emir of ISI
  46. Blog Watch
  47. Online Program: Opinion needed
  48. Flipside of the COIN
  49. Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW) - Back to the Future or Fraud?
  50. The Profession of Arms
  51. Redrawn Middle East
  52. Edward Luttwak’s "Counterinsurgency Malpractice"
  53. The Military's Media Problem
  54. A Recipe for Military Readiness
  55. Interesting little diddy by Mr. Lind.
  56. A failure in generalship
  57. Adopting Law Enforcment Doctrine/Techniques in the COIN environment
  58. The influence of MOUT on the current RMA?
  59. Fire the Generals from dni
  60. The Shia Revival
  61. Recommended reading for N. Ireland & the "troubles"
  62. Religion and Insurgency
  63. Recommended reading for COIN in the Philippines
  64. "Non Cents" - Air Power vs. Land Power
  65. Strategy reading list
  66. Words Have Meaning, Part 2
  67. Kilcullen's Strategic Framework
  68. Nagl Discusses the Origins and Premises of FM 3-24
  69. Book of the month?
  70. Supreme Command: Soldiers, Statesmen, and Leadership in Wartime
  71. Semantics?
  72. Pax and Cash.
  73. Question
  74. General James Mattis - Attacking the al Qaeda "Narrative"
  75. When, not if.
  76. Viral Targeting of the Social IED Network
  77. DOD & Military E-Journals
  78. Eating Soup with a Spoon
  79. Strategic Communications
  80. Unified Military Theory?
  81. Kilcullen's new powerpoint
  82. The Combating Terrorism Center
  83. Pashtunistan- CSIS PowerPoint Analysis
  84. The one-key system
  85. Petraeus Helping Pick New Generals
  86. Engineers of Jihad
  87. Assessing the Decision to Intervene in Iraq
  88. The Ugly American
  89. The Village
  90. Long term equipment acquisition planning
  91. Modern Warfare Doctrine
  92. Huntington v. Fukuyama
  93. CTC Sentinel
  94. Al-Qa'ida's Foreign Fighters in Iraq: A First Look at the Sinjar Records
  95. Infantry and National Priorities
  96. How Can We Help?
  97. For UK: Channel 4 programme on Able Archer '83
  98. Football vs. soccer and the American Way of War
  99. Annual Forecast 2008: Beyond the Jihadist War
  100. The Dynamics of Defeat: The Vietnam War in Hau Nghia Province
  101. The Hukbalahap Insurrection
  102. Coin Of The Realm: U.S. Counterinsurgency Strategy
  103. "Silent War" - COIN manual written by a former insurgent
  104. CTC Sentinel, Vol. 2
  105. Nato First Strike
  106. French COIN Manual FT-01 January 2007
  107. Energy Security: Current and Future Strategic Challenges
  108. Attack Assignments in Terror Organizations and the Productivity of Suicide Bombers
  109. A Disconnect in the Information War: Who Flies Under the Radar?
  110. Stating the obvious: radar swamping
  111. Have a Question....Ask
  112. Afghan Study Group Final Report
  113. Nuclear Weapons - Papers and literature advises.
  114. Al-Qaeda Is Losing The War Of Minds
  115. On War: Lessons To Be Learned
  116. Integrated Defense Forces?
  117. We Were Caught Unprepared: The 2006 Hezbollah-israeli War
  118. CTC Sentinel Vol. 3
  119. CTC Sentinel Vol. 4
  120. The Bottom Billion
  121. Anthropology and the U.S. military
  122. House of commons Defence Committee (UK) 'Defence Equipment 2008' paper
  123. The New Face of Al- Qaeda?
  124. Prodigal Soldiers
  125. Cop in the Hood
  126. Unpursued First Strike Countermeasures
  127. Has the Nuke gone out of fashion?
  128. U.N Peacekeeping experience
  129. The Power of Truth
  130. Political Maneuver in COIN
  131. Battle for Hearts and Minds - Jarret Brachman on AQ
  132. Personnel quality
  133. CSIS/Cordesman Afghan & Iraq Study
  134. Internet Connects Future Army Leaders with Virtual 'Front Porch'
  135. Fascinating: The Jihadists Admit Defeat in Iraq
  136. A different way (paradigm) of looking at
  137. The Rebellion Within
  138. Intrepidity . . . .
  139. China's 4-2-1 Problem
  140. CTC Sentinel Vol. 5
  141. CTC Sentinel Vol. 6
  142. Changes in the high ground?
  143. IT vs. initiative: The Internet age comes to the battlefield
  144. Wabber's professional education
  145. Startling new light on jihadis
  146. USAF-PLAAF Military Relationship
  147. Soft Muslim Underbelly, Soft American Power
  148. Prophets or Praetorians? The Uptonian Paradox and the Powell Corollary
  149. Bombers, Bank Accounts, and Bleedout: al-Qa'ida's Road in and Out of Iraq
  150. The Strongest Tribe
  151. The Future Face of Conflict
  152. Strategic Collaboration: How the United States Can Thrive as Other Powers Rise
  153. Learning from Contemporary Conflicts to Prepare for Future War
  154. Contrasting Soft Power & Hard Power
  155. Looking for some sources
  156. Militarization of space?
  157. CTC Sentinel Vol. 12
  158. Civilian National Security Force
  159. HUMINT Nature and the Jim Thyne Theory
  160. The Most Effective Interrogation Technique
  161. Reprogramming the Pentagon for a New Age
  162. A Concert-Balance Strategy for a Multipolar World
  163. Handbook of Defence Politics
  164. WAB Library/Bookstore
  165. Mexican Narcoterrorism - an memo by Gen McCaffrey
  166. The Army We Need - by John Nagl
  167. What is the role of nuclear arsenals ?
  168. CSAF Reading List, 2009
  169. threat perception of small states
  170. 4th Generation Warfare
  171. Directed energy weapons on the battlefield: A new vision for 2025
  172. When soft power meets hard choices
  173. Liberal Internationalism
  174. 7 Deadly Scenarios: A Military Futurist Explores War in the 21st Century
  175. Grand Strategy, Leviathans & Sys Adm-Thomas P.M. Barnett
  176. Reformation of the Russian Military
  177. PTSD and Police
  178. Crunch Time in AFPAK
  179. Gaza War Analysis
  180. Office Of The Historian Of The U.S. Dept. Of State
  181. Sarah Chayes' Comprehensive Action Plan for Afghanistan January 2009
  182. A return to the system of Grand Alliances?
  183. Thomas Ricks' "The Gamble"
  184. Why We Should Get Rid of West Point
  185. Jihad Lite
  186. Drone Strikes
  187. The Punishment of Virtue
  188. Tell Me How This Ends?
  189. Seven Deadly Scenarios
  190. The Accidental Guerilla
  191. Joint Special Operations University
  192. May 2009 CTC Sentinel
  193. "Shock and Awe" and Col. John Boyd
  194. Careers in Defence and Strategy
  195. Afghanistan Security Solution (Long-Term)
  196. Strategic Studies - Distance education
  197. Leadership at the Operational Level: Canadian Doctrine and a Soviet Case Study
  198. Dennis Ross appointed NSC senior director
  199. Hearts And Minds
  200. CTC Sentinel July 2009 Issue
  201. Middle Eastern Studies Changes
  202. Chinese proliferation in doubt
  203. The Fourth Star
  204. Imagery and propaganda
  205. Geopolitics/Military Podcasts
  206. Any interest in a WAB ACW staff ride in the spring?
  207. Sources on America Military Capabilities and Doctrine
  208. Grant and the Operational Art
  209. The Soviet Victory That Never Was
  210. ISW critiques Canada's mission in Kandahar
  211. Good books on COIN?
  212. Two Views on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
  213. Afghanistan/Iraq and the evolution of the US military
  214. ISAF's Vision For COIN
  215. The Founders' Wisdom
  216. Getting Closer To Our Allies
  217. New Rules of War by John Arquilla
  218. The Art of Military Discovery -- Chinese Air and Space Power
  219. Veteran's Day 2010
  220. Afghanistan Generals Left Baffled By PowerPoint Slide
  221. EBO and SOD
  222. Helping Others Defend Themselves - Robert M. Gates
  223. Future of Mass Hostage Taking Terrorism
  224. Good books or other reads on Operational Art?
  225. CSBA AirSea Battle report
  226. Naval Operations Concept 2010 Released
  227. Empire Without End -- Imperial Achievements and Ideologies
  228. Nuclear Explosions, 1945-1998
  229. The Hard Hand of War
  230. 'The end of (military) history'
  231. No ‘Cold Start’ doctrine, India tells US
  232. General Lee's Army
  233. Grant and Lee: Victorious American and Vanquished Virginian
  234. Britain and France lack the budgets to back their ambitions
  235. Stratfor's (free-to-view) Borderlands article
  236. Conflict or Cooperation?
  237. Term Paper Thread
  238. Sir Carl Quote of the Week
  239. Writing the Victory Plan of 1941
  240. Strategic Bombing - Fact or Fiction
  241. The Softer Side of War
  242. Gates's budget ax: winners and losers
  243. Transforming the Army at War: Designing the Modular Force
  244. Save Energy, Save Our Troops
  245. Debunking The 10:1 Ratio of Forces in COIN
  246. Victory Has A Thousand Fathers
  247. Recommendations on COIN literature?
  248. Conceptualizing Victory Anew
  249. Did Army general use ‘psy-ops’ on senators?
  250. Private security companies........ yes or no?