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  1. LTC Robel's articles on the IBCT now known as SBCT
  2. Unclassified After Action Report From Iraq
  3. Keeping Our Best Army Coalition Relevant by Transforming Together
  4. To Ray, Overview of the PLA's WZC
  5. My public apology to Gen Nambiar
  6. Supply Officer, Sir?
  7. Aar 2/7 Inf, 3id
  8. Difference Between Infantry,Artillery and Armored
  9. Parachute Regiment Website launched...
  10. UN dysfunctional, troops cowards, Gen Dallaire says in new book
  11. OIF After Action Report, 3rd Infantry Division
  12. ACIG thread - WWWIII/E-88; Germany, Czechoslovakia (and Austria?)
  13. To Ray, request for eval, Chinese training
  14. Why Arabs Lose Wars
  15. US and British Approaches to Force Protection
  16. Attn Want A Beer Forum. Band of Brothers premiers
  17. Joining the USMC as a foreigner...
  18. Question - What do Americans want of the CF?
  19. Europe vs United States
  20. Invasion Soundtrack?
  21. Joining up
  22. What is your favorite war movie?
  23. Least Favorite War Movie
  24. Major Shabbir Sharif
  25. Brigadier, Maruf's new BdA-InA tirade at CDF
  26. officer vs. enlisted
  27. Band of Brothers
  28. Interview with PLAAF LGen Liu Yazhou
  29. The Recruiting Proccess: How to not get screwed
  30. Wounded Soldier Charged For Damaged Body Armor
  31. Military Bumper Stickers
  32. Sparks still at it
  33. U.S. VS. Soviet Union
  34. Coaltion of the Hidden?
  35. As war began, U.S. generals feuded
  36. Hey this is cool. OOE gets his own forum!
  37. The speech.
  38. Conscription?
  39. Asian Cold War?
  40. RAND: Lightning Over Water
  41. US Defence Policy Guidelines
  42. Principles of War for the Battlefield of the Future
  43. Mullah's leading the charge...
  44. RAND: Air Power Against Terror
  45. RAND: Joint Paths to the Future Force: A Report on Unified Quest 2004
  46. Stories!
  47. Iran test-fires stealth missile
  48. To OOE, Winter Campaigns
  49. Shek: Some mundane questions
  50. Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle: Cold-War Dinosaur or Techno Revolution...?
  51. US and pre-emptive war
  52. AirLand Battle
  53. Use of Army Groups
  54. Today's menu; Japanese Soldiers
  55. I have some dumb questions
  56. Loud-mouth Americans
  57. Military Strategies
  58. Blackwater USA Offers a Brigade
  59. Innovation Must Stop!
  60. Letter from Canadian in Kandahar
  61. Butter cookies: what anti-personal properties
  62. The last time the West had a dispute with Iran
  63. MOH Recipients
  64. "Sar'nt"??
  65. Clothes maketh the man’
  66. World War POW Atrocities
  67. A Horse Soldier's Recollections of Pre WW ll Army
  68. Battling Bastards of Bataan
  69. US Line Companies
  70. Primary Target - August 6 1945
  71. Joining the Marine Reserves!
  72. Air Assault off a CVN
  73. Is Peacekeeping extinct?
  74. Colonel: Your thoughts
  75. Afghanistan Shows Need for More Training
  76. Fighting words
  77. General Ray sir, in here please
  78. Regarding the concept of Shi.
  79. Special Forces and Future of War
  80. Favorite Military Novel
  81. Medals & Ribbons
  82. On Military Campaigns (Zhanyi Xue )
  83. 62 Year Old Explosion Explained
  84. Questions for Xinhui
  85. Psy Ops
  86. SOCom urged to focus on unconventional warfare
  87. Al-Qaida's Playbook - Management of Savagery
  88. World War ll Operation "Downfall"
  89. Against Iran
  90. Darfur Action (attn OOE)
  91. Roc Ad
  92. Bypassed Japanese military during WW ll
  93. Col. Toon?
  94. First Strike Doctrine
  95. Interpret this airstrike photo please
  96. Questionable explosion explained 62 years later
  97. US Army Force Structure
  98. Big red one combat in falluja (Video)
  99. Questions for the Col.
  100. Militay Duty Assignments
  101. Song Mu Dao
  102. A couple Cold War questions...
  103. Organizing Infantry
  104. Book Review?
  105. Japanese WW ll Cannibalistic Atrocities
  106. Turkey turning cool to NATO
  107. Was "This Guy" ever under your command?
  108. Which regiment should i join?
  109. Old Sea Tales from long ago
  110. Memories of Iwo Jima - 61 years ago
  111. Sunday December 7, 1941
  112. Iraq vs. Vietnam
  113. A question
  114. China's Nuke Sub???
  115. WWI Soldier Buried at Arlington
  116. Scenario: Plane crash in the high arctic
  117. Air power rulz!
  118. Survivor Located after 62 Years
  119. Why the NATO panic?
  120. help imfo wanted on the military medal!!
  121. Need research help re: Russian Nuke capacity
  122. bluesman, m21, looks like the old army just died!!
  123. Honoring a fallen brother
  124. OoE, A quick enquiry on academic reading for the PLA
  125. Entry level fitness requirements?
  126. CW Strikes in GWOT and WMD Premption; Any Merit?
  127. Wish Me Luck
  128. New Rules for New Enemies
  129. India's Strategic Environment and the Role of Military Power
  130. Sgt. 'Mike' Burghardt, USMC
  131. Modern Cavalry
  132. Army-Marine doctrine retools way U.S. fights beyond Iraq
  133. Training advice from the pros
  134. GAH!! I feel like I had my heart torn out...
  135. OoE: US retrenchment in Kurdistan, Iraq War widens
  136. Big Ross makes Sgt
  137. Ethiopia ’seasoned in war’
  138. Military Education
  139. Merry Christmas, Snipe
  140. Global Incident Map
  141. The Bear Trap - Afghanistan ref material
  142. Welcome to the Field Mess!
  143. Beyond al-Qaeda - The Global Jihadist Movement
  144. Dear Johnies
  145. Bad day for US troops over here!
  146. The Vietnam history you haven't heard
  147. Training meeting
  148. SWAT, SORT and the sort (hehe)
  149. New US Army format a model for the ARA?
  150. During your military career, have you ever been 'mentioned in dispatches'?
  151. Military Photos
  152. First Royal Tank Regiment
  153. Branch?
  154. Fictional Military
  155. Military and Global power sims
  156. Ghurkas to get pension parity with British Army
  157. Rumour control question.
  158. Three Cheers for Lady P
  159. Corps clarifies tattoo policy
  160. Armour
  161. 80 Abrams knocked out??? it's a joke right?
  162. Bronze Star Medal
  163. Think this will work?
  164. History and War: An Interview With Eliot Cohen
  165. Poems from a Veteran
  166. What If..
  167. And the winner in Iraq is: the Al-Qaeda jihadists
  168. How many years in?
  169. Do soldiers like the press?
  170. Cheers everyone
  171. Enlisting in the Army
  172. Becoming a Ranger
  173. "Acting" rank
  174. Joining the British Regulars
  175. finally an officer
  176. A man we called "Chief"
  177. Writing political/military fiction?
  178. breaking bad news....
  179. Any CDN/US Coast guards here?
  180. Old Crime, New Punishment
  181. Embarrassing Moments...
  182. Company commander - captain or major?
  183. Special Forces
  184. What a stain :(
  185. Mikhail Kalashnikov At 87
  186. Dambusters, the movie
  187. Nuclear scare after Japan quake
  188. Active peacekeepers
  189. Contrary Peter Principle
  190. GI's billed for "damaged" gear
  191. British Foreign Legion?
  192. Some anecdotes-1990 Gulf war
  193. First Sergeant-ism's
  194. New Russian money gone too far?
  195. training.
  196. Military oxymorons
  197. Military News for Canadians
  198. the dreadful dilemma....
  199. Females in combat units
  200. Peaceful Protests
  201. Women in the Military
  202. 1945 Purple Hearts
  203. If you were a piece of military equipment, what would you be?
  204. Stolen Valor Act of 2005
  205. US Forces
  206. Sounds like a Furfey
  207. boy soldiers
  208. Easy way to explain different military units to non-military people
  209. Remembrence day
  210. War on terror costs $1.5 trillion
  211. Can of worms
  212. A Remembrance - Albeit Early
  213. Your Rank
  214. Any MOH recipents still on active duty?
  215. Puerto Rico National Guard - bilingual?
  216. Military Museums
  217. Advice Please.
  218. Joining the IDF
  219. 11 December 1941
  220. A classy way to leave
  221. Service Academies
  222. Merry Christmas, Full Metal Jacket style
  223. Challenge Coins
  224. Some of you won't read this. Your loss.
  225. usmc individual weapon
  226. Army/Raf Regiment Forward Air Control
  227. Military Jokes!
  228. Lessons of 07, plans for 08
  229. Our military is doom?!
  230. F/A-18 Hornet vs CHP
  231. The Military Channel is mediocre, at best.
  232. Russia flexing again
  233. MoD (UK) pay blunder hits armed forces
  234. Ross Kemp
  235. Latest French Anti-Tank Missile Technology
  236. We are down to our very last WWI vet
  237. Canadian Soldier gets NATO Medal
  238. Naming of military things
  239. (UK) MOD attacked by Coroner
  240. Recovering soldier returns home to Greece
  241. Sino-US relations
  242. PFC Blueskid finally found out what he'll be doing in Iraq.
  243. Ominous Rumblings
  244. British Army warrant officers question
  245. Stationed Overseas anyone?
  246. Adopt a retired Military Dog
  247. Has military training and trainee quality experience a downhill drop?
  248. Good News.
  249. Questions of a military nature
  250. Bush Honors Navy Hero at White House