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  1. if aust is the land down under what is?
  2. Army Football Player Caleb Campbell and the NFL Draft
  3. South African Army question
  4. First Indian Army Officer to Top CGSC
  5. Any ARNG Members: Share Some Thoughts Please
  6. USNI- Americans at War
  7. Training on Sunday
  8. Day to day life
  9. The Queen's getting another one
  10. Off to Basic
  11. Latrine graffiti
  12. Generals and soldiers
  13. How much military trivia do you know?
  14. Joining the USMC
  15. Info For Any 1 RTR Personnel
  16. How to Simulate Life in the Army
  17. Considering Enlistment ( SANDF )
  18. Uniform when not on duty?
  19. Chinese Westernization/Modernization
  20. A Wrong-Footed Parachute Landing To Beat The Band
  21. Obama's Plan for Withdrawal Replaces Living Victorious Strategy with Dead Strategy
  22. Generation Kill
  23. Women in combat - the Smith sisters
  24. RCR Reunion in Kingston August 1st-3rd.
  25. Asbc
  26. Is this true...can anyone verify it?
  27. Welcome Home Son!
  28. What Idiots
  29. Wounded UK Soldier Refused Hotel Room
  30. In a Time of War
  31. The Taliban
  32. Tricare Liaison
  33. Gurkha victory
  34. Creepy Obama Children
  35. Media Role in the Financial Crisis
  36. Royal Military College: Advice, Anecdotes, anything
  37. Indian Army Gurkhas
  38. Horatio Nelson... What a guy!
  39. experimental weaponry
  40. Bring your kid to work day
  41. Another Warrior slips away
  42. Basic Officer Training Graduation Day, Maxwell
  43. Service Comparisons
  44. 11 November
  45. Anybody Know about the SRT
  46. Show about soldiers for hire
  47. Dunwoody to be first female four-star general
  48. Not Bad for a Little Country
  49. Deepcut/Catterick Garrison
  50. Military Sets Date for First Execution Since 1961
  51. A French Infantryman's View of American Soldiers
  52. Third Royal Tank Regiment
  53. Am I... unfit for service?
  54. Prisoners of War In Afghanistan
  55. Go Army, Beat Navy!
  56. Military Bands
  57. Another Marine Christmas
  58. Back in the game.
  59. Is Britain Getting Ready to Persue the Pirates
  60. To boost recruits, US Army relaxes weight rules
  61. Anti-Israel and Pro-Hamas/Palestine Protests in the US
  62. Canada Expels US Woman Deserter
  63. How to prepare for deployment
  64. Help - need Field Marshal Montgomery's funeral footage
  65. Should women be allowed in combat roles?
  66. Electric Cars for Army Posts, But Fuel Guzzlers for Combat
  67. I gotta brag about VMI
  68. RAF E-Mail Allegedly Diverted to Russia
  69. Has the lion got his voice back ?
  70. Back to steam power
  71. Col numb nuts .
  72. From Homecoming Shenanigans to Possession of Stolen Property
  73. 49 dead in US air crash
  74. well worth a giggle
  75. I plan on joining the Marines and I need some advice/help is that's ok.
  76. The Land that War Forgot
  77. How do I find my grandparents military records?
  78. Weekend at War
  79. Military health care
  80. New Law Regarding US Army Recruits
  81. Which Branch of service would be best for me?
  82. CATO Goes Airborne
  83. Tears of frustration
  84. Are we really "Army Strong?"
  85. Cleaning Up Death At War — And At Home
  86. Cyprus memorial
  87. Get Your Ranger School Slot While It's Hot!
  88. Branch of service doesn't matter on the battlefield
  89. Wounded Warrior Perfomance at the Academy of Country Music 2009 Awards
  90. Compensation for troops in europe due to weak $?
  91. I'm Going For A Navy Comission
  92. Just curious?
  93. Happy St Georges Day
  94. Hurt Feelings Report
  95. Quake in the UK
  96. Female soldier fights it out with Marines in Helmand
  97. Honor amongst enemies
  98. Soldiers delayed return home
  99. US Marines return to Makin Island
  100. Who has served in more than one branch of the military?
  101. Recovery of Fromelles WWI war dead begins
  102. Guts and determination
  103. Embarrasing Soldiers
  104. US soldier charged with five counts of murder
  105. Shotguns and the Geneva Convention
  106. Military technicians (NG/Reserve)
  107. Soldier Fights Taliban in Pink Boxers
  108. Soldiers human rights rulings
  109. An Impromptu Farewell Becomes Britain’s Salute
  110. Proudly Serving the Nation Since 1846
  111. Rip off UK
  112. Queens security
  113. D/Day Memorial Royal snub from the French
  114. Russian T-10 tank
  115. UK Law change on assisted suicide ?
  116. Trooping the Colour
  117. Soldiers on exercise at mock Afghan village in Norfolk
  118. What weapon best tickles your fancy...and why.
  119. Today 77 members of congress stand erect for the gay seamen and soldiers.
  120. Armed Forces Day
  121. Is calculus necessary or helpful for military service.
  122. Hero Of War
  123. Study recommends total ban on smoking for soldiers
  124. Salute
  125. Spanish wild fires
  126. Last UK Veteran of WWI Trench Battles Dies
  127. Is it too early to start inquiring?
  128. Ronnie Biggs
  129. Some advice on calling drill commands
  130. Fighting to stay in and make a difference
  131. Question- What do y'all Americans want of the British Forces?
  132. Cool Guy
  133. Recruitment ,, or lack of
  134. The Army Is Making the Same Old Mistakes in Afghanistan, Some Soldiers Say
  135. Have a beer
  136. Whatever next ,, coooool
  137. Petrol wars begin woo hoo .
  138. Where Were You When You Heard the News on 9/11?
  139. Jefferson County Sheriff defends soldier's funeral procession
  140. New Medals
  141. Would the Generation of Today be like These Guys.
  142. Jobs for youths
  143. How does your country treat their Veterans?
  144. Why did you join the Military?
  145. Hitler's (alleged) skull (conspiracy)
  146. Lady Godiva's on foot
  147. 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' to end?
  148. Soldier dies after transplant
  149. Fake veteran faces 'stolen valor' charge
  150. Soldier dies after receiving smoker's lungs in transplant
  151. Former StratPage Alumni Thread
  152. Cato AIT?Airborne Watch?
  153. Last military commander of the Warsaw ghetto uprising dead
  154. Marine pleads guilty in hero hoax
  155. Going to basic with an open contract, that bad of an idea?
  156. A Treasure Trove
  157. Dutch MP speech
  158. Prostheses that work like real limbs
  159. Aspirin doses
  160. Mugger
  161. A-levels for RAF
  162. Info on US Army branches
  163. Brit killed in Texas
  164. joining the army
  165. To you military men, how important is weight in your system?
  166. Happy Veterans Day VETS!
  167. A poem for the military
  168. Cambrai Day
  169. Happy Thanksgiving
  170. Urinating student on memorial avoids prison .
  171. Tank Gunnery
  172. Anne Frank
  173. 109 Killed in Russian fire
  174. Man injects HIS wife with his HIV infected blood
  175. Stupid things your friends have said relating to military equipment.
  176. First fuel cell boat
  177. Medal of Honor recipient wins his battle to keep his flagpole
  178. Auschwitz sign stolen
  179. Please please watch this , holocaust live art
  180. Stabbed to death
  181. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
  182. Drunk pilot pleads guilty
  183. White xmas bet
  184. Joining the National Guard
  185. PTSD-induced depression -- or just another political posture?
  186. Air traffic control
  187. Knaur signs up
  188. Anti Semitic incidents U/K
  189. British Soldiers (Tankers)
  190. Badass of the Week: Leo Major
  191. How stupid is this guy
  192. A brave Kiwi .
  193. WW1 mass grave I/D .
  194. Blinded soldier sees with his tongue
  195. Chelsea pensioners in need
  196. Is this an urban legend?
  197. Dead boy speaks to gran .
  198. military graves
  199. Too fat to enlist. (It's the school lunch.)
  200. St Georges day
  201. Last of the Idaho Loners
  202. What we can learn from beavers
  203. Horny Kangaroos
  204. A True Hero
  205. Logistics or Loyalty
  206. A Thread for military or defence career
  207. military marker
  208. Bragg colonel's wife barred from 4th Brigade functions
  209. Smith amendment questions.
  210. Need some advice from military historians
  211. Best Bars, Eating Establisments by major Military Installations
  212. Humorous Acronyms for KBR
  213. Unwelcome Personal Callsign
  214. First the Raptor, then Joint Forces command, now the Marines.
  215. First the Raptor, then Joint Forces command, now the Marines.
  216. Colonel David Hackworth.....
  217. The Telephone Game
  218. American Military Music?
  219. afk, Afghanistan.
  220. Tony Curtis dies
  221. Norman Wisdom
  222. Chilean miners
  223. Is serving in the military enough?
  224. The Crazy/Stupid things young Soldiers and Marines do!!!!
  225. The Lone Arab Soldier
  226. The French
  227. Canadian commander sentenced to life for murders
  228. Indian politicians get homes meant for war widows
  229. Sorry to any former Rhodesian Army personal but ...
  230. A new scam in UK
  231. New electric car .
  232. Afghan Hero Dog Is Euthanized by Mistake in U.S.
  233. Panel Targets Retirement and TRICARE
  234. Israeli soldiers use palestinian boy to search for bombs
  235. Proudest day of my life
  236. Body scanners
  237. Massive Fire In Israel: 40 Dead, Thousands Evacuated
  238. They are here , ??
  239. A fallen Warrior comes home at last
  240. A well deserved honour
  241. Listen to the recruiter
  242. Active Duty Army Ranger Named #3 Pastry Chef in World
  243. Richard Winters Dies at 92; Led ‘Band of Brothers’
  244. Ranger Hooah
  245. U/S Preacher barred from the U/K
  246. Honor Vietnam Vets With Jane Fonda and Anti-War Protestors?!
  247. Peado Cop jailed
  248. Ozzy VC
  249. Army PT giving me trouble
  250. People of the WAB, I have returned!