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  1. Father of Mahammed Atta praises london attacks
  2. Military Actions in Iraq and Afghanistan Have Stretched U.S. Army Thin
  3. Thrid World Terrorism Against the U.S.A
  4. New Device Counters Terrorism, Keeps Troops Alive
  5. Taxi-Cab Home-Truths : London post 7/7 from inside a cab
  6. IRA 'dumps its arms'
  7. Should Turkey join the EU?
  8. July 21 bomb suspects also linked to Pakistan
  9. Professor David Kennedy
  10. A Life Reclaimed By Serving
  11. Who has the strongest military in Europe?
  12. New US Army Force Structure
  13. Sea Fighter Could Play Crucial Role
  14. Frech foreign legion
  15. The EU
  16. Alcoholism and the Military
  17. joining the us army?
  18. Mistakenly killed Brazillian did not run. False witness of events
  19. That friggin' butter cookie MRE is just so dam' expensive...
  20. America took Europe's butter cookie recipe, and improved on it.
  21. 'Pak, Russian hand in al-Qaeda's N-arsenal'
  22. HAL ranked 51st in the world
  23. Base Realignment & Closure -- Deliberations
  24. Are Marines still part of Navy?
  25. Turkey, Kurds Take Step Toward Peace
  26. MiG-35: Russia's answer to F-16
  27. Lichtenstein vs. Monaco
  28. Pro-war lobby rallies at Bush ranch
  29. US fury at wild-west militants who flee back to Pakistan
  30. New Recruiting Campaign!
  31. Times on Beslan (J.Page) -lies again
  32. Requesting reactions from American/Western military personal
  33. New food for Chechenologists
  34. I thought religious people were naturally right wing
  35. Support dwindles for fugitive Karadzic
  36. Musharraf's invitation to speak to the American Jews did not raise a stir
  37. Russia Maintaining Offensive Bio Weapons
  38. Analysis: Germany's new armed forces
  39. US could consider Taiwan a lost cause
  40. Jumper Reflects On Challenges Facing Air Force
  41. American and Chinese Network Warfare
  42. INS Betwa is India's first warship with combat data systems
  43. Belgian F-16 jet crashes, killing pilot
  44. Europe Is New Cradle of Islamic Terrorists
  45. Basayev's threat sounds a little hollow
  46. ”In Your Face” March Diverted
  47. M60A3 TTS, Should have the Army gotten rid of it?
  48. How would Russia react to a Israeli-USA preemptive strike on Iran??
  49. Ireland: Defence and its problems
  50. Whats going on in northern europe?
  51. God loves ALL branches of the US military equally
  52. Indonesian delegation in Russia to look at fighters, missiles
  53. What to do with Tyrant Regimes?
  54. future Turkish war scenarios
  55. Muslims (countries) Donate more than a billion dollars..
  56. Canadian military: show me the money!
  57. Latin American armies
  58. US military gear in South Korea was in disrepair: report
  59. Huge mudslide kills 1,400 in Guatemala
  60. British police arrest 10 in terror investigation
  61. Turkey and EU: rough road ahead
  62. EU fears China's rising R&D spending
  63. Blair unveils anti-terror laws
  64. EU vs US. Conflict Scenario
  65. Russia flies in missile components for trials
  66. Turkey threatens Greece with war
  67. Venezuela rethinks fighter acquisition
  68. Muslim uprising in Paris
  69. Mosnews: Opposition Predicts Third War in Chechnya
  70. MT: A Former Rebel Runs With SPS
  71. Reuters via MT: Putin, Dutch PM Spar Over War in Chechnya
  72. The movie Jarhead
  73. US Brokers Deal in Balkans
  74. Italy paralysed by general strike
  75. Russians the bad guys??
  76. EU warned on 'secret CIA jails'
  77. Are our Soldiers incompetent?
  78. Russia wants Alaska back
  79. Italy, Russia Move Ahead on Joint Diesel Subs
  80. Commanders explain Canadian Forces transformation
  81. has the U.S.A. gone too far
  82. Modern Russia
  83. has the canadian boy done too many drugs
  84. Rape mum cast out
  85. War on Terror? How about war on gun crimes....
  86. Goodale insists he did no wrong
  87. Bosnia suspect's wife shot dead
  88. Senior British army officer calls for Blair’s impeachment
  89. Canada Forms Special Forces
  90. Fifth generation Russian fighter plane to be ready in 2007
  91. S-400 regiment to go on combat duty in 2006
  92. EU parliament rejects new port instructions
  93. New Brigade Combat Team Locations
  94. The Impacts Of Turkey’s Geopolitics And Geostrategical Position On Our Foreign Policy
  95. Chavez under fire for anti-Semitic speech
  96. Terrorism Monitor: The Rise and Fall of Foreign Fighters in Chechnya
  97. Russia’s air force chief hits out at Sukhoi over spending priorities
  98. Greeks phone tapped
  99. Danish tragedy- Honour Killing
  100. January Recruiting NUmbers
  101. SAS to mind Harry on royal guard duty
  102. Macedonia: Wobbling toward Europe
  103. Stable Kosovo?
  104. Questions about Chile....please answer!
  105. Robbers steal at least $43.5 million in England
  106. U.S. military decides Turkey no longer reliable ally
  107. Will Scotland become independent?
  108. the death of Milosevic
  109. Chechen Rebel Radicalisation
  110. UK "quartermaster" for Pakistan militants jailed
  111. Topol-M
  112. The Us is at fault, everyone else is so nice!
  113. Interfax:Conscripts to leave Chechnya in 2006 - Interior Ministry Forces chief
  114. Interfax: Basayev still at large thanks to outside help - Chechen speaker
  115. AP: U.S. journalist says interrogation aimed at harassing her sources in southern Rus
  116. Communsts tourtured in UK.... 1946. Photos
  117. British brigadier attacks America's John Wayne generals
  118. The stronger military force in the Balkans
  119. Canada's newest special forces unit began training
  120. Nuclear War Plan : the nuclear option in Global Strike
  121. River of blood!
  122. Security services identify 700 potential al-Qa'ida terrorists at large in Britain
  123. CAGE MATCH! Pakistanis and Indians!
  124. India is the steak. Pakistan is the wine.
  125. Future of russia defense industry?
  126. Send troops to Darfur: Dallaire
  127. Question about the SAS.
  128. Be Proud Canada
  129. Us vs Russia (nuclear conflict)
  130. US Marine Corps to be phased out??
  131. Greece Vs FYROM : Macedonia
  132. Refit for Seakings?
  133. British special forces to use strap-on "Batwings"
  134. Teacher convicted of aiding Pakistani terror group
  135. Rebel leader 'killed' in Chechnya
  136. Harper to drop 15 billion in a "Christmas in June" for the military
  137. Should Turkiye be a member of the EU?
  138. What role play Ukraine in Europe vrs Russia Military Balance?
  139. Attack Canada from Oregn
  140. U.S., Russia unite to fight terrorism
  141. Israeli air strike kills 8 Canadians in Lebanon
  142. :) A Nice Presentation :)
  143. US-Turkish Alliance Crumbling
  144. Cuba After Castro
  145. Castro Cedes Power to Brother
  146. RFE/RL: Russian Officer Kicks Soldier To Death
  147. Venezuela Strengthens Its Relationships in the Middle East
  148. Russia to pull from treaty against Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
  149. Britain 'is now biggest security threat to US'
  150. Kyrgyzstan tries to squeeze Islamic extremists in Central Asia
  151. Cabby seized by anti-terror squad
  152. 14 held in new anti-terror raids
  153. Vneshtorgbank acquired 5% of EADS.... possible implications
  154. Ukraine's Yanukovych Halts NATO Entry Talks
  155. Hopscotch does not work!
  156. British Soldier Attacks RAF
  157. 4 including a Norwegian Pakistani arrested in Jewish Temple`s shooting in Oslo
  158. A Cinfused Russian Military
  159. The Fall of Great Britain
  160. Two Wars, One Mission
  161. Dismantle ISI, says leaked British document
  162. Georgians deported as row deepens
  163. Hillier to look at policy of cutting soldiers' danger pay
  164. For global security increase the NATO
  165. Bad news for Kosovo raises Balkan tension
  166. Air Force finally gets its capital monument
  167. Exposed: How Government let Saddam round up 400 Britons
  168. Putin to be chief guest for R-day
  169. Dutch army should take prostitutes abroad -mayor
  170. Putin attacks Georgia 'war plans'
  171. Not sauce for the gander, evidently...
  172. Georgian saboteur-terrorist group is liquidated
  173. Russia Chooses Between $1.5 Billion and $2 Billion
  174. Bulava Suspended?
  175. Russia condemns US missile shield(hypocrites)
  176. UK armed forces 'below strength'
  177. Coup gathering pace in Kyrgyzstan
  178. Military to buy `friendly' beacons to warn allies of Canadian presence
  179. Stop Meddling in the Balkans
  180. U.S. rejects referendum for rebel Georgia region
  181. Military to buy new shells costing $150,000 each
  182. British Spy Chief Warns of Plots
  183. German proposes a European army
  184. Polish Air Force Celebrates Arrival of Advanced F-16s
  185. Russia sends 4 S-300 Systems to Belarus in response to Polish F-16 Deal
  186. U.S., British and Canadian forces are locked in a deadly struggle with
  187. Brazil To Propose Forming South American Military Group
  188. Cdn Forces say they've stopped exodus of soldiers leaving to become contractors
  189. Army to rely more on civilians to train recruits
  190. France bolsters troops in Central Africa
  191. Northrop Grumman engineer could get death for selling classified tech
  192. Beaten and buried alive soldier now surrenders himself to authorities
  193. Opinion: Turkey's Coming Coup
  194. Turkish soldiers killed by bombs
  195. Army Proposes Major Weapons Cuts
  196. SU-35's First International Customer-VENEZUELA??
  197. Army discharges Pinochet grandson
  198. Opinion: Don't play dead for Putin
  199. Military, CIA trip over each other overseas
  200. "No jumps for Paras as MoD cuts £1bn"
  201. Channel tunnel is terror target for Xmas Period
  202. Crossbow within the special forces
  203. Pzh-2000 GR
  204. Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicle
  205. Russia building naval base in Syria - report
  206. Hellenic Army orders 125 Commando Hirtenberg M6C-210 60mm mortars
  207. US Naval Support Activity Souda Bay, Crete
  208. GPS vulnerability and what it means for FCS>
  209. Dutch Navy now bigger than Royal Navy
  210. Gates wants to grow force by 92,000 troops
  211. Irish Defence Forces
  212. Russia to replace, upgrade Air Force fleet by 2020
  213. Russian Military Doctrine
  214. H&K GMG 40mm
  215. M-1118 Gr
  216. Arms race fears as Putin attacks missiles plan
  217. Eurpopean Defense Statistics
  218. Army moving units in Germany to US
  219. Russian Military to Get $189Bln Overhaul
  220. For all those stuck in the Cold War..
  221. Putin stuns with attack on US
  222. Another Cold War in the Offing?
  223. What are your opinions on the S-300?
  224. With friends like these...
  225. Tension Within the Spanish Army
  226. Russia's Long Game
  227. Putin to strengthen Russia's defense potential
  228. UK not part of anti-missile defence plans
  229. Secret unit hunts terrorists overseas
  230. Jerusalem Speaks; If Iran gets the bomb
  231. French military pact irks Turkey
  232. Putin: 190bn for Military Modernization
  233. Aus: $6bn F-18 purchase
  234. Russia's slams U.S. missile shield plans in Europe
  235. Stand by for a New War in Kosovo
  236. Blind eye to State Repression
  237. Playing the Ukrainian card
  238. Repeating Soviet mistakes
  239. Navy Lacks Plan to Defend Against `Sizzler' Missile (Update1)
  240. British Police Arrest 3 in 2005 Bombings
  241. U.S. Invites Russian in Missile Defense Program
  242. Baku - NATO Membership?
  243. Ukraine NATO Vote Demands
  244. Why no one wants to be Bush's war czar.
  245. Russia on the march - again
  246. NATO Co-op
  247. NATO Allies Agree Missile Defense Necessary
  248. Georgian NATO membership
  249. Russia warns US on missile plans
  250. EU in a spin over reports of secret Moldova-Russia deal