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  1. S Ossetia peace talks falter
  2. Unbelievable story of BALLS, vietnam war
  3. Wassef Ali Hassoun arrives at Dover
  4. Suspicious activity in Domestic Flights again.
  5. Conscript training?
  6. Sharon urges French Jews to move to Israel
  7. Poles mark 1944 Warsaw uprising
  8. Band Of Sisters - Army "Lionesses" Hit Streets With marines In Combat
  9. Arctic warfare
  10. New York imams held after missle sting operation
  11. Euro-Islam.info
  12. Retired SpecOps soldiers in Pakistan?
  13. Reforger units question for OOE.
  14. Number of accidents per year in size of force we have in Iraq
  15. High Crimes & Sandy Berger
  16. The Music of War
  17. 3 Georgians die in fierce fighting
  18. Key US forces to stay in Germany
  19. President Maskhadov, Commander Basayev appear on Chechen TV
  20. Bombs rattle Spanish resort towns
  21. Brief Case Study of Potential 3rd world war Threats...!!!
  22. Hunt for clues to Russia crashes
  23. Chechnya outlaws wearing of masks
  24. Russia crashes: Explosives found
  25. To OOE: Vietnam War
  26. Telegraph: Grim prospect of the war without end
  27. Iskander (SS-26) deployment
  28. Planes 'blown up by terrorists'
  29. Attackers storm Russian school
  30. Code for Immigrants
  31. Abu Ghraib: Chain of Command
  32. Backlog of terror tapes dogs FBI
  33. EU vs. Russia
  34. A web wise terror network
  35. If .... Balkans warzone
  36. Hitler's Fourth Reich is the European Union; you make your pick…
  37. Marines Getting Frustrated in Iraq
  38. "Do more with less" Mantra Kills American Soldiers
  39. Hey who the hell is this buffoon!
  40. Bosnia, Serbs, Serbia, and other Balkan favorites
  41. This is sad...so sad
  42. Senior Russian Air Force Commander shot dead
  43. Rest in Peace Archer Blood, American Hero
  44. FYROM is now recognized as MACEDONIA (by U.S.)
  45. european military strength
  46. Ivory Coast attacks UN: France Seeks Sanctions
  47. US Navy law enforcement question
  48. Ivory Coast Conflict
  49. Heavy shakedown continues at the CIA!
  50. Dr. Henry Kissinger on Indo-US Relations
  51. The Radical Right After 9/11.
  52. Goddamn Putin threatens us with new missile system!
  53. Support The Marine!!!
  54. What Should the US Do if Attacked by WMDs
  55. Who are the top 10 superpowers globally??
  56. Top 5 superpowers of Europe??
  57. instances where the US State Department has played an influential role
  58. Nation that has failed at democracy; Nation that has succeeded at democracy.
  59. Who is Prez of the Ukraine?
  60. Crisis grows in Ukraine
  61. Freedom is on the March in Ukraine
  62. Madrid Bombings/9/11 link
  63. Does anyone disagree that the US is the most Powerful nation on Earth?
  64. Poking a little fun at the Frenchys
  65. Update: Ukrainian
  66. United States of Europe? Next Superpower?
  67. EU to Take Over in Bosnia
  68. Court Orders New Vote in Ukraine
  69. Putin says the US is the Real Dictator
  70. Al Qaeda's Next Target: Europe
  71. Rivalry Brews in Russia's Backyard
  72. Thank You Black Watch
  73. Soldiers Challenge Enlistment Extensions
  74. Iraq: What do we do now?
  75. Waging the new cold war
  76. New Terrorist Weapon
  77. Homeless Iraq vets showing up at shelters
  78. Reassessing Russia
  79. Some perspective on the Humvee Controversy from Soldiers
  80. United Nations Should not exist!!!
  81. ElBaradei For the Sack..
  82. North Korea the war machine!!!!!
  83. Dumsfeld under attack for incompetence! God-damn Again!
  84. Loss of Liberties: A By-Product of The War Against Terror
  85. Kofi Comes to DC!!
  86. Marine, Congressional Medal of Honor, Ph.
  87. NZSAS. can anybody give me more information?
  88. How to End the Iraq War
  89. America's Fallujan Dystopia
  90. The results of the war on terror
  91. Another 9/11 conspiracy theory clip.
  92. Bin Laden plans to send nukes through a US friendly country
  93. Replican Senator Chuck Hagel blasts Pentagon (Says draft may be necessary)
  94. Iran Orders Military too stand ready. fears of an attack on nuclear sites !!!!
  95. Putin: Polish Pres. acting "like someone trying to find a new job"
  96. Animals 1 - Humanity 0
  97. U.S.: American Had Delusions of Grandeur
  98. "George Bush Time Magazones Man of the year"
  99. Medal of Honor question
  100. China spying on us: CSIS...
  101. Iran and Russia to shoot down ‘flying objects’ near nuclear facilities.
  102. German role in Taiwan Strait
  103. Saddam Hussein Off the Genocide Charge!!!
  104. Neocons Target Rumsfeld
  105. Lull: Why the sky isn't falling
  106. northern ireland, the last gasp or a resurgence?
  107. World War Three
  108. Police say IRA behind bank raid
  109. US M-113A3 to the rescue.... (bout time)
  110. How to Interrogate Terrorists
  111. Little tiff between Venezuela and Colombia over FARC leader
  112. Ukraine's Supreme Court turns down complaints from Yanukovych
  113. QUESTION: Is there any posible scenario where the US could be invaded?
  114. By 2020 no clear superpower!!!!
  115. Ukraine Court Agrees to Hear Vote Loser's Appeal
  116. US military pondered love not war
  117. GIs can be forced to wear U.N. beret
  118. Gold Star Families Seek Meeting With Rumsfeld Jan. 19th... Looking for Answers
  119. Aiding and Abetting the Enemy: the Media in Iraq
  120. Russia's 2005 Civil Defence spending to grow six-fold.
  121. Iran threatens attacks in Britain
  122. Coincidence Or?
  123. 'Robot soldiers' bound for Iraq
  124. Global warming ,colder weather , ICE AGE!!!
  125. EU's hassle with Asian countries
  126. Musharraf not a long-term ally of America
  127. Georgia's PM Found Dead, Gas Poisoning Suspected
  128. Marine General Counseled for Comments
  129. Iraq hero joins hallowed group
  130. WZO Plans Breakup of US & India. Pakistani Paper.
  131. New Videos Show Predators At Work in Iraq
  132. WMD making USA haters
  133. Militants were paid to repay Al Qaeda debt
  134. Security? What??
  135. No End to War. What the conservatives think of the Neo-thugs!
  136. Russia: Which Way Now?
  137. Witness backs accused Marine's story
  138. Usa and Israel vs Iran and Syria
  139. Canadian Armed Forces
  140. Slam-Dunk Tenet Gets a Medal
  141. US vs EU
  142. Dying for Sycophants
  143. We Have Nothing to Fear But Bush Himself
  144. Abandoning Liberty, Gaining Insecurity
  145. Dollar Falls on Reserve Shift Worries
  146. Fundo Bush getting panic attacks after Chirac rebuff!
  147. Canada aboard U.S. missile plan, says McKenna; Liberals beg to differ
  148. Realistic War Game, Military Tournament- Who is #1?
  149. European firms display wares in Iran
  150. European Islamic Militants Linked to Iraq
  151. Are they allowed those?
  152. Is Iran stronger than the Iraq of march 2003
  153. Voronin Talks of a Russia Plot
  154. Bush hopes that Iran Policy Will Advance US Goals
  155. China's Strategic Challenge to USA
  156. VVV, Request for eval - 4 RCMP killed
  157. Sweedish Aircraft
  158. New US Army Close Combat Badge to be issued...
  159. Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!Aslan Maskhadov is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  160. Does anyone have a source for american Armor numbers
  161. Hit Iran Now
  162. USS JFK to be retired
  163. Georiga gives Russia the finger
  164. United Europe vs. Russia
  165. US's $5 billion nuclear gamble with China
  166. The failings of 'the army you have'
  167. Outside view:Missile Defense For Dummies..
  168. Chechnya: Russia paid 10 million to kill Maskhadov
  169. Israel Pre emptive strike vs Iran
  170. could the US ever see war in europe again? if so where?
  171. White revolution in Cuba??Just joking..
  172. Interesting report on Females in combat
  173. Dissing Democracy in Asia
  174. How far behind is NAFTA when compared to EU
  175. OIF/OEF vets re-enact Bataan deathmarch
  176. 1st time enlistment age raised to 39
  177. Army Expects Recruiting to Slump Further
  178. Welcome home soldier... :mad:
  179. Mystery group blackmails Chirac
  180. US drug issue
  181. US Diplomat compromised hunt for OBL!!!
  182. Eat my (armored) shorts!
  183. Red Dawn 2005
  184. Companhia de Precursores
  185. Juror #8: Lawyer was a 'traitor'.
  186. Spain : " Pakistanis charged over train bombs "
  187. What if Venezuela was invaded ?
  188. Chirac makes case for EU treaty
  189. Russia makes profits on African conflict....
  190. British Forces & Swedish Forces
  191. Venezuela's Rifles?
  192. The Canadian Military...I had no idea...
  193. Norway: Pakistani Muslim author faces race-hate charge
  194. NATO ready to consider Middle East role
  195. Jihad comes to Small Town, USA
  196. Does America have enough security?
  197. FBI Protects Osama Bin Laden’s “right To Privacy” In Document Release
  198. False Alarm Puts White House on Alert
  199. Iraq war discretited US Arms,says Russian Arm Trader...
  200. French Special forces
  201. Russia Still Supporting Islamic Terror
  202. army hid truth of Tillman death
  203. Pakistanis pose the No. 1 terrorist threat to America right now
  204. Bush Lectures Putin on the Joys of Democracy
  205. Mercenaries armies
  206. The Specter of Russian-Made Fighter Jets in Venezuela
  207. Doku Umarov tells Russia "thanks for taking our leash off"
  208. Army Orders One-Day Recruiting Halt
  209. U.S Army Rangers
  210. Lies about the USSR
  211. Base closings
  212. Spanish foreign legion
  213. Today marks an important milestone.
  214. Russia threatens to use force if US puts weapons in space
  215. England back in the hot seat
  216. non-citizens in the military
  217. Which choice is better for becoming a good sniper- USMC or Army
  218. House drops women in combat bill
  219. Mosnews: Beslan Hostage-Taker Blames Russian Forces for School Bloodbath
  220. U.S. Army Recognizes Top Ten Greatest Inventions of 2004
  221. Srebrenica - 10 Years After
  222. Iran And North Korea
  223. Problem for Military Recruiters: Parents
  224. Army Retaining Problem Enlistees
  225. Pentagon Details Abuse Of Koran
  226. World Not Addressing Dangers Of Russian Nuclear Stash: Experts
  227. Pentagon under fire for waste of military supplies
  228. Chicago Tribune
  229. 10 French fighter jets forced to land in Atlantic City, N.J.
  230. Incredible dialog for the truth on Beslan
  231. News Hide up on Stock Market Crash of September 1986
  232. Militantly Christian
  233. Interview with Lt Gen Henry “Trey” Obering III MDA/Director
  234. Reuters: Loathing turns to pity in Beslan bloodbath trial
  235. RFE/RL: Chechnya: Incident Ends With Woman Stabbing Security Official
  236. Troops Put Lives On Line To Be Called Americans
  237. Putin sends for Cossacks in fight against terrorism
  238. EU tested in Bosnia
  239. Special Price for Venezuelan Assault Rifles
  240. Army surpassing re-enlistment quotas
  241. U.S. now says 28,000 victims of terror in 2004 alone
  242. Sniper School Teaches 'Very Personal Way To Kill'
  243. US mulls dropping two-war doctrine
  244. Rome, Amsterdam, Copenhagen... next?
  245. Coach Ross, Cadets Find Teamwork, Pride At Fort Sill
  246. U.S. concerned about China military buildup
  247. Weak Brits, Tough French
  248. Gitmo Ruling on OBL's Chauffeur
  249. Lightning Strike Injures 21 Soldiers in Pennsylvania
  250. Was Bosnia Worth It?